Chance Grill crowned World Champion in Oklahoma |

Chance Grill crowned World Champion in Oklahoma

Dianna Grill
for Tri-State Livestock News

Chance Grill, Ardmore, South Dakota and Aspyn Sagers, Utah, won the Senior Dally Ribbon Roping at the National Little Britches Rodeo in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Photo courtesy Chance Grill

Chance Grill, Ardmore, South Dakota, was among twelve hundred boys and girls from across the nation who qualified to compete at the National Little Britches Rodeo Finals held at the famous Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Chance made the finals in Calf Roping, the Team Roping with partner Jacey Thompson from Wyoming and entered the Dally Ribbon Roping with Aspyn Sagers from Utah. (Chance and Aspyn qualified separately with other partners and met up for the first time at the finals.)

The national finals consisted of two long go rounds and a short go. In the long go rounds, approximately one hundred contestants competed in both rounds taking almost a week to complete. The top twenty in each event were brought back for the short go on Sunday. In the calf roping Chance failed to qualify for the short go round. In round one of the team roping, Chance and Jacey placed seventeenth. In round two, they failed to have a time and didn’t qualify for the short go round.

In the dally ribbon roping, Chance and Aspyn looked like they had worked together before and ended with a second place win in round one. In round two, their game plan was to stay solid in the average and qualify for the short go. They accomplished this by placing eleventh in the round. Chance and Aspyn came into the short go sitting second in the average and needing a solid run to place in the average (top seven). Being conservative was not part of their short go game plan as Chance pushed the barrier hard and Aspyn stayed extremely aggressive on the ground. They finished the short go with a third place win. This meant that they had cinched the National Finals Average title. What they didn’t know at that time, but found out at the awards presentation, was that they had surpassed the leaders in the world and became the World Champions. Aspyn and Chance came home with three belt buckles, trophy spurs, a scholarship and the coveted World Championship saddle.