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Buster McLaury clinic at Red Owl

Jan Swan Wood
for Tri-State Livestock News
On the fourth day of the clinic, the participants rode outside on their horses. Jennifer Garreau of Buffalo, SD, Jim Sheridan from Faith, SD, Ted Butler of Buffalo, SD, David Rodriquez of Faith, SD/Peru, Tee Ridley from St. Onge, SD, Dalton Sheridan from Faith, SD, clinicians Buster and Sheryl McLaury, Paducah, TX, and Brad Andrews of Red Owl, SD. Photo by Beca Andrews

Beautiful weather, great location and facilities, nice horses, and people ready and willing to learn, all combined to make the annual, four day Buster McLaury clinic a success.

Held Aug. 9-12, at Brad and Beca Andrews place north of Red Owl, SD, it featured both colt starting and horsemanship clinics instructed by Buster McLaury from Paducah, TX.

Born and raised on the historic Four Sixes (6666) ranch at Guthrie, TX, McLaury has been a cowboy his entire life. A visit to the 6666 ranch by the great horseman, Ray Hunt, changed McLaury’s whole perspective on “breaking” horses in the early 1980s. Hunt’s ideas and ability impressed McLaury and led him to change his way of working with and understanding horses. McLaury decided that he wanted to help other people learn as he had a learned.

For over 13 years, McLaury and Sheryl have traveled all over the nation instructing clinics to help people work with their horses more effectively and thereby improving life for the horse. McLaury has a great talent for connecting to riders of all skill levels and getting his message across clearly. Besides instructing clinics, McLaury starts colts for many ranches and breeding farms every year. His extensive experience working with horses of different types and dispositions provides him with great insight on how to approach a horse as an individual.

Not into self-promotion, McLaury is a humble man who keeps a fairly low profile. He doesn’t seek the spotlight for himself. His sense of humor and good stories make the clinics fun for everyone, whether participating or simply watching the clinic from the side.

Seven people participated in the colt starting clinic and five in the horsemanship part. Those attending with young horses in the colt clinic were Ted Butler from Buffalo, SD, Adam Karrels from Sturgis, SD, Jennifer Garreau from Buffalo, SD, David Z. Rodriquez, Faith, SD/Peru, Tee Ridley from St. Onge, SD, and Jim and Dalton Sheridan from Faith, SD. The five participants in the horsemanship clinic included; Brad and Beca Andrews of Red Owl, SD, Callen Brink from Union Center, SD, Mary Fredericks of New Town, ND, and JoDee Lochner from Anery, WI.

All of the participants expressed how much they enjoyed the clinic and felt like they had learned a lot and had more to offer their horses. Those with colts were confident that they could go on riding their colts with the great foundation they built during the clinic.

One unique aspect of this clinic was that it was partially bi-lingual. Because David Rodriquez, a native of Peru, isn’t fluent in English and McLaury can speak, what he calls, “ranch Mexican,” he was able explain in both languages to include everyone who attended his clinic.

The annual clinic is a fine opportunity to learn from one of the great horsemen of today, and put a solid foundation on a colt or fine-tune a horse in the horsemanship side of the clinic. They are planning on holding another next year for anyone interested in participating with a horse or for those who just want to watch and listen. F