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Take it to the bank: Wall, South Dakota sophomore Cash Wilson claims two saddle bronc championships

Cash Wilson took home the bling from the National Little Britches rodeo in Guthrie, Oklahoma, earlier this month. The Wall, South Dakota, champion saddle bronc rider will head to Gillette, Wyoming to vie for the national high school title as well. Photo by Tracie Crawford

Area World Standings Placers:

JB Steer Bareback Riding

3. Lathan Demontigny - Rugby, ND

6. Billy Larson - Prairie City, SD

8. Tyler Villerreal - Ryder, ND

9. Brody Nelson - Minot, ND

JB Breakaway

5. Denton Good - Long Valley, SD

6. Jace Thorstenson - New Underwood, SD

JB Bulls

JB Flag Race

4. Jaxon Bowes - Brookings, SD

7. Trevor Hartshorn - Hermosa, SD

JB Goat Tying

4. Lan Fuhrer - Belle Fourche, SD

8. Cedar Gabriel - Quinn, SD

10. Drew Stroschein - Dell Rapids, SD

JB Broncs

3. Roady Marsh - Minatare, NE

8. Jack Rodenbaugh - Box Elder, SD

JG Barrels

1. Haiden Thompson - Lusk, WY

4. Tessa Caspers - New Underwood, SD

7. T Merrill - Wall, SD

10. Landry Haugen - Sturgis, SD

JG Breakaway

8. Haiden Thompson - Lusk, WY

JG Goats

1. Haiden Thompson - Lusk, WY

2. Jessica Stevens - Creighton, NE

4. Acelyn Brink - Newell, SD

10. Landry Haugen - Sturgis, SD

JG Poles

2. Ashlyn Goven - Rozet, WY

10. Tessa Caspers - New Underwood, SD

JG Trail Course

5. Haiden Thompson - Lusk, WY

6. Brylee Grubb - Spearfish, SD

10. Jessica Stevens - Creighton, NE

JR Ribbon Roping

JR Team Roping

LW Barrel Racing

1. Tiersyn Grubb - Spearfish, SD

5. Dylan Tharr - Douglas, WY

LW Flag Racing

5. Koby Bowden - Belle Fourche, SD

8. Hadley Thompson - Lusk, WY

LW Goat Untying

1. Hadley Thompson - Lusk, WY

7. Tiersyn Grubb - Spearfish, SD

LW Poles

1. Tiersyn Grubb - Spearfish, SD

5. Koby Bowden - Belle Fourche, SD

7. Hadley Thompson - Lusk, WY

SB Bareback

6. Thomas Davis - Osage, WY

SB Bulls

10. Hunter Thompson - Kadoka, SD

SB Broncs

1. Cash Wilson - Wall, SD

5. Dylan Schofield - Philip, SD

SB Steer Wrestling

6. Carson Good - Long Valley, SD

10. Teigen Marchant - Newcastle, WY

SB Tie-Down

5. Teigen Marchant - Newcastle, WY

6. Tanner Fite - Hermosa, SD

SG Barrels

4. Taylor Hanson - Belle Fourche, SD

7. Hannah Stroschien - Dell Rapids, SD

SG Breakaway

4. Maddee Doerr - Creighton, NE

6. Kassidy Caspers - New Underwood, SD

SG Goats

1. Jacey Thompson - Lusk, WY

5. Opal Harkins - Billings, MT

8. Meghan Corr - Hermosa, SD

9. Ashlee Kritenbrink - Buffalo Gap, SD

SG Poles

2. Taylor Hanson - Belle Fourche, SD

4. Hannah Stroschein - Dell Rapids, SD

7. Danica Hoppman - Laurel, MT

10. Marlene Woodward - Dupree, SD

SG Trail Course

6. Kelly McDaniel - Forsyth, MT

7. Jacey Thompson - Lusk, WY

Senior Ribbon Roping

3. Carson Good - Long Valley, SD & Marlene Woodward - Dupree, SD

4. Wynn Schaack - Wall, SD & Jessica Peterson - Rapid City, SD

9. Hunter Johnson - Kadoka, SD & Wyatt Tibbits - Hot Springs, SD

During the awards ceremony on July 9, the National Little Britches Rodeo Association made an error awarding prizes. Average prizes were accidentally awarded to athletes with the most points earned in an individual event, instead of being awarded to to athlete with the lowest aggregate time or highest aggregate score. All calculations were correct, but the average is supposed to be awarded based on a “true average,” instead of points. “The NLBRA is going to send buckles to the true average winners down to seven places, just like it was supposed to be done,” says board member, Sam Stoddard. The high-point winners who already received awards will be allowed to keep their prizes. All world champion prizes were given to the correct competitor.

Wall, S.D., cowboy Cash Wilson just finished his sophomore year of high school, and has already been crowned a world champion. The young saddle bronc rider won the National Little Britches Rodeo Association Finals at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Okla., last week.

He was also crowned the South Dakota State High School Rodeo Association champion bronc rider in mid-June, and was a part of the team that won the state trophy for the most accumulated points.

Cash comes from a rodeo family. His parents, Kevin and Ronda, along with his siblings, Ryder and Sierra, all participate in the sport. He’s also the nephew of stock contractor, Ron Wilson, and the great-nephew of South Dakota bronc riding greats, Mike and Pat Heathershaw. “He’s kind of helped me get started,” Cash says of Mike. He also credits current South Dakota professional bronc riders, Jade Blackwell and Louie Brunson, for their coaching throughout his young career. Wilson also participated in the two-day KC Longbrake Memorial roughstock school, where NFR qualifier, Cole Elshere, was a coach. Needless to say, Wilson has no shortage of access to rodeo wisdom.

Wilson isn’t the type to brag on himself. His state high school win didn’t much affect his nerves or his strategy in Guthrie, he said. “I just stayed on all three horses. You have to stay humble.”

South Dakota has always produced top-notch bronc riders, and many of the latest swath of young bronc riding talent can be found within a 70 mile radius, “We’re all friends,” Wilson says.

His buddy and fellow bronc rider, Dylan Schofield, of Philip, helps him to compete at his best. “You always do better if you have someone to compete with,” says Wilson. “The better he rides, the better you’re going to ride.” Schofield was twice the reserve Little Britches world champion and once the reserve National High School Finals bronc rider. He finished second behind Wilson at the state high school finals this year, and will compete alongside him at the National High School Finals Rodeo in Gillette next week. The two ride with cousins, Carter and Trey Elshere, who also go to Wall High School. “We have a bunch of practice horses with them,” Wilson says. Other young area bronc riders include Pedro Dennis of Philip, Tanner Williamson of Rapid City and Kolton Salonen of Gregory is a bit further away.

Wilson got his start by riding steers, saddle bronc-style, at junior high rodeos. Saddle bronc steer riding, a fairly new event in Junior High and Little Britches associations, is a great stepping stone for young, aspiring bronc riders, he said.“It makes a lot more people interested, instead of getting on a big horse,” Wilson said. He also participates in team roping and calf roping.

The well-rounded athlete is a two-time qualifier for the South Dakota state wrestling tournament, and is on the football team at Wall High School. He lifts weights with his football team three days a week in the summer, which helps keep him in shape for rodeo. His short-term goal is to land among the top four bronc riders at the national high school finals next week, and his long-term goal is to participate in college rodeo after he graduates. F

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