Clinton Anderson to be at Copper Spring Ranch

Clinton Anderson, the renowned Australian “Down Under” horseman, is presenting two programs at Copper Spring Ranch, Bozeman, MT, on Aug. 25 in conjunction with the Joe Foss Institute’s 2012 Stars in Service program.

The first session in the ranch’s indoor arena, at 12 p.m., is focusing on “Desensitizing Your Horse to Spooky Objects.” Working from the ground, Anderson plans on desensitizing the horse while implementing his highly regarded “approach and retreat’ techniques. Once the process is completed, scary objects are no longer something to dread, but instead an opportunity to advance the training process.

During the second session at 2 p.m., Anderson plans on starting with the do nots of loading a troublesome horse, before taking an uncooperative and disrespectful animal and transforming him into a willing, responsive traveling partner with his positive methods.

Anderson’s Down Under Horsemanship Method started when he was a young boy in his native Australia when he was put on his grandmother’s old Thoroughbred mare. Throughout his career, Anderson studied under many of the master horsemen to acquire the knowledge that has led to his current stature as an industry leader.

He is appearing at the Bozeman ranch in conjunction with the event that recognizes national heroes and public servants while also highlighting the need for greater civic education to prepare students to be active and responsible citizens. Tom Brokaw, the NBC broadcast journalist, best-selling author and JFI Advisory Board member, is the keynote speaker at the 5 p.m. dinner program.

Anderson has long history of working with service men and women, including his participation with the Old Guard in Virginia. He said sharing his knowledge with soldiers and veterans is a way to pay it forward.

Anderson also presents equine programs for returning war veterans, focusing on the rider-horse connection to heal both their bodies and spirits. In addition, he is involved in training the riderless horses used by the military at Arlington Cemetery.

“I have the highest degree of respect for our country’s military men and women who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freedoms we enjoy,” he explained. “Although I am a native Australian, one of the proudest moments in my life was when I earned my American Citizenship in 2006. I have a deep love and respect for this country that has grown considerably over the course of my career.”

Proceeds from this benefit program are being used to support JFI programs including teacher seminars, veterans inspiring patriotism classroom presentations, scholarships and the institute’s partnerships with the Bill of Rights Institute and Boy Scouts of America.

To attend both equestrian clinics for $50, contact 855.563.3677 to purchase tickets.

-Copper Spring Ranch