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Equine forum focuses on industry collaboration

Forum relies on industry input in order to gain progress within equine health. The Equine Diseases Forum, hosted by the National Institute for Animal Agriculture and the United State Animal Health Association, will bring together equine health experts, industry leaders and horse owners January 19-21, 2016 in Denver, Colo. at the DoubleTree by Hilton.

“The forum is designed to promote engagement between attendees and industry involvement is essential,” said Dr. Peter Timoney, veterinarian and professor at the Gluck Equine Research Center at the University of Kentucky.

This forum is the first of its kind and aims to bring people face-to-face to discuss the issues.

“There are a range of publications speaking on equine disease, however there is no substitute for real dialogue and being able to raise your hand and ask a question or voice a concern,” Timoney said. “Speakers at the forum will be there to facilitate that dialogue, and provide the backdrop of information for the attendees.”

The equine industry is shifting and how breeders, owners and health officials handle disease outbreaks will greatly determine the health of the horse and economics of the industry greatly.

“It’s a changing world,” Timoney said. “Technology is changing, the industry is changing, movement of horses and trade of equine products, as well as the ability of viruses to adapt, rapidly increases the spread of disease. Geographical restrictions no longer limit the spread of disease. Eradication isn’t a onetime fix anymore; there is always room for improvement.”

For more information or to register online go to AnimalAgriculture.org/equineforum or contact the NIAA by calling 719-538-8843 or emailing niaa@animalagriculture.org.

–National Institute for Animal Agriculture