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The 2021 Mike Cervi Memorial Pro Classic relocated to Ranch Rio in Wickenburg, AZ.

While the venue may have changed, this year’s Cervi was packed with headlining talent as always. In addition to the enthusiastic fans in the stands, there were over 20,000 viewers of the Cervi as it debuted on Wrangler Network.

The high call team of Cody Snow and Jade Corkill roped their first 4 steers in 24.22, a Cervi record. They needed a 6.95 to win the big check. Focus and consistency came together and the flag dropped at 6.31.The Stephenville, TX pair lined their pockets with $34,492 in cash, and received Coats saddles, Gist buckles and coolers from Yeti.Cervi producer George Aros commented on the level of excellence required of pro team ropers these days. He said, “Corkill and Snow absolutely put on a textbook display of how to rope with speed and finesse. They did it on all 5 head and that’s what it takes to win a roping of this caliber. They stayed poised through the very end, despite the fact that a 6.95 would have been their longest run of the day.”

Derrick Begay, who recently retired from running full throttle on the rodeo trail, still loves a good challenge close to home. He had a lucrative week in Wickenburg having already won the Open WSTR Title Fights with Trey Yates for $15,080. In the Cervi he was partnered with 2018 BFI champion Cade Passig. They were the number two team in the short go with 24.89 on 4. A 6.29 on their last steer put the pressure on the last team, but it only held out for second earning them a check for $28,546.JR Dees and Douglas Rich came back at number 5. Their blistering 5.56 put them in the lead with 4 to go. Ultimately they finished 3rd in the average and won the short round for a total payout of $24,600.

Riley Minor and Hunter Koch ended the day with 32.18 on 5 which landed them in 4th for $16,650. Erich Rogers and Paden Brey, fresh off their NFR Average title, took 5th, adding $10,710 to their winnings. They had the second fastest short go time of 5.63 earning an additional $1,400.

Rhen Richard and Jaylen Eldridge were 6th for $5,948.The Cervi pays an Incentive of $5,000 plus Yeti coolers for the fastest #15 or lowerteam.

That honor went to James Arviso and Cashton Weidenbener with a 35.78 on 5 head.

Aros was thrilled to be able to relocate the Cervi rather than face cancellation. He commented, “When Ty Yost offered me his facility, I seized the opportunity. RanchoRio is certainly a premier roping venue, and the ability to run two arenas simultaneously moved the roping along at a fast pace.” Jumbo video screens allowed spectators to see all the stats and instant replays of the runs. Brandon Brown supplied the fresh steers, which is a hallmark of the Cervi, and Aros added, “I sure want to thank Cesar de la Cruz for his roll in ensuring the even quality of the cattle this year.”Another highlight of the Cervi is the Pro Am. Amateur headers and heelers donate $500 to rope with top pros who generously volunteer their time. The proceeds benefit the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund. There were 11 amateur headers and 13 amateur heelers running 3 full rounds. Go Round and Average winners received handsome Cervi ProAm Gist buckles along with embroidered Wrangler vests, a team photo and have bragging rights to last a lifetime. Amateur header Lowell Goold was paired up with Dakota Kirchenschlager and the team tallied 26.46 to win the Heading Average. Matt Sherwood set his amateur partner Rodney Topper up well to win the Heeling Average with 22.44 on 3 head. Sherwood and Kirchenschlager had their Cervi entry fees paid for their efforts.At the end of the day, the Cervi roping wrote a check for $18,800 to Justin CowboyCrisis Fund which assist athletes injured in professional rodeo. That amount brings the total raised by the Cervi to over $290,000.

Pro Am Heeler Avg Matt Sherwood and Rodney Topper. Photo courtesy Mike Cervi Memorial Pro Classic

–Mike Cervi Memorial Pro Classic

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