AQHA Stallion nomination deadline extended |

AQHA Stallion nomination deadline extended

The deadline to nominate stallions for the 2015 breeding season to the American Quarter Horse Association Incentive Fund has been extended without penalty to Jan. 31, 2015. Stallion owners planning to breed during the 2015 season can complete an Incentive Fund stallion nomination form and submit it to AQHA with the appropriate fees. The fees to nominate are based on the number of mares listed on the previous year’s stallion breeding report.

“The Incentive Fund remains the industry’s richest incentive program, rewarding the broadest group of individuals – from stallion owners to foal nominators to owners and exhibitors,” said AQHA Executive Vice President Don Treadway Jr. “We are focusing on ways to improve the Incentive Fund and one of the key recommendations was to reach out to stallion owners and offer them more time to nominate their stallions. Other improvements to the program are expected to be announced over the next 12 to 24 months.”

In addition to the stallion nomination extension, a task force working with the AQHA Show Council recommended implementing a point cap – to be determined – that will focus on increasing the dollar per point value. The task force reached out to members who indicated they would support a cap if dollar values were the focus. That change will be implemented for the 2015 show season which will be paid out in 2016.

The AQHA Incentive Fund is a multimillion-dollar program involving stallion and foal nominations with pay backs to the stallion nominators, foal nominators and owners of the competing horses who purchase annual competition licenses.

The Incentive Fund utilizes the most familiar and proven concept in the American Quarter Horse show industry – points won at AQHA-approved shows. Each point earned at an AQHA-approved show in the open and/or amateur division by an Incentive Fund nominated horse is worth a specific amount. The owner of the Incentive Fund-nominated horse with a completed competition license receives a check for 70 percent of the horse’s earnings. The nominator of the horse receives 15 percent of the horse’s earnings and the horse’s sire nominator receives 15 percent. One hundred percent of license fees are paid back to owners and help bolster their payouts.

To learn more about the industry’s richest incentive program, visit or call AQHA’s customer service department at 806-376-4811.

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