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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Thanks for the Memories, Bob

We lost one of our own. My brother-in-law, Bob Burke, passed away on Feb. 1, just a day after his 68th birthday. Cancer is a wicked enemy. He fought it valiantly. I won't say it won though, because Bob won. He had accepted his Savior recently and he went home to be with Jesus. Yes, he won. We lost though, because he is gone.

Bob was a larger than life personality and a big man. Being the second Bob in the family, he was often called Griz. It fit. He was big, burly and in a beard, had that look. He was also a teddy bear, as every little kid, from babies on up, adored and trusted him. We all did.

It didn't matter what was being done, Bob would step up and help. He was just plain handy at so many things. Not only handy, but in about any situation, could fine something to smile and laugh about. He was the source of many a practical joke and no one was immune. I think we were all on the receiving end of one of them at some point, but there was never meanness or malice involved. Always good clean fun. For example, a full pitcher of very icy ice water being poured on his youngest sister-in-law when he found her asleep in a chair. I was quite startled and remember yet him laughing and running out of the room, like I could have done anything to him anyway.

It's a wonder I ever married. When I was in my late teens he would see me at a dance or rodeo or something and literally loom over the boy I was with and ask him in his gruffest voice "What are you doing with my little sister?". Oh, at the time, I could have killed him of course. A few times, though, I was sure glad to see him. He ran off more than one unwelcome guy and on those occasions I could have kissed him.

Bob was one of the last of the breed who still pulled the lamb nuts with his teeth at docking. I remember him chasing my sister, his wife, around to give her a kiss when we were all done. His moustache might have been a little messy by then! For some reason, love him she did, but she sure didn't want a kiss!

I don't think I've ever known anyone else who could think as fast as Bob, and furthermore, act as fast. If something happened, he responded while it was happening. He was hazing for another steer wrestler one time and the steer ducked under the doggin' horse's neck when at full speed. Bob's hazing horse ran out of the cloud of dust, but when it settled, there was Bob, holding that doggin' horse down to make sure the guy wasn't hung up in the wreck. He not only saw the potential wreck but reacted. He stepped off a running horse and did what needed to be done.

Another time, his good friend was working the ring horseback at a sale barn. A bull came in the ring and got his friend's horse down. Bob was sitting up high in the seats, but ran down, jumped the rail, jumped the lower seats, swung over the tall ring fence and got the bull off of Jerry and out of the ring before anyone got hurt. It was all in the blink of an eye.

Athlete, cowboy, rancher, practical jokester, husband, Dad and Papa. He was all of those things. My folks adored him. He treated them like royalty, caring and compassionate always, and not above teasing my Mom until she'd get the giggles. He and Dad could laugh and tell stories for hours. I also remember Bob taking time off work, driving all the way to Belle from Sundance, and helping my Dad to his doctor appointments after his knee surgery. I was there but I couldn't lift and help my Dad like Bob could. He never made my Dad feel like he was less of a man for needing the help either.

There are so many memories. With over 48 years of knowing Bob, loving him as a part of my family, and watching a life well lived, there just aren't enough words or space in this column to tell the story of such a man.

Every time I make a sour cream raisin pie or watch someone else carve the meat for a family meal, Bob will be there. He'll always be a part of our lives. But oh does his passing leave a big hole in our family. He will be sorely missed.

So Bob, until we meet again on the other side, thank you for who you were and the great memories you left to us.

Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Long Pines Livestock wins again, high school rodeo fundraiser, rodeo schools, barrels, Brannaman

This weather sure has gone from one extreme to another. From a chinook that blew the snow into water and made the creeks and draws run to bone freezing record cold, all in a couple of day's time, leaving the ground a sheet of ice. It's not easy living in the northern plains and people and stock have to be tough. If it was nice all the time everyone would want to live here.

Congratulations to Long Pines Livestock, Camp Crook, S.D. on having their horse Rey Cool Cat win the BHSS Versatility Ranch Horse Open competition. Justin Lawrence, Alzada, Mont., trained and showed this great horse. This is the third consecutive year that they have won this competition.

An interesting study has been done at Winfield Farm, Toronto, where the greats Northern Dancer and Nijinsky were foaled. They studied 2000 Thoroughbred foals and found that foals born in January through March are smaller at birth and maturity than foals born from April through June. The later born foals also had thicker cannon bones than the early foals. Nutritional differences (winter feed vs green grass) were not a factor as none of the mares and foals in the study were on green pasture until the end of May. It is believed that the disparity comes in the hormonal differences caused by the amount of daylight hours.

The Belle Fourche High School Rodeo Club will be having its annual fundraiser auction on March 2 at the Branding Iron Steakhouse, Belle Fourche, S.D. Dinner starts at 5 p.m. and the auction at 7 p.m.

The Sheridan Classic Breakaway Roping will be March 2, enter at 11 a.m., rope at noon. It's $100 entry with $500 added. It will be at the Agri-park, Sheridan, Wyo. There is a guaranteed two calves with the top 10 on two going to the short round. Call Kelsey at 406-202-1312 for info.

Arrow B Spring Runs barrel races at Ponca, Neb., will be starting soon. Dates are March 9 and 30; April 13 and 27. There will be peewees, open and youth divisions. The arena opens at 10:30, exhibitions at 11:30, race at 1 p.m. Call Murdle at 605-251-7559 with questions.

There will be a western dressage clinic March 23-24 at Kluz Performance Horses, Gillette, Wyo. It's $200/rider for two half day sessions with Jennifer Bull. Contact Ashley at 307-680-5362.

The Giddyup Open Horse Show schedule has been released. There will be a Kickoff Party on March 24 at an as yet unknown location, then these events will all be at the Buffalo Berry Arena, Sturgis, S.D.: Hairy Horse Show April 6, Dressage Show May 4, June 29 and Oct. 5. At the Rockin' H Arena, Piedmont, will be open shows on May 18, June 15 and Sept. 7. You can get details and updates on the Facebook page Giddyup Open Horse Club.

Sandy Forbes will be hosting a Bronc Riding School on April 13-14 at the Agri-Plex, Wright, Wyo. It's for all levels and will have good stock and good instructors. There are limited spots, so call Sandy at 307-631-6639 and leave a message.

There's going to be a Judy Myllymaki Barrel Racing clinic April 13-14 at the Thorton Arena, Sidney, Mont. It's limited to 15 riders at $400/each. A $200 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot and the balance must be paid by April 1. Call Tanya Candee at 701-260-1847.

The 34th Annual Korkow Ranch Rodeo School will be April 26-28 at their place near Pierre, S.D. Coaches will be Ty Breuer on barebacks, Jeff Willert and Chad Ferley on saddle broncs, Casey Gates on bulls and Cooper Waln on bullfighting. It's $280/event, with a special junior bullriding special of $200 for kids 10-13 years of age. A $50 deposit plus sales tax has to be in by April 12. Call 605-224-5607 or go to their website http://www.korkorrodeos.com for details.

There's to be a Buck Brannaman Clinic May 31-June 2 at the 7 Down Arena, Spearfish, S.D. It will be Foundation Horsemanship and Horsemanship 1 covered. They are taking reservations now and it's filling fast. If you can't get in the clinic, you can still audit. Call or text Deb at 605-515-3995 or email loripendleton1@gmail.com.

Well, that's my circle for another week. Be careful out there on this ice and start early for destinations. It just might take you a half hour to walk across the yard.

Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: High school rodeo info, Sturgis smoker, fundraisers, Cowboy Reunion

It's sure been a cold and dreary week or so. I hope by the time you read this we are back to more seasonal fall weather. There was quite a bit of moisture accumulated through all the cold though, both as rain and as snow. The snow melted right off and everything soaked in. The cool season grasses, like crested wheat, are sure growing. I'd be happy to see it warm up and stay that way until Thanksgiving. Took a trip to Rapid City yesterday and saw some alfalfa, probably fourth cutting, in big, fat windrows down by Vale. Oh it's beautiful and green and wet. Really wet. It should dry out enough to bale by about June 28, 2019. For their sake, I hope it's sooner.

For you high school rodeo kids or parents, when you are filling out the membership information on the NHSRA on-line portal, there's a spot that says updateme. You need to fill that out so the info on it is all correct. Also, when you've filled out all the membership stuff and paid your membership, you're not done until you print off all three forms and get them signed and notorized, then uploaded to the portal again. No forms will be mailed. If you have questions, go to your state high school rodeo association home page for answers.

The Sturgis High School Rodeo Booster Club's annual smoker will be Oct. 19 at the Knuckle Saloon in Sturgis, S.D. There will be a delicious steak tip dinner and salad for $13.00, from 5 to 9 p.m., and both silent and live auctions. It's always a good time to go catch up with friends for a visit too. Tickets sold at the door. If you have auction items to donate or just want info, call Chrissy Peterson at 605-347-1068.

I had a nice visit with Johnny Holloway the other night and he and Sharon are once again having their Cowboy Reunion at the First Gold in Deadwood, S.D. on Oct. 20. Happy hour starts at 5 p.m. with supper at 6. He says the bull session will last until the wee small hours. There's always a block of rooms at a nice group discount at the First Gold for this, so go have fun and spend the night. If you have questions, call Johnny and Sharon at 605-964-3088.

Gordon Livestock Auction Market will be having a horse sale on Sunday, Oct. 28, with loose horses starting at noon. Ride-ins will start at 2 p.m.. This is at Gordon, Neb.

Here's another of those "there but for the grace of God go I" reports. On Sept. 11, TJ Steele, Newell, S.D. rancher, rodeo hand, and all around good feller, was injured while loading hay. A couple of bales slipped and TJ ended up with a shattered and dislocated hip and a fractured and dislocated shoulder. He is home recovering but will be in a wheelchair for another two months. There is going to be a benefit to help him and Deb and their family with medical bills and living expenses. It will be on Sat., Nov. 3, 5-9 p.m. at the Branding Iron Steakhouse, Belle Fourche, S.D. Donations of auction items, and cash of course, can be given by calling LeAnn Gaer at 605-222-9544 or Betsy Burtzlaff at 605-645-2890.

There will be a reining clinic with Levi Hostelter on Nov. 3-4 at the Buffalo Berry Arena, near Sturgis, S.D. All levels are welcome to come. There will be two half day sessions for $200. Call Ashley Villmow at 307-680-5362 for details.

Thar's November Turkey Trot Sort will be at the Cam-Plex East Pavillion, Gillette, Wyo., on Nov. 10-11. Enter from 8-8:30 a.m., starts at 9. Call Zane at 307-660-9501 for more information.

The New Underwood Roping Club will be having their annual meeting Nov. 14, 6 p.m. in the office at the arena. Be there or be on a committee!

Now that it's been cold and snowy, it's a great time to be gelding those stud colts. They'll have time to get healed up before winter and be ready for education or turnout come spring. It's a good time to have their mouths gone through too as those wolf teeth will be showing up by now. While their laying around in lala land, you can also brand them.

We just had some of our horses in to the vet for dental work and it sure wasn't premature. It's amazing what a horse will put up with and still go do a day's work. Winter will be a lot easier for them, that's for sure.

Well, that's my circle for another week. Have a good one and be careful out there.

Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Tribute dinner, event series galore, meetings, steer wrestling clinic, BHSS consignments open

Did I miss something? Did I sleep through October? It feels like we went from September to November. It's kind of like how we didn't have April this year either, just 60+ days of March. It makes a person start searching for their winter woollies.

Tickets are on sale now for the 29th Annual Tribute Dinner at the Casey Tibbs Foundation/South Dakota Rodeo Center in Ft. Pierre, S.D. It will be November 3 with a social hour at 6 p.m., dinner at 6:30 and the program at 7:30. There's a wonderful lineup of folks being honored, plus one really good horse. This deal usually sells out and all tickets are in advance. You can either pick them up at the Rodeo Center ahead of time or call in and they'll hold them until that night. Call 605-494-1094 to get yours.

A Winter Family Equine Series has started at the College Barn, Gillette, Wyo. Age divisions are five and under, six to nine, 10 to 13 and open. Events are barrels, goat tying, calf breakaway and steer breakaway, mixed roping drawpot and a team roping drawpot. Enter there and barrel exhibitions start at 10 a.m. Dates are Oct. 10, Nov. 11, January 6 and 20, Feb. 10, March 3 and 24 and April 7 and 28. Call Gary Mefford at 307-751-2962 for info.

The West River Teamsters will be holding a meeting Oct. 12, 7 p.m., at the A and B Pizza, Mandan, N.D.

Entries are open for the Badlands LBR #4, 5 and 6 rodeos on Oct. 26-28. Entries have to be in by Oct. 16. Entry fees are $25 plus $10 for any event with stock, and is due by Oct. 20. Send entries to Badlands LBR, Box 137, Kadoka, SD 57543. There also going to be a 4D baarrel race the evening of Oct. 27.

The Golliher Fall Barrel Series will be starting up soon. Dates are Oct. 20-21; Nov. 3 and 17; Finals Nov. 18. Exhibitions at 9:30 a.m., Peewees start the race off at noon. If the weather looks bad, call before hauling. For more info, call the house at 605-642-5363 or Zeann at 605-641-2926.

Gillette College is also having a barrel series this fall. They'll have open 4D, Youth 3D, peewees, plus futurity and senior sidepots. There will also be open and youth poles. Dates are Oct. 27; Nov. 10; Jan. 19; Feb. 16 and March 2. Call Ginger LaDuke at 307-680-8975 or Anna Rorison at 307-299-4781.

There will be a steer wrestling clinic Oct. 27-28 at the Yellow Rose Arena, Platte, S.D. Instructors are 16x NFR qualifier Todd Suhn and 3x NFR qualifier Jake Rinehart. It's limited to 20 students and costs $300 with a $100 deposit. Stalling is available and lunch will be provided. Contact Kasey Hanson at 605-831-9854.

October 28 is the date for the Rope2Win Ladies Breakaway roping at the W Arena, Cody, Wyo. Enter at 9 a.m., rope at 10. $1500 is added with two full rounds and your can enter twice. There's an optional sidepot for the American Qualifier too. Call Ben Williams at 307-899-2857 or Kate Williams at 307-899-5031.

I'm excited to be going to this event myself! It's the Dakota 50/50 futurity, Maturity and Sale Nov. 2-4 at the NDSU Equine Center, Fargo, N.D. On the 2nd is the AQHA Ranch Horse Versatility Competition and Maturity, barrels to follow with $1000 added money. The Mane Event starts with a social hour at 6 and dinner at 7. On the 3rd is the Dakota 50/50 Futurity Show 1 with the 50/50 Weanling Sale to follow at approximately 4 p.m. You'll want to come early to see the older siblings of the weanlings being offered being shown. On Sunday, the 4th, is the Dakota 50/50 Futurity Show 2. For info you can go to http://www.dakota50-50.com, and you can request a catalog either on the Dakota 50/50 Facebook site or by emailing Nikki Medalen at med4@srt.com. There is always a lineup of weanlings at this sale that will satisfy the wants and dreams of any horse person, plus the folks are nice and it's a lovely facility. See you there!

The consignment deadline for the 2019 BHSS Horse Sale is Nov. 13. The sale will be January 25-26 during the Black Hills Stock Show. Applications for consignment can be found at http://www.blackhillsstockshow.com/events/2018/truck-defender-2-day-horsesale(2). They get way more applications than they can take as consignments, so don't dilly dally around but get those forms filled out and a nice video done of your horse right away.

Well, that's my shivery circle for this week. Hopefully we'll still get some fall after all this cold passes through. Have a great week.

Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Vezain injured, Fall Run Stray Gathering, barrels races, clinic, sorting, team roping

We finally had a hard frost here on Cottonwood Creek. That should take care of the flies until May. There are a couple of big ones buzzing around here in the house but they are slow enough that even I can get them swatted.

I saw seven bull racks go by this morning over on the county road. They were no doubt loading with yearlings or someone's calf crop at their destination. They came back by, one at a time, this afternoon. Makes me think back on the days of dayworking and riding on pasture cattle. Many 3 a.m. breakfasts and thermoses of coffee, snorty horses saddled in the dark and loaded into a trailer for perhaps a two hour drive to start gathering at daylight. I do and don't miss that. I think I miss being able to do it, not the actual doing now. Except on those perfect fall days, the leaves turning, grass golden, on a good horse. Yes. I miss it. Who am I kidding?

Rodeo is such a wonderfully dangerous sport. Last week PRCA bareback rider JR Vezain, Cowley, Wyo., had a big, stout bareback horse flip over on him out in the arena. He was badly injured and had surgery right away to fuse the broken vertebrae in his neck. He's in stable condition and is sitting up as of now and has start therapy. He has tremendous core body strength, is in the prime of his life, completely fit and determined, so I believe that he will recover. He and his wife Shelby have a strong Christian faith and are viewing this as a faith walk and testimony for Christ. They would appreciate prayers, of course. There is a GoFundMe account set up to help them with medical and living expenses for the immediate future. You can find it under JR Vezain Recovery Fund.

The Fall Run Stray Gathering Jackpot will be Oct. 6 at Wright, Wyo. There are three distinct cowboy ropings that day. The first is a pick and draw, up to four times; second is an open two man, bracket style; the third is for 18 and under, two person team. Sounds like a bunch of fun for the whole family and at the fabulous Ag Complex facility at Wright. For info, call Matt Gould at 307-359-3363, or Cole Fitzgerald at 307-391-1197.

Philip High School Rodeo Club, Philip, S.D. will be holding an open 4D barrel race double header at the Philip Arena, Sunday, Oct. 7. Exhibitions will run from 11-12:30, the open starts at 1 p.m. For more info, call 605-685-5063.

There will be a barrel racing clinic with NFR qualifier and Calgary Stampede champ Jean Winters Nov. 9-10. It $350 with a non refundable $175 deposit due by Oct. 12. It's at Matt and Kristen Zancanella's barn at Aurora, S.D. Text 605-880-2597 for details. You can send your deposit to Kelli Larson, 44572 186th St., Haiti, SD 57241.They will have an open jackpot on Nov. 11.

The Black Hills Sorting and Cutting Club will be having a sorting practice on Oct. 13 at Tiltrum's Circle T Arena, Hermosa, S.D. They will be numbering the cattle at 9 a.m., start at 10. It's a potluck as usual.

Wright Winter Series Buckle Roping will be at the Southern Campbell County Agricultural Complex (they could have a longer name…). Dates are Oct. 21, Nov. 18, Dec. 9, Jan. 6, Feb. 3 and the finals Mar. 3. You enter at noon, rope at 1 p.m. It has a 70% payback and you can enter up to four times. There's also dummy roping for the smaller set with three age groups. Pre-entries open on Tuesday before each roping or you can enter there. Call or text Lisa at 307-391-0555 or email wrightjackpotassociation@gmail.

The Fall Fundays Series at Kluz Arena, Gillette, Wyo., will be Oct. 27, Nov 10 and Dec. 8. Enter at 8 a.m., starts at nine. They will have every playday event known to the free world, plus a couple, and is open to youth from 0-18 years. Call 307-680-5362.

The 9th Annual Headless Horseman Open Barrel Race will be Oct. 27-28. Entry forms are on the website, ready to print, and information can be gotten there too. Go to http://www.millerranch.net under Triple Turn Classic. It will be at Bowman, N.D. You can also call 701-210-0379. Get you costume ready too!

The wind is about to blow me away, so I think I'll get off this ridge and call this circle ridden. Be sure and send me any events you have coming up or items of interest. Always glad to spread the word! Have a great week.

Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Fallish, calf roping, fundraisers, bronc futurity, SDRA finals, ranchy stuff, breakaway

It sure looks like fall is upon us. The leaves are changing on the trees, nights are cool and crisp, and the horses are getting that velvety look in the morning. Everyone is busy shipping yearlings, preconditioning calves, and getting hay hauled in from the fields. It's a busy time of year but I hope you take the time to admire the beauty of the season that fall is. Maybe just pull up on a ridge and look at the colors of the leaves in the draw over there or listen to the meadowlark's song a little closer. It won't be long and the leaves will fall and the meadowlarks will be silent until some March day they announce their return.

I'm proud as punch to tell you about some calf roping wins by regional cowboys. We don't get much in that category as the north is long on bronc riders and steer wrestlers and a little shy on calf ropers (I think it's awfully hard to rope in mittens). Pendleton Roundup had two of our region's finest tying calves on the grass. Riley Pruitt of Nebraska won round one. Dane Kissack, Spearfish, S.D. was sixth in round one, second in the finals round and seventh in the overall average. Of course, I have a soft spot for Dane as I've known him and his folks for a long time, but I'm sure happy for both young men.

October 6 is the date for the Cowboy Relief Roping at Miller's Horse Palace out by Laurel/Billings, Mont. It will start at 10 a.m. And will have goat roping, muley roping, and three man team doctoring. The proceeds from this fun ranch style roping will go to help a ranch and cowboy family in need. To enter or to learn more, call 307-272-1420.

There will be a Benefit Colt Auction for Donna Eckert on Oct. 7 at the Centeral S.D. Invitational Ranch Rodeo at Murdo, S.D. Donna is fighting cancer and that, coupled with other trying circumstances in the past year, has made life pretty challenging for her and her family. She and husband Bill have helped countless others over the years, so now it's time to give back to them in a big way. The donated colt is a dandy red roan 2018 stud by Peptos Pretty Spoon and out of a proven foundation mare. For more info on the colt and how to bid, call Krysti at 605-530-7084.

The Broncs In The Bakken bucking horse futurity will be Oct. 13, 3 p.m., at the McKenzie County Fairgrounds, Watford City, N.D. It's a World Futurity sanctioned event with $2500 added on the yearlings, and $5000 added on the twos and threes. For info call Stan Headings at 620-874-1526. Entries must be done on-line and close October 11 at 9 p.m. Entries can be done through the Broncs In The Bakken Facebook page.

There will be an Amberly Snyder Clinic at Silver Branch Ranch, Bozeman, Mont., on Oct. 12-13. The 12th will be barrels and poles, the 13th barrels only. Contact Nate Preator at 406-595-3073, silverbranchranch@gmail or on Facebook.

October 12-14 is the SDRA Finals at the Event Center, Rapid City, S.D. Friday and Saturday perfs are at 6 p.m. and Sunday's at 1 p.m. The South Dakota High School Extravaganza is at 1 p.m. on Saturday. Also, there's a great trade show, special events, cowboy church, dances and a calcutta on Friday night.

The 2nd Annual Top Hand Ranch Rodeo, Ranch Broncs and the Spook and Swoop Costume Wild Ride (picture a guy riding a ranch bronc in a T-Rex costume) on Oct. 27 at Hansen Arena, Laramie, Wyo. It has an 85% payout. Entries are open and will close Oct. 15. You must pre-pay. Ranch Rodeo at 1 p.mm., Ranch Broncs at 6:30 p.m. To enter call Amanda Mathis at 308-464-0622.

This is a brand new event coming to the area. The Gilbert Breakaway Chute Out and American Qualifier will be held Nov. 3, 9 a.m., at the Lloyd Gilbert Arena, Buffalo, S.D. There will also be tie down roping for those 16 and under. There's a guaranteed $10,000 added and the top 20 advance to the chute out round at 5 p.m. You must pre-enter by Oct. 15. If you have questions, call Lloyd Gilbert at 605-641-0987. You can get more details on the L7 Arena Facebook page as well.

It's looking a little rainy and I sure hope it does. It's been really dry and the fire danger is high. Fall moisture would be more than welcome. Have a great week and be careful out there. I think I'll call this circle ridden.

Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Big money in youth rodeo, lots of roping, goat tying, clinics, horse sales

The days are getting shorter and mornings cooler. A few mornings have given the saddle horses that velvety look. They haying is nearly done here. It's all baled, but I don't consider it done until we have it in the stack yards. It's a good feeling to have it though, instead of writing those big checks for overpriced, under quality hay like last year.

New for the 2019 rodeo season, the NHSR Finals and NJHR finals will have bigger payouts. The high school level will have $100,000 added cash payout, plus $375,000 in scholarships and $150,000 in prizes. The Jr. high level will have $50,000 cash payout, $110,000 in scholarships, and $140,000 in prizes.

If you haven't been to Wright, Wyoming's Southern Campbell County Agricultural Complex, you need to go see it. They want to extend a big invitation out to anyone who wants to ride by the hour or the day, associations that need a place for an event, or anything else livestock related you can think of. They have recently installed 48 covered stalls, plus RV and trailer hookups. You can bring your own stock and hold practices all fall and winter in the big indoor facility for a very reasonable fee. The outside arena boasts good lights, so if the weather's nice, evening events can be held there. They also welcome dog trials, FFA and 4-H groups, and long term boarding for horses that is equipped with shelter and water. If you're interested in learning more or pricing out the facility, call the town hall at 307-464-1666.

BHSU Rodeo Team, Spearfish, S.D. is hosting breakaway and goat tying on Thursdays, Sept. 20 and Oct. 4. Entries open at 4:30 (cash) with the roping at 5:30, goats to follow. You can enter one or two horses. The breakaway will have two rounds and a short go for $80 and goats are two runs for $40. It's at Seven Down Arena east of Spearfish. You can call Coach Lammer at 605-381-9531 for more info.

The Big Horn Basin Livestock Auction, formerly Worland Livestock, at Worland, Wyo, will be having an open consignment monthly horse salt n Friday, Sept. 21, 6 p.m. Tack will sell from 5-6. Rideins will sell first, then loose horses. A Coggins is not required on Wyo horses, but it's recommended to encourage out of state buyers to bid. You can call Terry at 307-431-1226 or Scott at 307-272-3743.

There's going to be a really big roping at the Custer County Fairgrounds, Hermosa, S.D. on Sept. 29-30. Events include Sr. Men's Breakaway, Half and Half Roping (team tie three, dally three), Marathon Team Roping (aren't they all?), Team Tying and Open Steer Roping. On Sat. is starts at 10 a.m., Sun. at 9. You can enter there. Call Les Tiltrum at 605-390-8407 or Ora Taton at 605-484-2131.

The 2018 SDJHRA fall meeting will be Sunday, Oct. 7, 2 p.m. CST, at the Covered Wagon Cafe, Murdo, S.D. Be there or get appointed to a committee in your absence.

The fabulous Black Hills Horse Expo is back and will be at the James Kjerstad Event Center, Rapid City, S.D. on Oct. 5-7. There are lots of events including clinics, a ranch rodeo, colt starting challenge, exhibitions, stallion alley with nearly every breed represented, and a trade show to end all trade shows. You can find out more by going to the website http://www.BlackHillsHorseExpo.com or check it out on Facebook.

The 29th Annual Alzada Cowboy Poetry, Music and Art Show will be Oct. 7 at beautiful Alzada, Mont. The hall opens at 10 a.m., lunch will be at 11, and the show at 1 p.m. For info on how to perform or enter your art, call Gay Arpan at 406-828-4517 or Chris Maupin at 307-467-5260.

The PBR is coming to the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, S.D. on Oct. 13, 7 p.m. Tickets are on sale now!

You probably need to get signed up now for the Ken Smith Pole Bending Clinic on Oct. 12-14 at Wall, S.D. It's $400 for the clinic with $200 deposit to hold your spot. It's at Merrill's Arena. Email April Zilverberg at garyzilverberg@hotmail.com to get more info or to get on the list. They are only taking 15.

Well, that winds up my circle for this week. Have a wonderful week and be safe out there.

Outside Circle: E.I.A. still troubling, ranch rodeos, youth rodeos, benefits, bronc riding, cart clinic

What beautiful late summer weather we're having. The calves are really on the gain since the mid-summer black fly scourge has ended. They can handle the horn flies just fine apparently. The passing cycle of black flies (or whatever you call them that is printable) has also ended the footrot outbreak here. I've got to say, I'm not missing that long stretch of doctoring. I hope everyone else has seen an end or letup too.

The E.I.A. saga continues in Wyoming and Colorado. There have been 9 more Wyoming premises put under quarantine from that one positive horse that was shipped in without waiting for a Coggins test to get back, therefore without a health paper from a vet. The recent quarantines are in Sweetwater, Lincoln, Teton, Park and Fremont counties. More horses and premises are being traced in Natrona and Laramie counties as well. Check with your state animal health board for info if you are from that area.

The King's Saddlery Roping on the Grass will be Sept. 16, enter at 10 a.m., rope at 10:30. It's a progressive after two head. Call Gary Mefford at 307-751-2962 for info and directions.

Isabel Saddle Club Youth Rodeo will be a fun event to go watch on Sept. 16, 10 a.m. It will be at the Isabel Arena, Isabel, S.D. and will have all the youth events including rough stock and age groups from 1 to 18.

The 21st Annual Stirling Family Ranch Rodeo will be Sept. 16, 11 a.m., at the Stanley County Fairgrounds, Ft. Pierre, S.D. The ranch rodeo raises funds for the Cancer Warriors to help with expenses that folks incur while taking cancer treatments. The evening before there will be a barbeque with free will offering at 5 p.m., and a silent auction of the ranch rodeo teams. The event will also have open ranch broncs and kids wild pony race.

Go to http://www.stirlingfamilyranchrodeo.com for further information.

Many of you know Kevin Willey, cowboy, silversmith, blacksmith, knife maker and all around neat guy. He's originally from the Perkins/Meade county area and now resides in Sheridan, Wyo with his wife Lori. Kevin had a strange medical episode earlier this summer that rendered him blind in his one good eye. It is hoped that he'll regain his vision, but until then, life has gotten a bit difficult financially. His friends are putting on a fundraiser on Sept. 22, 5 p.m., at the Big Horn Mountain Eagles Lodge, Sheridan, Wyo. There will be a silent and live auction, plus you can just donate money if that's what you prefer. You can mail items to Kelli Anderson, 655 Riverside St., Sheridan, WY 82801.

The 1st Annual New Underwood Invitational Bronc Match will be Sept. 22 with a calcutta at 6 p.m. and the match at 7. The top 20 Badlands Circuit bronc riders will be up against the top stock in the region, so should be quite a show. It's at the rodeo arena right there in New Underwood, S.D.

Sept. 23 is the date for the Benefit Roping 4FooFoo (Seth May) at Hunter Memorial Arena, Kyle, S.D. Seth was injured in a roping accident. His friends are holding the roping to raise money to help with his medical and living expenses. There will be a silent auction along with the roping, plus a great meal that will also to go the fund. Find more info on Facebook at Benefit Roping 4FooFoo.

The 4th Annual Darleen Swanson 4D Barrel Race will be Saturday, Sept. 29, 11 a.m., at Wheatland, Wyo. All proceeds will go to the Darleen Swanson Memorial Scholarship Fund. The race is NWBRA approved. Call 307-359-0578 for info.

If you have an interest in driving your horse, this is the clinic for you. It will be Sept. 30, 1:30, at Harmony Stables and Equine Training Center, Bismarck, N.D. Allan Voeller will be instructing and participants will learn the basics of tack and equipment, proper hitching, and what to look for in equipment and a cart horse. Horses and carts will be provided for the clinic. Register right away by calling 701-319-0086.

The S. Campbell County Agricultural Complex will be having team roping practice nights on Mondays and Fridays. It will be at the outdoor arena through September, then will move to the indoor. Call 605-210-3179 for details.

That's another circle ridden. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the weather.

Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Kelly to Odessa, ranch broncs, ranch rodeos, bull roping, timed events

The cooler weather has sure been welcome, as was the inch plus of rain we got last week. The grass is sure trying to green up again, especially visible where it was hailed so bad.

First off, congrats to Tom Kelly, Cheyenne, Wyo on being named the head rodeo coach at Odessa College, Odessa, Texas. He has a lifetime of rodeo experience, plus raised a family of tough rodeo hands himself, so it superbly qualified for the job. He has been the assistant rodeo coach at Laramie County Community College, Cheyenne, Wyo. The whole family will be a blessing to the Odessa community as well.

The 1st Annual Ranch Bronc Riding at Eagle Butte, S.D. will be Thursday, Aug. 30, 6 p.m. They have $4000 added with a $150 entry fee. They'll have a long and short go and a calcutta on the short go. Entries are open. Call Dawson Gunville at 605-218-1560.

The Badlands Ranch Rodeo will be Sept. 9, 1 p.m. at the Buffalo Gap Guest Ranch and Trailhead, Sentinel Butte, N.D. They'll have wild steer riding, trailer loading, branding, and stray gathering for events. Entries close Aug. 30 and they're taking 12 three person teams. Call Neil Whitmer at 701-302-0936 or Kim Colbert at 701-623-1005 to enter or for details.

The S.D. Timed Event Championship at Huron, S.D. entries are open now. The event is Sept. 1-2 and will have saddles, buckles and cold hard cash for prizes. You can enter at http://www.sdtimedeventchampionship.webs.com.

The 1st Annual 3B Bash will be Sept. 2, 2 p.m., at the rodeo grounds in Sheyenne, N.D. They'll have bulls, broncs and barrels with great added money and 100% payout. To enter call Annie Howard at 701-302-0287.

The Badlands Little Britches Rodeo at Kadoka, S.D. will be Sept. 15-16 and counts as two rodeos, format C jackpots. Entries close Sept. 5. Call Jodi Stoddard at 605-685-8003 for info on entries.

Darby, Mont. Is the place to be for the 4th Annual Joe Reynolds Memorial B-B Bronc Bustin' and Barrel Burnin' Rodeo. It will be Sept. 14-15, 6 p.m., with a calcutta the night before. It's a World Class Bucking Horse Futurity event, so expect some great bucking horses, plus a wonderful family friendly event. Entries are open Sept. 6, 9 a.m. To 9 p.m. by calling 406-291-4085.

The 10th Annual Neil Hermanson Memorial Ranch Rodeo and calcutta will be Friday, Sept. 7, 6 p.m. at the fairgrounds in Sidney, Mont. They're taking 10 five person teams and there are still a few openings as of this writing. Call 701-481-2885 to enter.

The Cowboy States Reining Horse Association will be having their Sheridan Fun Day Sept. 8, 9 a.m., at the Sheridan College Agri-park, Sheridan Wyo. There will be ranch riding classes for open, novice and youth, plus reining classes for all levels. Entry forms and a show schedule can be found at http://www.cowboystatesreiners.com.

There will be a reined cow horse clinic Sept. 14-16 at Kirk Hall Performance Horses, Edgemont, S.D. Cost is $200/day or all three days for $450. Lunch is provided and stalls/pens are available. Suitable for all levels, they will have fresh cattle ass well. Call 605-431-3607 for info.

The Dakota Western Heritage Festival will be Sept. 14-16 at the Expo Center, Ft. Pierre, S.D. There will be cowboy poetry and music (featuring Trinity Seely), a wagon train, trail rides, historical displays, wagons, western artisans, demonstrations and western vendors. Find them on Facebook for further details!

There will be some excitement in Killdeer, N.D. On Sept. 16 when they have the Buck Wild Ranch Broncs and Bull Roping at the fairgrounds. The bull roping is a three person team event, head and heel and mark the bull and will have mature bulls, so bring your big horses. Ranch broncs is $75, bull roping $150/team. There's added money and great prizes and will have a top horse award too. Call Tanner Olson at 701-495-3837 or Austin Buehner at 701-260-3973 to enter.

You'll be wanting to get organized if you're going to go to the Champion of Champions Indian Relay Races Finals in Walla Walla, Wash., on Sept. 21-23. For info call 605-381-0823 or 406-370-8470. Believe me, folks, it's worth the drive!

Well, that's a wrap for another week. Have a good week and stay safe.

Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Betty Smeenk, John Teigen update, Newell Labor Day weekend events

I went to a funeral today for a lifelong friend. I don't ever remember not knowing Betty Smeenk. She and Jack were friends of my folks and everyone I knew at the time. I grew up knowing her kids and they've all been lifelong friends as well. Betty was such a lovely woman. As a child I thought she was maybe the most beautiful lady I had ever seen and was awed by her. Even working on the ranch or at a rodeo, Betty always looks classy and purely a lady. She always had time to visit with a little girl and called me Janny, as many do who have known me longer than I've known them. Though I saw her ride many good horses over the years, when I think of her I see her on the gorgeous palomino "Bar" and I suppose I always will. Last fall I had occasion to give her daughter Elaine a ride out to the ranch and I had such a nice visit with Betty. I thought for sure I'd get or make the time to go back so we could spend more time looking at her albums and pictures. We always think there's more time. There isn't now. I'm sure glad I had that day though. I think it was a gift that I'll always treasure. I got to hug and visit with her kids and many of her grandkids after the service. I again offer my condolences. We celebrated a life well and fully lived today.

John Teigan, Belle Fourche, S.D. roper and good feller, has had a rough summer. He has one of those every so many years, though I don't know why he'd want to. In June he had a horse wreck at a roping in Nevada and ended up with six broken ribs and a compound fracture of his lower leg. They did surgery then and put plates and pins in to hold the bone together so it could heal. Recently, though, it was found to not be healing and there was an infection in the bone. He and Sharlet went to University of Colorado Health at Aurora to see doctors there and they removed the hardware and tested the infection to determine what antibiotics to use. He's had two surgeries so far and is now in an X-fixator that holds his leg stable. He will be there for quite a while yet and will have more surgeries to remove any other bone that is a problem. He'll eventually have a bone graft and then a skin graft surgery. He isn't facing an amputation though, so that is good news. John is tougher than a boot, but this is wearing on him from the boredom factor. If you have his number, call or text him. If you want to send a card or note, his address is: John Teigen, c/o UCHealth Anschutz Pavilion, Room 862, 12605 E. 16th Ave, Aurora, CO 80045. Sharlet thanks for your prayers too. They are much needed for both of them.

Newell, S.D. is having quite a long Labor Day weekend celebration with some new events. On Friday, Aug. 31, there will be the popular Newell Ranch Rodeo. Calcutta at 3 p.m., rodeo at 4. Each team will have one woman, one kid under 14, one senior over 50, one hand of any description, and one mutton buster under 60 pounds. They're taking the first 10 entries and it's $100/team. Aug. 24 is the deadline to enter and you need to call Denna Lindsay at 432-208-4261 to do so.

Sept. 1 is the date for the 1st Annual Newell Bucking Horse Futurity at 2 p.m. It's sanctioned with the World Futurity Association so top contractors can be expected. There's $1,500 added for the contractors and the same for the contestants. Stock contractors can register on-line at http://www.worldfuturity.com Contestants can enter by calling Matt Mangis at 605-415-3462 or Cleve Schmidt at 605-430-7319. If you haven't been to a bucking horse futurity, you've been missing out on a great event. This one should be a dandy!

Continuing the big weekend, on Sunday, Sept. 2, there's the Coy Price Memorial Roping. You can enter at 9 a.m., breakaway is at 10, high school team roping at 11 and the open to follow. For info call J.D. Mutchler at 605-490-0343.

The big rodeo is on Monday of course! The day starts with a parade downtown, plus many activities all over town and at the park. The rodeo starts at 1 p.m. and will have all the classic rodeo events, including peewee barrels, calf and sheep riding, and of course, the World Championship Sheep Teepeeing. There's no other rodeo quite like Newell Labor Day! I'll probably see you there!

Well, that wraps up my circle for this week. I hope your haying is going well and that you're enjoying this fast passing summer.