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Lensegrav Ranch Hybrid Vigor Bull Sale

TSLN Reps: Dan Piroutek & Scott Dirk

Date: Mar. 16, 2019

Location: Faith Livestock Auction

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar

Averages: 101 yrlg Black Hybrid Bulls avg. $4,683

Dave and Rhonda Lensegrav raise these bulls on their ranch, north of Faith, in the Meadow area. Dave Lensegrav had to postpone his sale for one week, and fortunately, was able to hold it just one week later. These bulls are stout made, with depth of body, plus mass and thickness throughout. The uniformity and quality stayed until the very end of the sale. I thought this was, perhaps, the strongest set of bulls Dave had ever produced. Loyal repeat buyers competed with each other, the telephone, and the internet to make this a very strong sale.

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 71: $12,500 to Irving Kurt Puckett, Kyle, South Dakota – Baldco Traction 155 x 111 – LWN 54X – Moore Bando Conn. Easy – Amigo (13/16 AN, 3/16 GV)

Lot 58: $11,000 to Larry Thompson, Glenham, South Dakota – LEN 66B x Pioneer (13/16 AN, 3/16 GV)

Lot 75: $9,000 to Irving Jordan, Faith, South Dakota – Baldco Traction 155 x LEN 129X – 85 Crossover CRD 131H Conn. Canyon (7/8 AN, 1/8 GV)

Lot 12: $8,000 to Julie Goodman, Oelrichs, South Dakota – SAV Real McCoy 4822 x LEN24 – Legend 2 – VRD 198U – Net Worth (3/4 AN, 1/4 GV)

Lot 35: $8,000 to Doug Gardner, Hammond, Montana – LEN 258C – 28 x 211L 11/16 AN, 5/16 GV)

Lot 54: $8,000 to Ken Elkins, Taylor, North Dakota – LEN 10 – 147B x LEN Shep (3/4 AN, 1/4 GV

Larson Ranch 50th Annual Bull and Bred Heifer Sale

Date of Sale: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Location: Presho Livestock

Auctioneer: Matt Lowery

Representative: Curt Littau


36 yearling registered angus bulls – $4,850

13 yearling commercial angus bulls – $3,419

26 yearling Charolais bulls – $4,400

5 yearling Simmental bulls – $2,900

22 Two-year-old angus bulls $4,727

5 Two-year-old Charolais bulls – $6,650

156 commercial black angus bred heifers – $2,056

76 commercial F1 BWF bred heifers – $2,159

57 commercial Red Angus bred heifers – $1,942

18 Purebred Charolais bred heifers – $1,889

The Larson Family once again offered a powerful set of yearling bulls and bred heifers to a large crowd of buyers for their 50th annual production sale. New to the program this year was a set of two-year-old bulls which the Larson's are planning on expanding on in the future. Bidding was active and DVAucitons once again provided a number of buyers for the sale.

Representative sales include the top selling yearling Angus bull Lot #22, a son of "Brookdale Responder 63," purchased by Jerry & Laura Osterberg for $8,000. The top selling yearling Charolais bull Lot # 81, a son of "Lt Ledger 0332 P," purchased by Steve Thomas and Kent & Sonja Aasby for $15,000. Top selling two-year-old Angus bulls were Lot #205 and Lot #208 each selling for $6,750 and purchased by Larry Ryno and Jerry & Laura Osterberg respectively. There were two Charolais two-year-old bulls purchased by Steve Thomas and Kent & Sonja Aasby , Lot #225 selling for $11,000 and Lot #226 selling for $10,000, that topped the sale for all two-year-olds.

In the bred heifer division sales ranged from $1,800 to $2,275 with the commercial F1 bwf heifers leading the pace.

Carmichael Herefords 50th Annual Proven Genetics Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: March 17, 2019

Location: Sale held at the ranch, Meadow, SD

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle


16 Yearling Herefords bulls – $4,437

50 Two Year Old Hereford bulls – $4,546


The weather finally cooperated for Carmichael Herefords to hold their 50th Annual Bull Sale. After having to postpone twice because of weather, the third try finally worked, giving the Carmichaels a great beautiful sunny day for the sale. With a lot of road conditions still compromised, the crowd was maybe lighter than past years, but the bulls were in great sale shape and sold quite well.

Top selling yearling bulls:

Lot 13, KC L1 Domino 18065, a 3/18 son of CL 1 Domino 420B 1ET with epds of BW 0.9 WW 59 YW 93 Milk 22 selling to LeRoy Scott, Highmore, SD for $6,000.

Lot 17, KC L1 Domino 18082, a 4/18 son of CL 1 Domino 420B 1ET with epds of BW 3.7 WW 57 YW 90 MIlk 22 to Mortenson Cattle Co., Hayes, SD for $6,000.

Lot 7, KC Mr. Freckles 18039, a 3/18 son of KC Mr. Freckles 16059 with epds of BW 4.9 WW 63 YW 96 Milk 29 selling to Tonya Lawhead, Lodgepole, SD for $5,500.

Top selling Two Year olds:

Lot 45, KC L1 Domino 17049, a 3/17 son of B&D L1 Baron 4273, with epds of BW 4.1 WW 65 YW 101 Milk 34 selling to Todd Gerbracht, Meadow, SD for $8,500.

Lot 28, KC L1 Domino 17011, a 3/17 son of HH Advance 2008Z with epds of BW 3.8 WW 58 YW 92 Milk 28 to Larry Dolezel, Belvidere, SD for $8,000.

4 bulls sold at $7,500 each

Lot 31, KC L1 Domino 17026, a 3/17 son of B&D L1 Baron 4273 to Kennedy Ranch, Faith, SD.

Lot 44, KC L1 Domino 17038, a 3/17 son of HH Advance 2008Z to Davis Ranch, Belle Fourche, SD.

Lot 63, KC L1 Domino 17088, a 4/17 son of B&D L1 Baron 4273 to Niederman Ranch, Morristown, SD.

Lot 76, KC L Domino 17156, a 5/17 son of HH Advance 2008Z sold to Larry Dolezel, Belvidere, SD

Flat Water Gang Red Angus Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: March 18, 2019

Location: Sale held at One Box Convention Center, Broken Bow, NE

Auctioneer: Scott Weishaar


95 Yearling Red Angus bulls – $3,343

This was by far the best set of Red Angus bull offered by Sandbur Ridge Red Angus, Cooksley Red Angus and Birnie Red Angus, the breeders that make up the Flat Water Gang. These 3 breeders all have slightly different breeding programs, but the bulls in this sale were very consistent and uniform from top to bottom.

Top Selling bulls:

Lot 50, Ridge Right Kind 8146, a 2/18 son of 5L Right Kind 1942-62B, with epds of CED 12 BW 0 WW 67 YW 104 Milk 25 sold to Craig Seier, Petersburg, NE for $8,000.

Lot 35, Ridge Provision 8074, a 2/18 son of Ridge Provision 6013 with epds of CED 9 BW 0.8 WW 73 YW 16 Milk 28 sold to Rich Red Angus, Vinton, IA for $7,000.

Lot 62, Cooksley Gladiator 8217, a 3/18 son of Bieber Gladiator C386 with epds of CED 17 BW -3.8 WW 66 YW 102 Milk 23 went to Daigger/Orr Angus, North Platte, NE for $6,750.

Lot 4, Ridge Malbec 8098, a 2/18 son of Red U2 Malbec 195D with epds of CED 17 BW -4.5 WW 52 YW 81 Milk 26 sold to Jo Vogel, Lakeside, NE for $6,000.

Lot 86, Ridge Crisscurrent 8124, a 2/18 son of KDS CrossCurrent 423 with epds of CED 9 BW 1.3 WW 67 YW 104 Milk 25 went to Rich Red Angus, Vinton, IA for $6,000.

The sale fell on the heels of the major winter storm that dropped several inches of rain and in some cases up to a foot or more of snow. Many roads in their customers areas were flooded out or blocked so the crowd was smaller than past years and not as eager to bid. The sale average reflects that, however the sale average does not reflect on the quality of the bulls offered.

Gray’s Angus Ranch Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: March 20, 2019

Location: Sale at the ranch, Southwest of Harrison, NE

Auctioneer: Greg Goggins


50 Two Year old Angus bulls – $4,325

71 Yearling Angus bulls – $3,447

121 Total bulls – $3,809

A beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze welcomed the Gray Family for their annual bull sale. This was a postponed date from March 16 when the weather was not as agreeable. Though they didn't actually get the amount of snow forcasted for the ranch, there was plenty of snow in the local area.

The bulls in this sale were fed a growing ration, with a 3 pounds per day gain goal. The bulls looked fantastic with a large selection of both calving ease and growth bulls that are sound.

Volume buyer David Wright, Double Yoke Ranch, Neligh, Neb, took home 14, 2- year olds.

Top selling two year old bulls:

Lot 55 – $6,000 – son of Gray's Black Granite 265 sold to Nicole Pfrang, Goff, KS

Lot 16 – $6,000 – son of Granger Great Falls 053 sold to Dean Cape, Toledo, IA

Lot 27 – $5,750 – son of Gray's Black Granite 265 sold to Todd Peterson, Edgemont, SD

Lot 30 – $5,500 – son of Gray's Tradition 7193 sold to Mike Phillips, Lisco, NE

Lot 41 – $5,500 – son of Gray's Transition 173 sold to Norma Bruegger, Lusk, WY

Top Yearling bulls:

Lot 112 – $9,250 – son of Gray's Pioneer 903 sold to Bryan Palm, Mitchell, NE

Lot 100 – $6,500 – son of Gray's Pioneer 903 sold to Bryan Palm, Mitchell, NE

Lot 77 – $5,750 – son of Musgrave Aviator sold to George Etchemendy, Douglas, WY

Lot 142 – $5,000 – son of Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36 sold to Spear Diamond Ranch, Scottsbluff, NE

Poppe Cattle Company 14th Annual Production Sale

TSLN Reps: Matt Wznick, Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: March 10, 2019

Location: BD Bar & Resturaunt in Fallon, Montana

Auctioneer: Colonel Greg Goggins

A much needed nice and sunny March 10, 2019 day was in order for the 14th Annual Poppe Cattle Company held at the BD Bar and Restaurant in Fallon, Montana. Once again the Poppe families offered a set of bulls featuring uniformity, power, and disposition to buyers from across the country. Congratulations to both families on a successful sale!


88 bulls – $4446

Sale Highlights:

Lot 13 at $14,000, PCC BIG CHIEF 4109F, DOB 3/9/18, BLACK COMPOSITE, KCF BENNETT B29 x PCC Y82, sold to Leland Larson from Greeley, Colorado.

Lot 14 at $13,000, PCC BOXED BEEF 4113F, DOB 3/15/18, BLACK COMPOSITE, KCF BENNETT B29 x PCC X62, sold to Leland Larson from Greeley, Colorado.

Lot 16 at $9,500, PCC BOOT CAMP 4108F, DOB 3/2/18, BLACK COMPOSITE, KCF BENNETT B29 x PCC Y70, sold to Del Olkjer from Elbert, Colorado.

Lot 9 at $7,000, PCC COURAGE 5151F, DOB 4/1/18, BLACK COMPOSITE, CCR BOULDER 1339A x PCC Y450, sold to Joe Brown from Powderville, Montana.

Lot 3 at $6,750, PCC THE DUKE 5161F, DOB 3/17/18, SIMANGUS, CCR BOULDER 1339A x PCC U301, sold to Owl Mountain Ranch from Rand, Oregon.

Lot 12 at $6,750, PCC MCCALL 5152F, DOB 3/17/18, SIMANGUS, CCR BOULDER 1339A x PCC Y484, sold to Owl Mountain Ranch from Rand, Oregon.

MacDonald Ranches Performance Power Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: March 12, 2019

Location: Kist Livestock, Mandan, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Al Conover


134 Salers – Optmizer Bulls – $4,828

8 Angus Bulls – $4,281

14 Registered Open Heifers – $2329

59 Bred Commercial Females – $1749

This was a great sale that offered a great set of bulls and females to a full house of buyers at Kist Livestock for the MacDonald Ranches.

Sale Highlights

Lot 145 at $14,000, Mac f1 Fiesta 150F, Dob 2-17-2019, Connealy Comrade x Mac Azure 81A, sold to MJB Ranch, Parker, Colorado.

Lot 105 at $11,000, Mac Field Day 106F, Dob 2-12-2018, Mac Blackjack 25B x Mac Denae 12D, sold to Burkle Farms, Fredonia, North Dakota.

Lot 44 at $10,500, Mac Frisco, Dob 2-20-2018, KKCC Debut 614D x MAC Brianna 72B, sold to Wade Clifton, British Columbia.

Lot 23 at $9,500, MAC Fort Worth 177F, Dob 2-20-2018, Mac Atomic Force 36A MAC Amber Lights 237A, sold to David Ashley, Voltaire, North Dakota.

Lot 26 at $9,500, Mac Extra Force 399F, Dob 3-20-2018, MAC Atomic Force 36A x MAC Vallie 81X, sold to George Hammond Hardin, Montana.

Chestnut Angus Sale

TSLN Rep: Chris Effling

Date of Sale: February 27, 2019

Location: at the farm in Pipestone, Minnesota.

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Sales Manager: Eberspacher Enterprises, Inc.


47 Angus Bulls – $4251

11 Bred Commercial Pairs – $1768

Sale Highlights

Lot # 7 at $30,000, Chestnut Epic WJ 38, Dob 1-3-2018, Reg 19242590, 3F Epic 4631 x Chestnut Wetonka WJ 63, sold to High Ridge Farms, Albemarle, North Carolina.

Lot # 59 at $10,000, 138 3F Epic 4631 x CN PF Beauty 664, sold to Brinkmeyer Farms, Holland, Minnesota.

Lot # 2 at $9,500, Chestnut Royal Stockman 288, Dob 1-27-2018, Reg 19220183, Chestnut Royal Stockman 326 x Chestnut Beauty 236 sold to Doug Simons, Enning, South Dakota.

Lot # 6 at $8,000, Chestnut Bronc 108, Dob 1-9-2018, Reg 19224318, Baldridge Bronc x Chestnut Queen Herself 62, sold to Johnson Angus, Steele, North Dakota.

Lot # 13 at $6,500, Chestnut Epic 58, Dob 1-6-2018, Reg 19275105, 3F Epic 4631 x Chestnut Queen 648, sold to Jason Larson, Slayton, Minnesota.

Pine Coulee Angus Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: March 11, 2019

Location: Wagon Box Ranch in Hardin ,MT

Auctioneer: Ty Thompson

Sales Manager: Ron Frye Marketing


162 Angus Bulls – $4820

Great day at the Pine Coulee Angus Bull Sale. The weather was great at the Wagon Box Ranch in Hardin, Montana.

Sale Highlights

Lot 18 at $22,500, Pine Coulee Cattleman F300, Dob 12-28-2017, Reg 19202595, PF Broadview 5009 x Pine Coulee Ever Entense A40, sold to Dave Dahlberg of Clearbrook,Minnesota and Currant Creek Angus of Roundup, Montana.

Lot 43 at $14,000, Pine Coulee Renown F333, Dob 1-12-2018, Reg 19305621, SAV Renown 3439 x SCR Everelda Entense 852, sold to Lisco Angus of Douglas, Wyoming.

Lot 83 at $10,000, Pine Coulee Capitalist F339, Dob 2-8-2018, Reg 19307349, LD Capitalist 316 x Pine coulee Blackcap Y1, sold to Connelly Angus Valier, Montana.

Lot 28 at $9,000, Pine Coulee Cowboy Up F306, Dob 1-4-2018, Reg 19305724, HA Cowboy UP 5404 x Pine Coulee Everelda W77.

Lot 148 at $9,000, Pine Coulee Uproar F399, Dob 1-28-2018, Reg 19305435, Bruin Uproar 0070 x Pine coulee Bonny Z78 sold to Brett Lesh Ekalaka, Montana.

Keller Broken Heart Ranch Simmental Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: March 7, 2019

Location: at the ranch in Mandan, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Tracy Harl


71 Simmental Bulls – $3932

80 Simmental Heifers – $1689

Sale Highlights

Lot #5 at $18,000, F151, Dob 3-22-2018, Reg 3499731, Hooks Deacon x Bar CkK MS X 38 106Z, sold to All Beef, Normal, Illinois.

Lot #81 at $6,750, FO78, Dob 3-21-2018, Reg 3499702, sold to Berry Slayton West Plains, Missouri.

Lot #2 at $6,000, FO87, Dob 3-18-2018, Reg 3499667, Hooks Beacon 56B x KBHR B055, sold to Mike Stavick, Veblen, South Dakota.

Lot #36 at $6,000, F138, Dob 22018, Reg 4399718, KBHE TBEF Deluxe D001 x Y21, David Grommesch, Barnsville, Minnesota.

Lot #46 at $5,500, F183, Dob 3-24-2018, Reg 3499763, GAR Prophet x KBHR COO2, sold to David Grommesch, Barnsville, Minnesota.

Top selling Heifer

Lot #109 at $3,200, F299, Dob 3-20-2018, Reg 3499686, CCR Gravity 9064A x KBHR B120, sold to Martin Farms, Lyles, Tennessee.