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NILE 2018

Read these stories, and browse the horse sale catalog in the digital file below.

  • Cover artist: David Graham
  • Schedule of Events
  • NILE Board
  • Message from Randy Vogele, NILE president
  • Message from Jennifer C. Boka, NILE general manager
  • NILE Volunteers of the Year: Linda McCormick and Kat Pfau
  • Stock Dog Trial
  • Radiant Rodeo
  • Versatility Ranch Horse Competition
  • Wyoming Night Out
  • Grandfathered In: Clint Casterline’s Horses
  • Merit Heifer Profile: Mckenzie Mork
  • Merit Heifer Program: 2018 Recipients and Donors
  • Gold Buckle Select Horse Futurities
  • Raffle Filly
  • 2018 Horse Sale Catalog/Information
  • Weanling & Yearling Consignments
  • Performance Horse Consignments
  • 2018 Gold Buckle Futurity Rules and Entry Form
  • Cattle Barn Map
  • Expo Center Map
  • NILE Market Map
  • Vendor Index
  • Advertiser Index

Horse Roundup 2018

Forage 2018

Hay, Feed & Seed

NUTBAL: Turning Manure into Money Saved

By Terryn Drieling

Cattle Killers: Managing Forage to Reduce the Risk of Toxic Plants

By Heather Smith Thomas

With the Grain: Economists Optimistic About Future of Grain-fed Beef

By Amanda Radke

High on Grass: Meeting the Demand for Grass-Fed Beef Despite Industry Challenges

By Amanda Radke

Winter Grazing vs Hay Harvesting: Let the Debate Begin

By Traci Eatherton

Marketing Hay in a Digital World

By Deanna Nelson-Licking

Researching Sustainability: Montana State University Selected to Host Regional Sustainable Research Programs

By Rebecca Colnar

A New Pulse in Farming

By Curtis Doubet

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2018 Stallion Showcase & Black Hills Stock Show Horse Sale Catalog

2018 Stallion Showcase, featuring the Black Hills Stock Show Truck Defender Horse Sale Catalog and Hutchison Western Stallion Row.
See the full horse sale catalog starting on page 106, or read and share the individual stories (see the links below).

  • Johnson Ranch, raising horses in South Dakota for generations
  • Bob Johnson, who trains racehorses in northwestern South Dakota
  • Dr. Ismay and Sturgis Veterinary Hospital & Equine Center
  • Toby Nelson, a horsman’s farrier
  • Advancements in equine reproductive technology
  • The efforts 13-year-old Bridget Romey made to help her barrel horse recover from an injury
  • Jim and Joni Hunt’s horse program
  • A high-selling horse at the 2017 Black Hills Stock Show® helps her new owners to success in Nebraska
  • The horses featured in the Black Hills Stock Show® Hutchison Western Stallion Row (pg 92-101)
  • The horses that will go through the ring at the Black Hills Stock Show® Truck Defender Horse Sale (Starting on page 106)


Johnson Ranch: From the plow to the track

Bob Johnson builds racehorses in South Dakota

Celebrating 65 years of service: Sturgis Veterinary Hospital and Equine Center

Toby Nelson: Horseman’s Farrier

O'Donnell Quarter Horses build barrel horses

Birds and bees and syringes: Advancements in equine reproductive technology

Bridget Romey: A Rocky Road to Recovery

Hunt Horses: Going on six generations of good using horses

2017 Black Hills Stock Show Horse Sale High Seller: A Nebraska Horse for Nebraska Cowboys

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Open Season 2017

Open Season 2017, by Tri-State Livestock News, The Fence Post and Farmer Rancher Exchange, features articles about pheasant hunting, duck habitat conservation, fly fishing the Bighorn, hunting coyotes with hounds, a dream hunt for Kodiak bear in Alaska, “tanking” on Nebraska rivers and a program that creates outdoor opportunities for veterans. Flip through it below.

NILE 2017 Premier Edition & Horse Sale Catalog

Check out the 2017 yearling and weanling horse sale catalog and performance horse sale catalog, plus stories about the people who make the NILE happen and some events new to the NILE this year.

Flip through the NILE Premier Issue below.

Horse Roundup 2017

Horse Roundup 2017 features stories about floating horses’ teeth, saddle fit, the Sutton horse program, how to help your vet when your horse needs medical care, horse judging tips, Butler Professional Farrier School and what horse owners need to know about evacuating ahead of a wildfire.


123 Years of Horses: South Dakota’s Suttons Honored as 2018 AQHA Hall of Fame Inductees

Straight from the horse's mouth: Exploring the basics of equine dentistry

First, do no harm: How to help your horse (and your vet) when your horse gets hurt

Bucking saddle-fit myths

The best in the business: Butler Professional Farrier School attracts students worldwide 

Getting out: A horse owner's guide to planning for a wildfire evacuation

Tips for Horse Judging Success 

Ag Pride 2017

Our special section magazine featuring stories about those who are proud to support the ag industry. Read the full issue below (may take a few seconds to load). Or click on the links to read and share individual stories.

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