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Since 1963, Tri-State Livestock News has established a strong reputation as a leading publication within the livestock industry. Much of the growth and success of Tri-State Livestock News is due to the long-term support from the publication’s stockmen and agribusiness customer base.

Published every Saturday, reaching on average 27,000 readers weekly and over 100,000 readers each month. Plus, we have grown our daily online readership to add an additional 15,000 unique visitors per month. Our readership is represented in nearly every continental state plus Alaska and Canada, but the majority of our readers are located in South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa and Kansas. In addition to our regular weekly paper, subscribers also receive special editions and five magazines yearly.

Tri-State Livestock News is the commercial cattlemen’s publication, located in the heart of one of the greatest beef cow/calf producing regions in the world. This area is home to many of America’s most astute ranchers, reputable commercial cow herds, high performance feeder cattle, progressive auction markets, purebred beef cattle leaders, top-notch horse operations and leading sheep producers.

The horse industry is also a vital part of Tri-State Livestock News. Horse and rodeo enthusiasts turn to us weekly for horse sale results, rodeo news and upcoming events. Breeders utilize the paper to market their stallions, broodmares, weanlings, and trainers use it to advertise their performance horses.

All aspects of agriculture are covered in Tri-State Livestock News. Information on grains, forages, sheep, hogs, dairy cattle, new and used farm and ranch equipment and upcoming ag-related events are all part of the comprehensive weekly coverage provided by Tri-State Livestock News. Daily ag news is now provided at www.tsln.com.

To order your subscription to Tri-State Livestock News, call (866) 347-9133 or email subscriptions@tsln-fre.com.

Tri-State Livestock News is owned by Ogden Publications, Inc.

Publisher: Sabrina “Bree” Poppe
605-639-0356, spoppe@thefencepost.com

Director of Field Services: Scott Dirk
605-380-6024, sdirk@tsln-fre.com

Editor: Carrie Stadheim
605-222-8935, cstadheim@tsln-fre.com

Assistant & Special Sections Editor: Kaycee (Monnens) Cortner
605-801-0601, kcortner@tsln-fre.com

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