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Pieper Red Angus Fall Run Production Sale

Date: Oct. 27, 2018

Location: at the ranch, Hay Springs, Neb.

Auctioneer: Ty Thompson, Billings, Mont.

Reported by: Dan Piroutek


74 Coming two-year-old Bulls – $7,175

2 Proven Herd Sires – $7,375

199 Commercial Bred Heifers – $2,128

3 Pregnant Recip Cows – $11,000

23 Registered Bred Heifers – $3,106

26 Registered Bred Cows – $2,144

10 Quarter Horse Ranch Geldings – $9,600

23 Quarter Horse Stud and Filly Colts – $1,960

Mark and Deb Pieper, along with their son, Tate, hosted another big crowd for their Annual Fall Run Sale. This was a very strong sale throughout. The cattle have a tremendous amount of eye appeal, with a lot of natural thickness and muscle bred in. The commercial customers definitely see the value of having Mark at the auction barns bidding on their calves. The horse sale seems to get better each year. The food at this sale is fantastic.

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 13: PIE Payweight 7475, a 4-24-17 son of PIE Payweight 418's x Red Crowfoot Ole's Oscar, to Whitetail Ranch, Paxton, NE, for $18,000

Lot 1: PIE El Grande 7467, a 4-22-17 son of C Bar El Grande 100C x LSF Sand Hills 9008W, to Walking C Red Angus, Lexington, NE, for $15,000

Lot 10: PIE Mojo 7419, a 3-16-17 son of WCR Mojo 3012A x PIE Code Red 9058, to Turkey Track Ranch, Douglas, WY, for $11,000

Lot 22: PIE Fusion 7003, a 2-2-17 son of Andras Fusion R236 x PIE the Cowboy Kind 343, to Steve and Tammy McCasland, Yuma, CO, for $9,750

Lot 17: PIE Forefront 7514, a 4-30-17 son of Bieber Forefront B281 x LSF Saga 1040Y, to Whitetail Ranch, Paxton, NE, for $9,500

Top Pregnancy Recip Cows—Special Matings:

Lots 83-84-85: Choice of sire and calf sex, to Bajou Creek Red Angus, Jacksboro, Texas for $11,000 each

Top Quarter Horse Gelding:

Lot 1: PR Whiskey Sioux, 5-24-13 buckskin gelding, sired by A Shiner Named Sioux x Paddys Irish Whiskey, to Alexandria Govoni, Douglas, WY, for $22,000

Top Commercial Heifers: (AI bred to 9 Mile Franchise 6305 to calve Feb. 12)

10@ $2,400; 10@ $2,350; 30@ $2,300; 15@ $2,300; 21@ $2,275

CMZ Red Angus Complete Dispersal Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: Nov. 30, 2018

Location: Central Livestock, West Fargo, N.D.

Auctioneer: Tracy Harl


1 Herd Bull – $5,250

37 Registered Fall Calving pairs – $2,220

5 Commercial Fall pairs – $1,550

4 Registered Fall open heifers – $1,513

Curt and Marilyn Zimdars, Badger, Minnesota, held their complete Red Angus dispersal sale in West Fargo, North Dakota, on Nov. 3. The CMZ herd started as a hobby 27 years ago and expanded into a registered herd from there. With summer pasture becoming shorter and health related issues, they decided to disperse their herd in its entirety.

The top selling lot on the day was the herd bull DAMAR Better Answer, a Jan. 2016 son of Brown Better Answer Z7257 selling to Cross A Simmental, Wimbeldon, North Dakota, at $5,250.

The top selling pair was Lot 27, CMZ Beth 063, a July 2012 daughter of LSF NSF Big Time U203 with a July, 2018 heifer calf at side selling to Wendel Livestock, LaMoure, North Dakota, for $2,800.

Lot 17, RRSS Rhonda 4901, a Nov. 2014 daughter of NCAR Logan Berry 008X with Sept. 2018 heifer calf at side sold to Jeff Stewart, Lake Preston, S.D., for $2,700.

Lot 16, GDAR Misty 25C, a 4/2015 daughter of Dahlke Solid Gold 8545 with 7/18 heifer calf at side sold to Jesse Nelson, Goodrich, Minnesota, for $2,650.

Lot 21, CMZ 1408, an 8/14 daughter of Scott Packer 1207 with 8/18 bull calf at side sold to Kevin Stamer, Hospers, Iowa, for $2,650.

Bieber Red Angus Fall Female Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk, Chris Effling

Date of Sale: Nov. 8, 2018

Location: Sale held at the ranch, Leola, SD

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


39 Coming 2 Year Old Red Angus Bulls – $4,621

71 Registered Red Angus Bred Heifers – $3,432

176 Registered Red Angus Bred Cows – $2,390

Commercial Red Angus Bred heifers – $1,780

Bieber Red Angus held their annual Fall Female & Bull production sale at the ranch on Nov. 8. Nice crowd of buyers represented in the seats, online and on the phone. Cattle sold to 21 states across the nation giving the Bieber family a great fall sale.

Top selling bulls

Lot 274, Bieber Sparacus E639, a 4/17 son of Bieber Spartacus A193 to ABS Global, Deforest, Wisconsin, for $15,000.

Dan Beyerlein, Phillipsburg, Kansas, purchased two herd sire prospects at $7,500 each. Lot 275, Bieber Rollin Deep E669 is a 5/17 son of Bieber Rollin Deep Y118 and lot 270, Bieber CL Hard Drive E665 is a 5/17 son of Bieber Hard Drive Y120.

Top selling bred heifers

Lot 10, Bieber Primrose 268E, a 1/17 daughter of Bieber Lets Roll B563 sold bred to 9 Mile Franchise 6305 due with heifer calf Jan. 2019 sold to Frank Family Genetics, Johnstown, Colorado for $10,500.

Lot 33, Bieber Rose 442E, a 5/17 daughter of Bieber Hard Drive Y120, bred to Bieber Rollin Deep, due 3/2019 to Sy & Kristi Olson, Hereford, TX for $8,500.

Lot 22, Bieber Lincoln 121E, a 1/17 daughter of Bieber Federalist B543, bred to Bieber Rollin Deep for 3/19 calf also sold to Sy & Kristi Olson for $7,500.

Top Bred Cows

Lot 95, Bieber EP Lass 124C, a 1/15 daughter of Bieber Hard Drive Y120, bred to PIE One of a Kind 5139 sold to Xact Genetics, Ft. Worth, Texas, for $6,750.

Xact Genetics also purchased lot 99, Bieber Lass 361C, a 3/15 daughter of Bieber Spartacus A193, bred to Bieber Mick W190 due 4/19 for $5,750.

Diamond D Angus Annual Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens, Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Nov. 8, 2018

Location: At the Ranch near Valier, Montana

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


97 Coming 2 year old bulls – $4,216

41 Angus bred heifers – $2,015

27 Angus cows – $1,855

15 Red Angus bred heifers – $1,973

29 Red Angus bred cows – $3,158

Once again Diamond D Angus packed the seats of their sale barn located at the ranch near Valier, Montana for their annual bull sale and complete dispersion of their Red Angus herd. The buyers braved the cold but sunny day on November 8th for the opportunity to purchase a great set of coming two year old bulls and a great selection of females. Congratulations on a successful sale!


Lot 5U at $9,000, DDA POWDER RIVER 5U, DOB 4/26/17, REG#19000942, DDA ATHABASCA 44P x DDA MELISA 502, sold to Eagle Ridge Ranch Co. Casper, Wyoming

Lot 45U at $8,000, DDA GREAT PLAINS 45U, DOB 5/2/2017, REG#19041477, O C C GREAT PLAINS 943G x DDA SANDY 311, sold to Ole Farms Athabasca, Saskatchewan

Lot 56U at $6,500, DDA ALLIANCE 56U, DOB 5/4/2017, REG#19000797, H A R PINEBANK 443 202 x DDA ZELDA 334, sold to Powder River Ranch Arvada, Wyoming

Lot 99U at $6,500, DDA ALLIANCE 99U, DOB 5/10/17, REG#19000815, H A R PINEBANK 443 202 x DDA WENDY 839, sold to Brown & Brown of MT Inc. Park City Utah

Lot 106 at $6,500, DDA ALLIANCE 106U, DOB 5/11/2017, REG#19000804, H A R PINEBANK 443 202 x DDA Melisa 270, sold Ron Crum Hysham, Montana


Lot 48 at $7,000, RDDA X FACTOR 48U, DOB 5/2/2017, REG#RAA 3951707, RDDA X FACTOR 14M x RDDA HANA 5107, sold to Ole Farms Athabasca, Saskatchewan

Lot 16 at $6,500, RDDA X FACTOR 16U, DOB 4/29/2017, REG#RAA 3951701, RDDA X FACTOR 14M x RDDA SANDY 588, sold to Ron Brossart Leads, North Dakota

Lot 118 at $5,000, RDDA X FACTOR 118U, DOB 5/12/2017, REG#RAA 3941187, RDDA X FACTOR 14M x RDDA MARY 372, sold to Galen Toews Pincer Creek, Alberta


Lot 7128 at $3,800, DDA GALATEA 7128, DOB 5/15/2017,REG#19171286, H A R PINEBANK 443 202 x DDA GALATEA 410, sold to Laura Nolan Tennessee


Lot 5107 at $4,750, RDDA HANA 5107, DOB 5/16/2015, REG#RAAA 3498277, RDDA JULIAN 10N x RDDA HANA 8122, sold to Gemstone Cattle Co. Gem Alberta

5 L Red Angus

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Nov. 1, 2018

Location: at the ranch Sheridan, Montana

Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell


141 Red Angus , Black Red Carrier, Charolais and Black and Red Sim- Angus Bulls – $4,252

67 Reg – Bred Heifers and Cows – $2,646

141 Commercial Bred Heifers – $1,909

Top Red Angus Bulls

• Lot 6 at $10,500, 5L Merlin Pride 2963-718E, Dob 5-28-2017, LJC Merlin Pride 365C x 5 L Reba 1701-2963, sold to Bowles J5 Reds Chinook, Montana.

• Lot 8 at $9,500, 5L Overhaul 5302-565E, Dob 4-18-2017, 5L Overhaul 5939-243Y x 5L Silkwood 1227-5302, sold to Kent Mindemann Fletcher, Oklahoma.

•Lot 21 at $9,000, 5L Profiteer 225-495E, Dob 4-7-2018, 5L Profiteer 1201-103C x 5L Seloa 163-225, sold to Leachman of Colorado Wellington, Colorado.

• Lot 159 at $8,500, 5L MTN Trader 703-732E, Dob 6-15-2017, 5L MTN Trader 1410-147B x 5L Ruby 51-703, sold to Scott Standridge, Lindsay, Oklahoma.

Top Black Red Carrier

• Lot 74 at $7,500, 5L Bourne 2254-589E, Dob 4-1-2017, 5L Bourne 117-48A x 5L Adina 2209- 2254, sold to Pat & Joanne Wade, Lusk, Wyoming

Top Bred Heifer

• Lot 244 at $7,000, 5L Mattie 3495-1797, Dob 2-20-2017, 5L Advocate 560-35Z x 5L Mattie 5902-3495, sold to Blew Partnership, Castleton, Kansas

• Lot 207 at $6,000, 5L Blackbird 1125-1527, Dob 2-17-2017, 5L Bourne 17-48A x 5l Blackbird 4653-1125, sold to Northern Lites Red Angus, Opheim, Montana.

Montana Angus Female Bonanza

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Oct. 22, 2018

Location: Public Auction Yards Billings, Montana

Auctioneer: Ty Thompson and Greg Goggins


5,416 total Bred Commercial bred Angus Females – $1,774

2,463 Commercial Bred Cows – $1,881

1,556 AI Bred Commercial Heifers – $1,774

1,397 Pasture Bred Heifers – $1,593

What a Great set of Angus Females offered today at the Montana Female Bonanza

Top selling Bred Heifers

Lot 29 at $2,050 x 15 head AI bred to Connealy Countdown all carrying bull calves

Top selling Cows

Lot 60 at $2,375 x 4 head, $2325 x 56 head

Lot 62 at $2,200 x 17 head AI bred to Connealy Spur carrying bull calves

Livestock Market Reports | Week ending October 30, 2018

36th Annual Prestigious NILE Red Angus Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: Oct. 19, 2018

Location: Metra Park, Billings, MT

Auctioneer: Kyle Shobe


10 Bred Heifers – $5,052

25 Open Heifer calves – $3,650

4 Embryo lots – $1,218

Top selling lots:

$7,500–Lot 23, DKK Auburn 7024, a 1/17 daughter of Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334, bred to Bieber Make Mimi for Jan. 2019 calf. Consigned by Klompien Red Angus, Manhattan, Montana, and purchased by Lost Creek Red Angus, Molt, Montana.

$5,750–Lot 17, C-T Fayette 7095, a 2/17 daughter of PIE one of a Kind 510, bred to C-T Red Rock 5033 from C-T Red Angus, Manhattan, Montana, and sold to Lucht Red Angus, Bozeman, Montana.

$5,750–Lot 37, Raisland Lakota 738-428, 1/17 daughter of LSF SRR Tyson 3025A, bred to 9 Mile Blockade 7046E, consigned by Raisland Red Angus, St. Ignatius, Montana, and sold to Southerlin Farms, Stevensville, Montana.

$5,750–Lot 41, SUTH Conchetta Chica 733F, a Feb. 2018 daughter of Fischer Kodiak 538 consigned by Southerlin Farms, Stevensville, Montana, and sold to Murray Hay and Cattle, Lebanon, Oregon.

$5,500–Lot 4, 3C Mandy 1841, a Feb. 2018 daughter of Milwillah Marble Bar J53 from 3C Cattle LLC, Stevensville, Montana, sold to Fischer Red Angus, Harlowton, Montana.

Hawks Herefords Complete and Total Dispersal

Date: September 20th, 2018

Location: Faith, SD

Auctioneers: Justin B. Stout and Seth Weishaar

TSLN Rep.: Scott Dirk


116 Spring Heifer Calf Pairs – $3,135

101 Spring Bull Calf Pairs – $2,721

217 Total Spring Pairs – $2,942

101 Spring Bred Heifers – $1,746

9 Spring Bred Cows – $1,639

14 Open Heifers – $9,57

10 Herd Bulls – $2,305

33 Yearling Bulls – $1,838

1 Spring Heifer Calf – $850

1 Fall Yearling Heifer – $950

Ed Hawks was born to be a cattleman. He spent a lifetime breeding and developing the Hawks Hereford cowherd. This herd was developed to adapt and thrive in the harsh plains of Western South Dakota. With Ed's passing, Gloria and family made the decision to disperse the entire herd to the public. There was an outstanding crowd of buyers in the seats to select females that are only available in a complete and total dispersal.

Top females

Lot 61 LADY 110 FARLEY C557, Mar. 2015 daughter of HWK 24F Farley bred to Mohican THM Excede Z426 sold for $3,100 to Huso and Sons, Aneta, N.D.

Lot 118 EFBEEF N093 JACKIE Y824, Mar. 2011 daughter of UPS Domino 3027, bred to Genetic 137Y Britisher 1206, sold for $3,400 to Brian Simon, Seneca, S.D.

Lot 148 LADY 229Z OZZIE D640, Mar. 2016 daughter of HWK 814 Ozzie 229Z, bred to CL1 Domino 215Z, sold for $3,200 to Larry Stadheim, Hettinger, N.D.

Lot 210 LADY 039 WORLD CLASS Z213, Mar. 2012 daughter of HWK World Class 039X, bred to HWK 039 Felton 315A, sold for $3,100 to Perry Ryckman, Pollock, S.D.

Top calves:

Lot 158A HWK A250 TESTED 877F, Mar. 2018 bull calf sold for $2,600 to John Sukraw, Maxwell, Nebraska.

Lot 61A LADY A250 TESTED F841, Mar. 2018 heifer calf sold for $2,400 to Running Water Herefords, Marsland, Nebraska.

Lot 47A LADY A250 TESTED F812, Mar. 2018 heifer calf, sold for Five J's Cattle Co, Clayton, North Carolina.

Lot 71A LADY A250 TESTED F866, Mar. 2018 heifer calf sold for $1850 to Smith Cattle, Batesland, South Dakota.

Hoffman Ranch Hereford and Angus Female Production Sale

Date: Sept. 24, 2018

Location: Sale held at the Ranch, Thedford, NE

Auctioneer: Rick Machado

TSLN Rep.: Scott Dirk


19 Donor Hereford cows – $24,711

46 Hereford heifer calves – $2,277

45 Hereford bred cows. – $3,278

69 Bred heifers – $4,000

2 Steer calves – $2,500

390 Hereford semen units – $228

58 Hereford embryos – $1,709

66 "Bell Ringer bull" semen pkgs – $2,500

10 Angus heifer calves – $19,100

69 Angus bred heifers – $3,080

7 Angus embryos – $11,500

20 Angus semen units – $550

Top Sellers


Donor Cow, RST GAT NST Y79D Lady 54B ET, 5/4/14 by WORR Owen Tankeray Y79D ET; to Lanas Smith, Boulder, Colorado, 1/2 interest, $95,000.

H BL Miss Spice 804 ET, 2/10/18 by H FHF Advance 628 ET; to HME Herefords, Winterville, Georgia, $65,000.

Lot 32, LAR Annsley 843F ET, 4/2/18 by UPS Sensation 2296 ET; to Emma Vickland, Longmont, Colorado, $65,000

H JT Miranda 2033, 2/14/12 by AH JDH Cracker Jack 26U ET; to Paul Gross, Iowa, $50,000

H Ms 5139 Advance 4006 ET, 1/11/14 by NWJ 98S R117 Ribeye 88X, ET bred to lLR H 601 ET; to Whispering Pines Farm LLC, Kimball, Minnesota, $47,000

H Lady 8402 ET, 2/10/18 by NJW 135U 10Y Hometown 27A; to Rafter L LLC, Abilene, Texas, $40,000.

H FHF 322 Rita 12F ET, 2/5/18 by CRR 109 Catapult 322; to Roy Allen, Hopkins, Tennessee, $34,000.


Hoffman HCC Keymara Katy 18F, 1/28/18 by Musgrave Sky High 1535; to Emma Vickland, $38,500.

H Wallace Elsiemere 839, 2/16/18 by DDA Ignition 1417; to Riggin Stewart, Sterling, Texas, $30,500.

Casino Annie R100, 2/19/18 by WAR Broken Bow B344 T219; to Knox Bros., San Angelo, Texas, $21,000.

WB Lucy 802 of PVF SWSN, 1/6/18 by Dameron Best In Class; to Knox Bros., $20,000.

This was an excellent day for the Hoffman family. Quality cattle, top notch hospitality and beautiful fall day. Cattle sold in price ranges to fit any budget.