2015 AQHA Annual Report

The American Quarter Horse Association, March 23, 2016 – The American Quarter Horse Association has released the 2015 AQHA Annual Report, and it is available to download at The annual report contains complete statistics for AQHA membership, horse registrations and transfers, show and race statistics, and more.

“AQHA’s Annual Report dives into the Association’s functions, goals and how we operate as a business dedicated to serving our members in the best way possible,” said AQHA Executive Vice President Craig Huffhines. “I encourage all AQHA members to read through the 2015 AQHA Annual Report for a statistical look at our Association.”

Also in the report, 2015-16 AQHA President Dr. Glenn Blodgett explains the priorities he focused on in 2015. He discusses a new chapter for AQHA with the restructuring of the Association’s management; one of AQHA’s utmost priorities, animal welfare and continuing to put our horse first; remaining fiscally responsible as an organization; an update on the cloning lawsuit; and moving forward as an association.

“This past year was a memorable milestone for the American Quarter Horse Association,” Dr. Blodgett said. “AQHA celebrated its 75th anniversary, and it was a goal during my presidency to learn from the past 75 years and take the necessary steps to ensure our Association will continue to flourish in the future.”

Included in the AQHA Annual Report are the top 10 membership states/provinces/countries in 2015:

Texas – 37,279

California – 15,493

Oklahoma – 12,006

Ohio – 7,648

Colorado – 6,977

Alberta – 6,637

Florida – 6,468

Germany – 6,278

Missouri – 6,175

Kansas – 5,214

View the 2015 AQHA Annual Report at or download the executive summary for a quick overview.