Calf ropers reach settlement with RFD-TV |

Calf ropers reach settlement with RFD-TV

Tuf Cooper and fellow roper Timber Moore settled in a lawsuit filed by RFD-TV after it was discovered that the two intentionally lost the tie-down roping in the 2015 American rodeo in order for another contestant to win some of the $1 million sidepot and share it with them. Here Cooper ropes in a past Wrangler National Finals. Photo by Dan Hubbell

The lawsuit from August regarding RFD-TV and calf ropers Tuf Cooper and Timber Moore has been dismissed this week as settlements were reached, though details were not released.

According to the Star-Telegram, Cooper and Moore hatched a plan at RFD-TV’s The American in 2015 to throw the calf-roping competition. Because they were invitees and not qualifiers, they were ineligible to win the $1 million side pot. Reimer, a qualifier, was eligible for the big pot. The three would then the portion or all of the million won by Reimer.

The plan backfired when Cooper attempted to draw in Cole Bailey, a qualifier and finalist, who declined the offer and turned in Cooper, Moore, and Reimer.

“Hey Cole, do you want to talk some business?” Cooper asked, an affidavit from Bailey says. “You know, I’ve talked to Timber. You know we can all leave here with money,” according to the Star-Telegram.

Cooper continued, according to the affidavit, by saying to Bailey, “You know, you and Reese rope first and then me and Moore. After y’all rope, we’ll know what to do. Timber and me let you or Reese win, one of you two wins the rodeo, and then we can just all split the money.”

The plan was for Bailey or Reimer to win $100,00 for the individual roping event, then the million, or a portion thereof, was to be split amongst the four ropers.

Reimer won the tie-down roping and Taylor Price, a bronc rider, won his respective sport, so the two split the $1 million bonus.

Reimer individually sued RFD-TV for stopping payment on his winnings of $517,000 after the agriculture network caught wind of the scheme four days after the event.

This was dismissed on settlement as well, though it is unclear how the lawsuits were resolved, said the story.

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