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NWSS features some big names

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Denver’s National Western Stock Show and Rodeo has hosted some of the biggest names in ProRodeo since 1946. Winning big at Denver can set the pace for the rest of the year, as this was the 14th highest-paying rodeo of last year and it’s not unheard of for cowboys to leave with more than $10,000.

Cowboys have from Jan. 11-21 to win a piece of the prize money, but only the best make the arena record book.

All-around cowboy Chad Hagan won $14,382 between steer wrestling and tie-down roping in 1997.

Bareback rider Dusty LaValley set the Denver record in 2008 with his 91-point ride. The three-head average record was set by Tim O’Connell last year with 255.5 points.

Duane Foster mug FOR WEBSteer wrestler Duane Foster’s (pictured above and at left) 2.9-second run has been Denver’s fastest time since 1974. Hagan set the three-run average record in 1997 with 10.6 seconds, which Luke Branquinho matched in 2008.

Denver’s team roping record was set by Shain Sproul and Kinney Harrell in 2005 with their 3.7-second run. The three-run average record of 14.5 seconds was set by Nick Sartain and Rich Skelton in 2013.

Saddle bronc rider Dan Mortensen set the Denver record in 2003 with his 90-point ride, which Cody DeMoss matched in 2014. The three-head average record of 254.5 points was set by Audy Reed last year.

Tie-down roper Riley Pruitt set the Denver record in 2016 with his 6.9-second run. The three-run average record of 24.1 seconds was set by Justin Macha in 2011 and matched by Justin Maass in 2012.

Barrel racer Tammy Key holds the Denver record with her 14.69-second run in 2002.

Three bull riders share the Denver record of 94 points. The record was set by Aaron Semas in 1992, and then both Cory McFadden and Ryan Brown scored 94 points in 2003. The three-head average record of 268 points was set by Shane Proctor in 2011.


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