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Heather Smith Thomas

Heather Smith Thomas (Salmon, Idaho) has been raising beef cattle and horses since 1957. She writes regularly for livestock and horse publications and has written more than 12,000 articles and 24 books on horse care and cattle-raising. These include ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO CALVING, and The CATTLE HEALTH HANDBOOK. She also wrote BEYOND THE FLAMES: A FAMILY TOUCHED BY FIRE. Her most recent books include HORSE TALES: TRUE STORIES FROM AN IDAHO RANCH, COW TALES: MORE TRUE STORIES FROM AN IDAHO RANCH and RANCH TALES: STORIES OF DOGS, CATS AND OTHER CRAZY CRITTERS (“unique memoirs in the tradition of James Harriot’s All Creatures Great and Small”). Contact Heather at 208-756-2841 or hsmiththomas@centurytel.net.

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