Black Hills Ranch Rodeo Results |

Black Hills Ranch Rodeo Results

Second Place - Wilson Cattle, Team 7, (may not be pictured according to this order) Rodney Wilson, Canyon, Texas, Matt Cramblet, Canyon, Texas, Jace Crabb, Magnum, Oklahoma, Clay Paige, Canyon, Texas. Photo by Bree Poppe

The BHSS Ranch Rodeo was a big success Tuesday night, Feb. 3, 2015, at the Event Center on the Central States Fairgrounds.

Results are as follows:

1st – Graff Ranch – Team 41

2nd – Wilson Ranch – Team 7

3rd – Creative Broadcasting Services- Team 36

4th – Circle B Livestock- Team 46

Top Hand – Jake Poppe, Draggin’ 3 Performance Horses

Top Horse – Sage Haythorne, Sandhills Ranchers

–staff report

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