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Horse Roundup 2018

Horse Roundup 2017

Horse Roundup 2017 features stories about floating horses’ teeth, saddle fit, the Sutton horse program, how to help your vet when your horse needs medical care, horse judging tips, Butler Professional Farrier School and what horse owners need to know about evacuating ahead of a wildfire.


123 Years of Horses: South Dakota’s Suttons Honored as 2018 AQHA Hall of Fame Inductees

Straight from the horse's mouth: Exploring the basics of equine dentistry

First, do no harm: How to help your horse (and your vet) when your horse gets hurt

Bucking saddle-fit myths

The best in the business: Butler Professional Farrier School attracts students worldwide 

Getting out: A horse owner's guide to planning for a wildfire evacuation

Tips for Horse Judging Success 

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