AQHA honors horse associations with achievement awards |

AQHA honors horse associations with achievement awards

The American Quarter Horse Association named three winners of the 2016 Bank of America Affiliate Achievement Awards: the Empire State, Minnesota and South Dakota Quarter Horse associations. These affiliates were recognized for their efforts in promoting the American Quarter Horse at the grassroots level. Each affiliate received a $10,000 grant.

To ensure the growth of the American Quarter Horse industry, resources must be directed toward innovative projects and ideas that encourage new people to become involved with horse activities. The AQHA Affiliate Achievement Award recognizes affiliates for these innovations.

The award winners were selected based on how well the affiliate’s ideas fit into AQHA’s goals:

Create opportunities for horse owners

Bring new people into the industry

Increase memberships

Promote registrations or transfers of ownership

Protect the integrity and/or welfare of the breed

Enhance youth development

AQHA affiliates were divided into three divisions, which were based on the 2015 registered American Quarter Horse population, so affiliates were competing against other affiliates of similar size.

”AQHA would not be the Association we are today or the world’s most popular breed without our members and affiliates,” said AQHA Executive Vice President Craig Huffhines. “The efforts of the affiliates do not go unrecognized, and on behalf of AQHA, thank you for all you do for AQHA and the American Quarter Horse.”

The Division I recipient of the Affiliate Achievement Award is the Empire State Quarter Horse Association. ESQHA is starting a youth outreach initiative with the ESQHA Fall Show Collegiate Showdown and associated events. The purpose of the event is to inform all New York state college equestrian teams, aspiring students and local horsemen about opportunities within the horse world.

The Division II award recipient is the Minnesota Quarter Horse Association. MQHA is conducting a 4-H boot camp June 14-17. The camp consists of three days of instruction, networking and fun; utilizing the time and talents of top Minnesota Quarter Horse trainers, judges and AQHA Professional Horsemen.

The Division III recipient is the South Dakota Quarter Horse Association. SDQHA is promoting ranching heritage by hosting a Zoetis AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge on June 11 in conjunction with the Central State Fair Summer Horse Sale. The purpose of this event is to increase demand for South Dakota-bred ranch horses.

To view a list of AQHA’s state, provincial and international affiliates, visit


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