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Bieber Red Angus “Bieber Fever” Turnout Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: May 31, 2019

Location: Hub City Livestock, Aberdeen, SD

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


41 Red Angus Bulls – $3,362

Another successful sale for Craig and Peggy Bieber and crew on their Turnout Bull Sale. This is the second year that Biebers have hosted a Turnout Sale. The sale offering consisted of some bulls that were scratched from the spring sale for minor reasons. Craig made sure they are healed and include them here. Also younger bulls that were not ready in March, were held back to sell later. Every bull in this offering had passed a complete breeding soundness exam and were ready for breeding.

Top selling bulls include:

Lot 50, Bieber in the Black F442, a 3/28/18 black Red Angus, son of Bieber in the Black D315 with epds of CED 12 BW 0.3 WW 76 YW 112 Milk 12, selling to Dirk Schultz, Pender, Neb., for $5,750.

Lot 55, Bieber Forefront F399, a 3/12/18 son of Bieber Forefront B281, with epds of CED 12 BW -1.4 WW 58 YW 99 Milk 23, selling to Nagel Bros., Gettysburg, SD, for $5,500.

Lot 5, Bieber Gladiator F114, a 1/9/18, son of Bieber Gladiator C386, with epds of CED 11 BW -1.1 WW 73 YW 124 Milk 18, to Rick and Shelly Ammann, Wilmot, SD, for $5,500.

Lot 2, Bieber Spartacus F294, a 2/28/18 son of Bieber Spartacus A 193, with epds of CED 2 BW 0.9 WW 72 YW 118 Milk 18, to Ryan Guthmiller, Bloomfield, Neb., for $5,250.

Lot 12, Bieber Mitigator F262, a 2/20/18 son of Bieber LB Mitigator C314, with epds of CED 13 BW -0.2 WW 68 YW 112 Milk 16, selling to Larry Olson, Wessington Springs, SD, for $5,000.

Bruner Angus Ranch – Turn out Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: June 3, 2019

Location: Rugby Livestock Auction, Rugby, ND

Auctioneer: Vern Frey


29 Angus Bulls – $4,828

19 Angus Open Commercial Heifers – $1,240

Lot 19 at $7,500, BAR Rock 8215, Dob 3-1-2018, Reg 19144279, KCF Bennett The Rock x BAR Sitz Upward 1220, sold to Terry Tonnesson, Towner, ND.

Lot 4 at $6,000, BAR +Resource 8332, Dob 3-8-2018, SAV Resource x 9101 Bextor BAR, sold to Dylan Jacobsen, Luverne, ND.

Also had 6 bulls at $5,500

Ludvigson Stock Farm Spring Herdbuilder Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: April 13, 2019

Location: Shepherd, MT

Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell and Trent Stewart


176 Red Angus Bulls – $4,576

Lot 101, LSF SRR President 8177F, sired by LSF SRR Commander 5906C and out of a LSF Night Calver 9921W daughter sold for $105,000 to the President Group of Wellington, Colorado.

Lot 1, LSF SRR Guardian 8005F sired by 5L Defender 560-30Z and out of a Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334 daughter sold for $10,000 to Chile Beef of Santiago, Chile.

Lot 4, LSF MEW X-Tender 8690F sired by Redhill Ten X 104U 190A and out of a Brown Incredabull Z7277 daughter sold for $15,000 to Chile Beef of Santiago, Chile.

Lot 49, LSF SRR Capitan 8239F sired by LSF SRR Commander 5906C and out of a LSF Night Calver 9921W daughter sold for $10,000 to Turner Red Angus of Gillette, Wyoming.

Lot 33, LSF SRR Gold Nugget 8241F sired by Brown Goldmine A7610 and out of a 5L Hobo Design 273-7047 daughter sold for $9,000 to Monty Rice of Killdeer, North Dakota.

Lot 51, LSF SRR Confirmation 8080F sired by HXC Declaration 5504C and out of a LSF SRR Impeccable 3150A daughter sold for $9,000 to Anthony Red Angus of Ryan, Oklahoma.

Wulf Cattle

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: April 16, 2019

Location: Sandy Ridge Ranch Atkinson, NE

Auctioneer: Sonny Booth and Ronn Cunningham


363 Total Bulls – $5,875

16 Limousin Two Year Old Bulls $8,781

8 Limousin Fall Bulls $5,750

195 Limousin Yearling Bulls $6,123

219 Limousin Bulls $6,304

16 Lim- Flex Two Year Old Bulls $5,469

49 Lim -Flex Fall Bulls $5,306

52 Lim – Flex Yearling Bulls $5,577

9 Angus Bulls $4,722

18 Angus Yearling Bulls $4,000

Open Heifers

22 Limousin Open Heifers $2,539

12 Lim- Flex Open Heifers $3,104

9 Angus Open Heifers $1,956

Top Selling Bulls

Lot 1 at $58,000, Wulfs Elsenhower 3616E, Dob 3-31-2018, Wolfs Billy The Kid K2334B, Limousin, sold to Wieczonek & MC Marketing Syndicate.

Lot 2 at $20,000, Wulfs Emprize 2424E, Dob 4-7-2018, Bieber Deep end Lim- Flex sold to Mangness Livestock Platteville, Co.

Lot 150 at $13,500, Wulfs Formula One H601F, Dob 1-2-2018, Runi Stetson 850S sold to Malouf Cattle CO, Mayer, AZ.

Lot 203 at $12,500, Wulfs Fiction, Dob 3-10-2018, Hunts Credentials 373C, Limousin sold to Bill Stoner Miamia, OK.

Lot 80 at $12,000, Wulfs Easy 007E, Dob 8-27-2017, Biebers Hard Drive Y120 sod to Chad Murphy Arlington, SD.

Top Selling Open Heifers

Lot 414 at $12,250, Wulfs Flana 8261F Lim-Flex, sold to Bryan Holly and Gracey Bail, Birch River, WV.

Lot 413 at $4,500, Wulfs Flomena Lim- Flex, sold to JD Folsom, Rexburg, ID

Lot 417 at $3,750, Wulfs Frappe 8524F Limousin sold to Joe Williams, Telford, TN

Southwest Broke Select Horse Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: May 12, 2019

Location: Bowman Livestock Market

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


Saddle Horse – $5,898

A great set of saddle horses were offered to a packed house of buyers. The horses were received with strong demand .

Lot 19 at $15,000, Corona N Squirt, 2014 Paint Mare, Sprint to Talent x Rockin T CJS Dream, Sold to Elm Creek Ranch Hebron, N.D., consigned by 6L Performance Horses, Rollie and CJ Wilson of Bowman.

Lot 10 at $10,500, Miss Playgun Kachina 2013 Bay Mare, Chics playgun x Docs Oak Kachina, sold to Doug Lawrence, Whitehorse, S.D., consigned by Dustin Entzel, Elvis and Jackie Entzel.

Lot 23 at $9,750, Moose, 2006 Grade Red Dun Gelding, sold to Shad Swanke, Marmarth, N.D., consigned by Terry and Nikki Brandt

Kaylen, Kaydy and Spring Padden, Ludlow, SD.

Thomas Ranch Sale

Date: April 9, 2019

Location: Thomas Ranch, near H


108 Angus bulls – $4,000

36 Sim-Angus bulls: $4,015

28 Red Angus bulls: $3,370

50 Charolais bulls – $4,140

49 Angus open heifers – $1,308

20 Sim-Angus open heifers – $1,605

10 Red Angus open heifers – $1,740

21 Charolais open heifers – $1,476

Buyers traveled from 15 states to the Thomas Ranch sale. Here are the top sellers:

Angus bulls

Lot 1, $32,000, TR MR Dually 8141F, Sold to: RBM Livestock, Florence, SD

Lot 29, $13,000, TR MR Comrade 8027F, Sold to: Fuoss Angus, Draper, SD

Lot 80, $12,500, TR MR Element 8353F, Sold to: Hall Ranch, Bassett, NE

Lot 28, $9,000, TR MR Comrade 8000F, Sold to: C&S Cattle, Orient, SD

Sim-Angus bulls

Lot 145, $5,750, TMAS MR Upgrade5736 8541F, Sold to: Lenny Starks, Pierre, SD

Lot 144, $5,250, TMAS MR Upgrade 8582F, Sold to: Lenny Starks, Pierre, SD

Lot 121, $5,250, TMAS MR Frontier 8529F, Sold to: Tim Dewey, Cimarron, OK

Lot 154, $5,000, TMAS MR Aviator 8504F, Sold to: Lenny Starks, Pierre, SD

Red Angus bulls

Lot 171, $5,500, TMAS MR Trump 820F, Sold to: Yackley Ranches, Onida, SD

Lot 185, $5,000, TMAS MR Xcitement 811F, Sold to: Cade Currier, Onida, SD

Lot 181, $4,000, TMAS MR Powerhouse 821F, Sold to: Beastrom Ranch, Pierre, SD

Charolais bulls

Lot 232, $7,750, TR MR Rhinestone 852F, Sold to: LD Peterson Enterprises, Northville, SD

Lot 220, $7,500, BOY TR MR Outsider 8947F ET, Sold to: Joel Ritchey, Hudson, CO

Lot 205, $7,000, TR C&S MR Outsider 839F, Sold to: Troy Grocott, Colton, SD

Lot 245, $6,250, CAG TR MR Firewater 8606F ET, Sold to: Bruce Bradley, Marshfield, MO

Vollmer Angus Sale

Date: April 23, 2019

Location: At the ranch, Wing, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


104 Yearling bulls: $4,286

Lot 4, $9,500, VAR Raindance 8145, sired by SAV Raindance 6848, buyer: Colin Schmidt, Manning, North Dakota.

Lot 14, $9,500, VAR Road Trip 8325, sired by Bushs Road Trip 42, buyer: Arntzen Angus Ranch, Hilger, Montana.

Colin and Carolee Schmidt from Manning, ND, bought 3 high end bulls.

Lot 49, $9,000, VAR President 8280, sired by SAV President 6847, buyer: Colin Schmidt, Manning, North Dakota.

Lot 2, $8,750, VAR Bronc 810, sired by Baldridge Bronc, buyer: Severance Diamond, Ryder, North Dakota.

Lot 1, $8,500, VAR President 8116, sired by SAV President 6847, buyer: Kenny Entze, Golden Valley, ND.

Wienk Charolais Ranch 50th Annual Bull Sale

Date: April 27, 2019

Location: Lake Preston, SD

Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell, Fletcher, Oklahoma

TSLN Rep: Chris Effling


103 Yearling Bulls: $5,150

$10,500: WCR Sir Notorious 872 P, 2-2-18, by WCR Notorious 6170 P. To Sandmeier Charolais Ranch, Bowdle, South Dakota.

$10,000: WCR Sir Kingsbury 883 P, 2-4-18, by WCR Kingsbury 116 P. To Hebbert Charolais, Hyannis, Nebraska.

$9,500: WCR Sir Duke 8107 P/S, 2-8-18, by WCR Sir Duke 8141 P. To Bruce Wilson, Soap Lake, Washington.

$8,500: WCR Sir Big Ben 8111 P, 2-9-18, by WC Big Ben 9036 P. To Shane Johnson, Bruce, South Dakota.

$8,500: WCR Sir Big Ben 8260 P, 2-26-18, by WC Big Ben 9036 P. To Harlin Garner, Nyssa, Oregon.

$8,500: WCR Sir Big Ben 8523 ET P, 3-6-18, by WC Big Ben 9036 P. To J&J Beef Genetics, Orlando, Oklahoma.

Eggleston Charolais 34th Annual Production Sale

Date: April 8, 2019

Location: Huron, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar, Belle Fourche, S.D.

TSLN Rep: Chris Effling


69 Yearling Bulls: $5,668

12 Open Heifers: $3,238

81 Total Lots: $5,308

$15,500 Bull: EC Easy Out 691 PLD, 2-16-17, by EC Forefront 8066 PLD. To Brent Charolais, Alton, Ks

$15,000 Bull: EC Riviera 141 PLD, 3-8-17, by EC Revelation 5030 PLD. To Russel Lewis, Leoti, Ks

$11,500 Bull: EC Revolution 305 PLD, 3-13-18, by EC Revelation 5030 PLD. To Soreide Charolais, Bowman, ND

$10,500 Bull: EC Double Down 253 PLD, 3-15-18, by EC Done Deal 5052 PLD. To Keppen Charolais, Volga, SD

$9,500 Bull: EC Lock N Load 951 PLD, 4-11-18, by ACE-ORR Lock N Load 243 P. To Prairie Valley Farm, Platte, SD

Paint Rock Angus Spring Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: May 2, 2019

Location: At the Ranch in Hyattville, WY

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Averages: 79 bulls – $4,339

Once again, Paint Rock Angus offered a stout, and structurally sound set of bulls, featuring some of the hottest genetics in the industry, to the buyers in the seats at their annual Spring Bull Sale, held at the Ranch near Hyattville, Wyoming May 2, 2019. Congratulations to the Paint Rock Angus Crew on a great sale!

Lot 5 at $15,000, Paintrock Granite 340-351-8, DOB 1/26/18, PAINTROCK GRANITE 340-6 x FOREVER NIEMERE OF PR 557-3, sold to Bob Stoddard, Douglas, WY.

Lot 6 at $15,000, Paintrock Motive 261-8, DOB 3/17/18, PRA MOTIVE 501 x BARBARA OF PAINTROCK 595-2, sold to Bob Stoddard, Douglas, WY.

Lot 9 at $8,000, Paintrock Imus 167-8, DOB 2/11/18, H A R B IMUS 117-361 x KATE OF PAINTROCK 119-0, sold to Centennial Ranch, Dillon, MT.

Lot 23 at $7,500, Paintrock Renown 355-8, DOB 2/12/18, SAV RENOWN 3439 x FOREVER MISS OF PR 280-4, sold to Ross Hunter, Edgemont, SD.

Lot 17 at $7,000, Paintrock Motive 436-8, DOB 2/9/18, PRA MOTIVE 501 x VIOLA OF PAINTROCK 396-4, sold to Centennial Ranch, Dillon, MT.