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Calendar of Events

Lone Tree Red Angus Bull Sale

Ravenscroft Red Angus Annual Bull Sale

Foxhoven Angus Bull Sale

Circle L Angus Bull Sale

Hart Angus Farms Sale

Deep Creek Angus Ranch Bull Sale

Landmark Angus Bull Sale

Frese Angus Sale

JC Heiken Angus & Sons bull sale

Rock Creek Livestock Bull Sale

Larson XL Simmental sale

C Diamond Simmentals Production Sale

TC Ranch Bull Sale

Stortz/Gibbs Angus Bull Sale

Mt. Rushmore Angus Annual Bull Sale

Symens Bros. Limousin Production Sale

Moore Angus Bull Sale

Plateau Gelbvieh Annual Bull Sale

VanDyke Angus Bull Sale

Peckenpaugh Angus bull sale

Gant Polled Herefords Sale

Skinner Ranch Seedstock sale

Sprunk Angus/Erdman Angus Bull Sale

Wieckorek Limousin Bull Sale

Kretchman Angus Annual Bull Sale

Roberts Angus Bull Sale

Johnson-Rose Angus Bull Sale

Bush Angus Sale at the Farm

Spring Valley Angus

Harrel Hereford Ranch Production Sale

Gateway Genetics Bull Sale

Arrowsmith Red Angus Bull Sale

Styles Angus Bull Bull Sale

Hojer Ranch Annual Gelbvieh & Balancer Production Sale

Campbell Red Angus Bull Sale at Mobridge Livestock

Kester Herefords Bull Sale

Doll Ranch Charolais & Simmental bull sale

Ridl Angus Farms Dickinson ND Sale

Warner Beef Genetics “Genetic Investment” Bull Sale

Apex Angus Bull Sale

Macholan Angus Sale

Bruns Angus Farm Bull Sale

Pederson Broken Heart Ranch Red Angus Production Sale

Gaaskjolen Gelbvieh Ranch sale

Hall Ranch Angus Production Sale

Ox Bow Ranch Angus Bull Sale

Bieber Red Angus “Bieber Fever” sale

DeJong Ranch Annual Bull Sale

Pokorny Red Angus Sale

Keyes Angus Production Sale

Split Diamond Ranch Angus Bull Sale

Eichacker Simmental

Chimney Butte Ranch Annual Production Sale

Sandmeier Charolais Annual Bull Sale

Diamond Peak Cattle Co Bull Sale

Reminisce Angus Bull Sale

Bussmuss Angus Production Sale

Thorstenson Gelbvieh & Angus sale

Keller Broken Heart Simmental Bull sale

Lucky 7 Angus Bull Sale

Mason Angus & SimAngus Bull Sale

RBM Livesock sale

4M Angus Sale

Schauer Angus Ranch Bull Sale

Niobrara Red Angus Bull Sale

Tegtmeier Polled Hereford Production Sale

Nichols & Sons Bull Sale

Feist Gelbvieh bull sale

MacDonald Ranches Salers and Optimiser Bull sale

Trask & Peterson Angus Bull Sale

James Angus Ranch Sale

Veltkamp Angus Bull Sale

Cooper Hereford Ranch Bull Sale

Heart River Red Angus & Open A Angus bull sale

TC Reds/Weber Land & Cattle “Red Connection” Bull Sale

Beck Angus Sale

Sitz Angus Spring Bull Sale

Ravine Creek Ranch Herefords Bull Sale

Wilkinson Farms Simmental Bull Sale

Evenson Angus Bull sale

Mogck Angus Farm Annual Production Sale

Kearns Cattle Co. Annual Bull Sale

Fritz Red Angus Production Sale

Scherbenske Angus Ranch Bull and Female Sale

Leland Red Angus Annual Productin Sale

Brookhouser T – Bone Angus Bull Sale

Huefle Cattle Co. Red Angus Bull Sale

SW Nebraska Angus Assn. Sale

Lensegrav Hybrid Angus Bull Sale

Fast Angus/Strommen Angus Dohrmann Cattle Co. sale

ZumBrunnen Angus Bull Sale

I-29 Bull Run Hereford Sale

Lienetics Ranch Bull Sale

E D Angus Bull Sale

Hanneken Angus Bull Sale

Flatwater Gang Red Angus bull sale

Baxter Angus Farm Bull Sale

TLC Angus Bull sale

Sun River Reds Red Angus Bull Sale

Westwind Genetics Angus Bull Sale

Nelson Red Angus Bull Sale

Quirck Land & Cattle Co. Sale

Bartels Angus Bull Sale

Blevins Angus Ranch Production Sale

Green Mountain Red Angus bull sale

Wagonhammer Ranches Production Sale

Ernst Herefords Bull Sale

Stevenson Angus Bull Sale

Klompien Red Angus Bull Sale

Wagner Charolais Sale

DBL Angus Bull Sale

Vaughn Farms Limousin Bull Sale

Kicking Horse Ranch Annual Production Sale

Malek Angus Ranch

Benoit Angus Bull Sale

3C Christensen Ranch Production Sale

TD Angus Bull Sale at Rishel Ranch

Montana Performance Bull Co-op/Basin Angus Ranch sale

Mushrush Ranches Red Angus Bull Sale

Roth Angus sale at Mitchell Livestock

White Angus Ranch & Raymond Lee Angus Bull Sale

Fred Ranch Charolais Bull & Heifer Sale

Milk Creek Reds Red Angus Sale

Gardel’s Angus Bull Sale

J & J Sonstebo Angus Bull Sale


Hager Cattle Co. Limousin Bull Sale

Freouf Angus Sale

Arrow One Angus Bull Sale

Cole Creek Angus Bull Sale

Larson Ranch Angus sale

Slovek Ranch Angus & Angus Plus Bull Sale

Hall Stock Farm Bull Sale

Frenzen Polled Herefords Production Sale

Top Gun Cattle Co. Bull Sale

Schmidt Angus Ranch Bull Sale

Randy Schmidt Charolais Bull Sale

McCumber Angus Ranch sale

Rossow Angus Ranch sale

NJW Polled Herefords Bull Sale

Nebraska Angus Bull Test Sale

L Bar L Angus Bull Sale

Schuler Red Angus Production sale

Lau Angus Sale

Glasoe Angus Ranch sale

Vermilion Ranch Commercial Female Sale

Haugen/Josephson Angus Bull Sale

Schurrtop Angus & Charolais Bull Sale

Lisco Angus/M Diamond Angus Bull Sale

Tom Varilek Angus sale

Wilson Ranch bull sale

Geyer Cattle Co. Annual Bull Sale

Lehrkamp Livestock bull sale

Connealy Angus Ranch Bull Sale

Sinclair Cattle Company Bull Sale

Lund’s B Bar Angus Bull Sale

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch bull sale

Miller Angus Farms Annual Bull Sale

NEW DATE Axtell Cattle Co. Sale

Littau Angus Ranch Bull Sale

NEW DATE Flesch Angus Bull Sale

Nissen Angus Bull Sale

Schelske Angus sale

Huckfeldt/Turner Angus Bull Sale

Sourthard Ranches Bull Sale

A & B Cattle Co. Bull Sale

Bar 69 Angus Ranch Production Sale

Midland Bull Test Gelbvieh Sale

Arntzen Angus Bull Sale

Fox Angus Farms sale

Midland Bull Test Angus Sale

SDSU Annual Bull Sale

Pieper Red Angus Spring Bull Sale

Spring Lake Angus Sale

Kammerer Livestock, CK Bar Ranch, Lambert Family Bull Sale

Gardiner Angus Ranch Sale

RLV Gelbvieh Bull Sale

Brooks Chalky Butte Angus Ranch sale

Reisig Cattle Company Bull Sale

Hould Angus Bull Sale

Albrecht Angus Bull Sale

Hassebrook Charolais Bull Sale

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