BHSS Red Angus Show and Sale |

BHSS Red Angus Show and Sale


Total: 22

Average: $3,261

Lot 32, $5,500, BJF UNO 0001H, buyer: Greenwood Red Angus, Winner, SD, consignor BJ FARMS.

Lot 24X, $4,750, BJF BOGEY 0035H, buyer: Wickwire, Kolby, Aladdin, WY, consignor: BJ FARMS.

Lot 39, $4,750, CB RED LABEL 1937, buyer: Lynn Ryan, Ansley, NE, consignor, CARRUTHERS BROTHERS.

Lot 44 $4,250, 1 TRC 97G, buyer: Mazanee, Marvin, Marsland, NE, consignor: LITTLE PRAIRIE LIVESTOCK.

Lot 33, $4,250, ULRA POWER EYE 2015, buyer: Richard Scherger, Dodge Center, MN, consignor, ULRICH RED ANGUS.


Total: 6

Average: $3,208

Lot 6, $7,500, BJF CARLY 0102H, buyer: Cally Kindred, Oral, SD, seller: BJ FARMS.

Bred Heifer

Total: 1

Average: $10,000

Lot 10, $10,000, WR MS Jane 82 G, buyer: Larry Hafer and Myers Angus, Highmore, South Dakota, consignor, Heidenbach Ranch.

Champion Red Angus Bull, Lot 32, $5,500, Consigned by: Bj Farms, Henning, MN, Purchased by: Greenwood Red Angus, Winner, SD
Champion Red Angus Female, Lot 10, $10,000, Consigned by: Weidenbach Ranch, Highmore, SD Purchased by: Larry Hafer & Myers Angus, Highmore, SD.
Reserve Champion Red Angus Bull, Lot 44, $4,250, Consigned by: Little Prairie Livestock, Dundas, MN.Purchased by: Marvin Mazanee, Marsland, NE
Reserve Red Angus Female, Lot 6, $7,500, Consigned by: Bj Farms, Henning, MN, Purchased by: Cally Kindred, Oral, SD

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