AQHA fees to go up in 2018 |

AQHA fees to go up in 2018

The AQHA has increased several of their fees, including membership, genetic testing, and embryo transfer fees, beginning January 1, 2018. Photo courtesy AQHA

The American Quarter Horse Association has announced that membership and other fees for the 2018 year will increase.

In a letter written by the AQHA’s Executive Vice President Craig Huffhines and posted on the AQHA’s website October 13, Huffhines explained that each year the Association’s budget is reviewed and changes are made “to maintain a strong financial position to support the future of our great Association,” he wrote.

In past years, Huffhines said that investment earnings had been used as supplemental income for the AQHA, to keep fees low, but now “we have arrived at a point where the Association’s fees need to reflect the Association’s services provided to our members, and we must continue to be a financially healthy Association with at least a half of a year to a full year budget in reserves.”

Membership fees are one of many that will increase next year, going up from $45 to $55 for a twelve-month membership, and from $105 to $140 for a thirty-six month membership.

The people who will feel the increase the most will be the breeders; genetic testing, stallion breeding reports, embryo transfer enrollment, and breeding permits have all increased. The biggest jumps are in the filing fee per stallion (from $25 in 2017 to $50 in ’18), and the embryo transfer enrollment, from $100 for an annual enrollment in 2017 to double that in 2018.

Leases have also increased; the breeding lease was at $20 for this year and will be $100 for 2018. Showing leases for amateur and youth will go from $30 to $100 next year.

Non-member fees have gone up as well, in the same categories as the member increases. Benefits to membership in the AQHA include ten issues of the magazine America’s Horse, an official AQHA membership card, access to AQHA programs and direct access to members-only discounts provided by Ford, SmartPak, John Deere, and others.

The complete list of fees that will go up in 2018 are: registration, genetic testing, stallion breeding report, certificate, embryo transfer enrollment, breeding permit, lease, rush and show approval fees. The increased fees can be found at this link:

The AQHA acknowledges that the increase will affect members, but Huffhines gives assurance: “we kept fees as low as possible in order to be cost effective for our members, provide members with the best services available, and help our great Association stay financially strong, not only for today, but for years to come.”

The AQHA has more than 250,000 members world-wide.