Stolen, butchered livestock near Dakota Pipeline protest site |

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Stolen, butchered livestock near Dakota Pipeline protest site

UPDATED TWICE: Another dead horse found.

Authorities are investigating butchered and missing livestock cases in Sioux County, N.D.

In four separate incidents, cattle, 2 horses and three bison were found shot near the protest site, but chief brand inspector Stan Misek said it is not known whether the dead animals and an additional 30 head of stolen cattle are related to the protest. The brand investigators are treating the reports as a separate issue from the Dakota Pipeline protest, he said.

The Stockmen’s Association first reported 2 cases on Oct. 15, and Tuesday they reported that two more cows were shot. Today, Oct. 19, it was reported that another horse was shot – and this one was gruesome.

The North Dakota Stockmen’s Association (NDSA) and the Sioux County Sheriff’s Department were on the scene yet again today (Oct. 19) following a report of a horse shot and mutilated there. The horse, valued at approximately $3,000, is a registered blue roan mare of the noted Hancock breeding. It was killed in the same pasture where, earlier this week, two cows were shot and injured and, over the past couple of weeks, five other animals were killed and 30 others went missing.

Misek also refuted rumors circulating via social media that the missing livestock reported earlier this week had been found. “Unfortunately, they are all still missing,” he said.

The North Dakota Stockmen’s Association (NDSA) and the Sioux County Sheriff’s Department were on the scene in Sioux County again Oct. 17, following a report from a cattle rancher of two cows shot in his pasture near Cannon Ball, N.D. One cow was shot with a small caliber firearm and the other with multiple arrows. The cows were injured and were treated by a veterinarian.

The North Dakota Stockmen’s Association (NDSA) is advising livestock producers in the area to keep an extra keen eye on their herds and to report any suspicious activity to authorities immediately.

The NDSA and the Sioux County Sheriff’s Department are working with other law enforcement agencies to investigate two cases near Cannonball, N.D. One involves a dead saddle horse, four dead cows and more than 30 head of missing cattle. The other involves three dead bison. In both cases, some animals appear to have been butchered.

Misek said the 30 head of missing cows are mixed in color and the age is not known.

The NDSA has a standing reward of up to $14,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person stealing, butchering or shooting cattle, horses or mules in the state. Anyone with information about these cases should call NDSA Chief Brand Inspector Stan Misek at (701) 223-2522 or (701) 720- 2430 or Sioux County Sheriff Frank Landeis at (701) 854-3481.

Misek suggest producers keep an up-to-date head count, be on the watch for any unusual activity and/or strange vehicles in the area and notify the NDSA or law enforcement of anything out of the ordinary.

–North Dakota Stockmen’s Association and staff report

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