Behind the Chutes: Jhett Hadley |

Behind the Chutes: Jhett Hadley

Jhett has appreciated all of the help and advice his dad has shared with him through the years. Photo courtesy Jhett Hadley

Age: 16

Family: Dad Tom, Mom Marina, Brother T.C.

Hometown: Wheatland, Wyo.

School: Wheatland High School

Rodeo events: Team roping and calf roping

What is your future in the sport of rodeo? To college rodeo and then maybe pro rodeo.

What is your ultimate goal as you continue competing in rodeos? To win a national title heeling.

Favorite aspect of rodeo: There is no sport like rodeo. You can go to every other event in the world and there is not one like rodeo. The people you meet at rodeos are great. Even though you are competing and trying to beat each other you are still friends and if you need something or some help you can always find someone to help you out.

Best rodeo memory: Going to nationals this summer, the rodeo was fun and I had a great time with my friends. It is cool to back in the box in that set up with that much on the line. There is a huge crowd there and you know that you are competing against the best in the nation and it is a rush to have that chance.

Notable achievements in the sport: Heeling at the 2013 National High School Finals.

Tell us about your horses: I have two rodeo horses that I haul Dash and Pecos. Pecos is a 9-year-old palomino Quarter Horse we raised and trained. He is a nice horse and I think it’s great that I get to ride him. This summer Pecos got bit by a rattlesnake a week before the state finals and was out for 30 days.

Dash is a 16-year-old sorrel we bought last year. When I first saddle Dash he is really sensitive about the cinches – almost like he is ticklish. Dash is a wicked calf horse and really fun to ride. I love both these horses and am very thankful and blessed to have them.

Have you attended any rodeo schools? If so, which ones? I’ve gone to a few schools. One I really like is the Troy Pruitt calf roping school. He has it at Zeke Grifith’s house and it’s a great school. I like it because both of those guys know a lot about roping calves and are good teachers. Zeke also has a lot of good calves and we get to rope a lot.

Role models/mentors: My biggest mentors are my mom and dad. They always help me anyway that they can. They help me practice and are my biggest fans. My dad is my coach and helps me with my calf roping and heeling. He knows a lot about it and is a very good teacher.

Another role model of mine is Mike Christinck. He helps me with my heeling and is a great guy. When Pecos got bit before the finals, he had me riding his horse the next day to try him. He also allowed me to ride him at the state finals, which was a great deal.

What do you like to do when you’re not competing? When I’m not competing I like to rope at home and I rope almost everyday. I also play basketball and lettered last year as a sophomore.

What’s playing on your iPod/radio? I’ll listen to pretty much anything. I like to listen to music that gets me pumped up before I compete.