Christmas shopping ideas for the impossible person |

Christmas shopping ideas for the impossible person

Jaime Dean
for Tri-State Livestock News
K Bar J Leather of Newell, SD offers child-sized custom chaps and chinks. Courtesy photo

What do you get for the person on your list who is notoriously hard to shop for? I was thinking of this on Black Friday while sipping my hot coffee in my comfy chair, thanking myself that I never venture out into the day-after-thanksgiving-shopping-madness. The adults don’t need anymore clothes, no one in my life has the time to read an actual book, and if the kids get one more toy the house will collapse! My husband has the habit of buying whatever he thinks he needs, when he thinks he needs it, despite my disapproving looks, so what do I get? Here are a few ideas of unique gifts I’ve found for that difficult and stubborn person in your life:

Did you break your kids break your mother-in-law’s antique oil lamp while playing gladiators in the living room? Lehman’s of Kidron, OH, is the perfect place to find those elusive lamp parts, glass lamp shades, oil lamps and lamp oil. They also sell antique reproduction gas or electric stoves for those who have the urge to create a Victorian era kitchen in their home. Other items available are candle making supplies, books, simple wooden toys, and gardening supplies for the homesteader. They have cast iron cookware, enamelware, and hard to find copper kettles for the historically accurate chuck wagon. Leman’s offers a free mail order catalog as well as operates a retail store and discount outlet in Ohio, but shopping can be done through their website as well at They accept all major credit cards.

Looking for a unique gift for a cowboy or girl? Twist & Ties of Ronan, MT, offers beautifully handmade silk wild rags, as well as handmade rope baskets, and products made from antler. Cindy Forbes, owner/operator got started after she ordered a wild rag for her daughter. They were both disappointed by its poor quality and decided that Cindy could do better herself. So she did. Twist & Ties is as local as you can get, operating as a home business. She even donated several rags to a Montana National Guard unit overseas when they complained of biting sand fleas in their necks and dust in their eyes. The rags, camouflage of course, were a welcome relief! My favorite items are the 100% silk wild rags available in a variety of colors and pattern designs you cannot find anywhere in retail stores. Twist & Ties accepts Paypal, cash, or personal check, and can be reached through their Facebook page or their website

Another small business find I discovered was Boondocks Barnwood, of Dupree, SD. Available only through Facebook page of the same name, or in person, Mark builds picture frames, small tables, mirrors, and buckle holders out of weathered wood. He travels to local craft fairs to sell his wares, but will take custom orders. End tables with your personal brand inlaid in them is a popular item.

K Bar J Leather of Newell, SD, offers fine handmade leather products for the modern cowboy and the cowboy way of life. All tooling is done by hand, and each product is unique. They offer custom chaps and chinks, even children’s sizes for those little buckaroos. Also available are checkbook covers, day planners, bible covers, notebook covers and photo albums. These can be customized with a corporate logo or personal brand for awards or trophies. Kelly’s Cowgirl Classics is a line of purses, totes, pillows and accessories to brighten that special cowgirl’s day. For the young rodeo champ there are bridles, reins, and halters to outfit that all-around horse. The store is located on Girard Avenue in Newell, and they have a great website

And lastly, I came across a film that I fell in love with. I don’t normally promote movies but Disney Pixar’s Brave now available on DVD is a must have! Brave promotes a lesson not typical to other Disney fantasies. Set in medieval Scotland, Brave’s heroine Princess Merida defies her family’s tradition of arranged marriage and decides to choose her own fate. In the process she accidentally has a witch cast a spell that turns her mother, the Queen, into a bear. In order to reverse the spell, Merida has to repair the broken bonds within her family. Merida doesn’t wait around for Prince Charming to rescue her, or throw herself onto her bed to cry. Merida has no magic fairy godmother to set all things right. She grabs her horse, bow and arrows and goes out to battle for herself to set things right. Brave offers a wonderful message to young girls to go out and work/build their life for themselves! The animation is spectacular, looking almost lifelike. The cast and musical score are all authentically Scottish, and there is enough slapstick humor to entertain the whole family.

As for myself, I don’t know what I’m going to get my hard to shop for husband this Christmas. Since he welds for a living and constantly complains about his back, I am thinking a gift certificate to the chiropractor would be a welcome idea, maybe a massage. Or since every pair of socks he owns seems to have a hole in it, so maybe Santa needs to hit the socks aisle at the farm store?