Barn & Business Banquet Fundraising Event

June 19, 2018

Social Hour 5:00 p.m.

Dinner & Speaker 6:00 p.m.

Live Auction 7:00 p.m.

Band Begins 7:30p.m.


Dinner • Dancing • Networking • Speaker • Door Prizes • Cash Bar


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Besler’s Cadillac Ranch

19314 Helmer Rd, St. Onge, SD


Tickets $50 per person

Discounted tables are available

Ticket Includes: Drink ticket to cash bar, steak tip meal, entry to win door prizes.
For questions, email: or call: 877-347-9109


Speaker: Heather Maude & Ty Linger

Giving – and receiving – with grace in the time of crisis

 Winter storm Atlas devastated our local ranching community, but out of the despair came a renewed spirit of community and camaraderie. Ty and Rosalie Linger created Heifers for South Dakota, coordinating donations of cattle to ranchers affected by the storm. Heather Maude and her husband, Charles, were on the receiving end of that generosity. They will share what it means to give, and to receive, in hard times.


Band: He Said, She Said

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Join us for an evening to introduce our Rancher Crisis Fund!

A crisis doesn’t always blow in trailing a cloud of smoke, or fly in on feathers of snowflakes. It’s isn’t always the sudden tragedy of a lightning strike, or the snap chill of a blizzard. Crisis can steal in without a sound, in the rapid multiplication of cells preceding the doctor’s downcast face and the pronouncement of “cancer,” on the day he wishes he didn’t have to be a doctor. It can settle in slowly, as day after day the rain-laden clouds scuttle past, leaving only patches of grass blackened by lightning strikes, and worry. It can happen in the suddenness of a PTO revolution, the zing and sizzle of a calf at the end of a rope, the beller of a mad mama cow, the fracturing of a pickup window. The one constant of crisis is the cost. Whether in carcasses, hay prices or “past due” notices, there’s always a cost.

In an industry where “neighbor” is a verb, we recognize the cost that crisis brings, and we know that every one of us is a simple rope-sizzle, lightning strike or low-pressure system away from being on the “need” side of crisis. That’s why, as one of your neighbors, we’ve set up the Rancher Crisis Fund. Being in the ag and the news business, we see first-hand what crisis can do to a community, both good and bad.


This will be an ongoing crisis fund, allowing for the distribution of funds immediately when crisis hits. It also provides a place for ranchers and others to contribute as they feel led, where they know the money will be responsibly managed and fairly distributed.


Live and Silent Auction proceeds go to the Rancher Crisis Fund


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Call: 605-723-7015 or Email: