BHSS® Charolais Sale |

BHSS® Charolais Sale

Date: Jan. 30, 2018

Location: Civic Center, Rapid City, South Dakota



34 bulls – $5051

4 heifers – $4,388

Top bulls

• $25,000, TR CC MR Outsider 7974E ET sold by Thomas Ranch/Troy Thomas, purchased by Jerry Vaughn, Derby, Kansas

• $13,500, BRCHE Raising Cane 7501, sold by Bertsche Cattle, purchased by Cheyenne Charolais, Wasta, South Dakota

• $7,500, MJ MR Turtion 703, sold by Megan Johnson, Purchased by Cheyenne Charolais

• $6,750, WF Premium 738 PLD, sold by Wakefield Farms

• $6,250, OCR Magnum E129, sold by Odden Charolais, purchased by Zack and Joy Kinsey, Bowman, North Dakota

• $6,000, OC Mr. Canadian Club E001 PLD, sold by Odden Cattle/Adam Odden, purchased by Jerry Martchinske, Faulton, South Dakota

• $6,000, LaFraise Velocity 966B ET, sold by LaFraise Farms, purchased by Minow Ranch, Inc., Olive, Montana.

Top heifer

• $6,750, TR MS 100 Proof 7608E, sold by Thomas Ranch, Troy Thomas, purchased by Levi Black, Ree Heights, South Dakota

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