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Buffalo County, Nebraska, hosts draft horse show

Deanna Licking
for Tri-State Livestock News
Larry Jurjen of Farnum, Nebraska with Jackson and Jefferson his team of Percherons mules in the log skid race. Five events comprised this show; three driving classes, a feed team race and a log skid.
Deanna.Licking |

13 teams of draft horses and mules arrived early July 29 at the Buffalo County Fair Grounds in Kearney, Nebraska. The morning was cool and cloudy and thanks to recent rain, the dust was settled in the outdoor area as the teams competed in the fourth annual draft horse show. Five events comprised the show including women’s and men’s driving, youth driving, a feed team race and a log skid. The driving classes were judged on team performance and driving ability and the other two were timed events. The feed team race was run two teams at a time as they raced to load and unload bales of hay. The log skid was also a race as the team pulled a log through a course with time being added for breaking the pattern. The teams also collected points for each event with a high point team winning a trophy.

Bryan Holen and Dick Pierce were the show superintendents. They have been the driving force behind the event itself. Shows like this give teamsters a chance to take their teams to town and have a little fun. The fair pays a little gas money to all drivers and has prize money as well. Bob Haag announced the show and Terry Pierce of Oakland, Iowa was the show judge and is the draft horse superintendent at the Nebraska State Fair, he hopes more of these farm teams will come to Grand Island the end of August for the Farm Team Show there.

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