Frink Quarter Horses’ Boon To Cat turns heads |

Frink Quarter Horses’ Boon To Cat turns heads

by Amanda Radke
for Tri-State Livestock News
Boon To Cat is a cutting horse that received plenty of attention at the 2016 Black Hills Stock Show® Stallion Row. Courtesy photo.
Boon To Cat

At the 2016 Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo (BHSS), twenty-two elite stallions stood on display at the BHSS Stallion Row. Drawing in visitors from across the nation and Canada, these outstanding performers and top earners are the best of the best, and among those horses was Boon To Cat, owned by Frink Quarter Horses of Wall, South Dakota.

Travis and Amanda Frink have only been breeding American Quarter Horses for a short decade, but their first ten years in this highly competitive business already have people talking.

“I’m very impressed with the Frinks’ stud, Boon To Cat,” said Hope Hall, BHSS horse coordinator. “He’s extremely well-mannered and is bred to be a cutting horse. Last year at the Stallion Row, Boon To Cat was definitely a stallion that got a lot of attention.”

A son of Boonlight Dancer and WG Cubby Cat, the Frinks purchased Boon To Cat, also known as Hugh, as a two-year old in Rapid City.

“We never thought we would be able to afford Hugh, but we made it work and have had really good luck with him,” said Amanda Frink. “We just sold his oldest colt this summer as a two-year old at the Stock Show Sale. She’s now in cutting training and doing very well for her new owners. Being at the Stallion Row really helped promote Boon To Cat and get our name out there.”

“There is a great demand for cow horses, cutting horses and ranch horses in the area,” said Hall. “Stallion Row is a great opportunity for young up-and-comers like the Frinks to market their programs, promote their studs, network with seasoned breeders and find mentors to learn from.”

Looking back at their early years in the business, the Frinks first purchased a stud in Wisconsin, but because of an injury six months later, they only got one foal crop out of him before they had to go searching for another horse.

“Our second stud was a weanling, Bricks Playgun, from the Meyers in Glad Valley,” said Frink. “He was a grandson of Playgun. We raised him, and have had six outstanding foal crops out of him since. We sold one for $9,000 and another for $10,250 last year, so we are really pleased with this bloodline.”

Two years ago, Frink Quarter Horses acquired a stud, Dmac Salty Spoon, a son of He’s A Peptospoonful. Born at the McDavid Ranch, the Frinks brought Dmac home from Wyoming and put him to work on the ranch.

“This year, we had his first foal crop, and they are well-muscled and have outstanding dispositions,” said Frink. “These foals have been very easy to halter break and handle in general. They are great for our kids. Dmac is a very kind and laid back stallion.”

With seven colts on the ground and another 10 mares bred for this upcoming year, the Frinks are excited about the future and the genetics they will have to offer their customers.

“We have a mare bred to Smart Chic Olena, and we are really excited about that mating,” said Frink. “We also have a Felix The Cat coming up. We always try to breed one mare to an outside stud each year to try new genetics and add some new lines.”

Although young to the world of breeding Quarter Horses, both Travis and Amanda grew up around horses and share a passion for riding, training and studying pedigrees. Married for eleven years, the Frinks have four children, Ruth, Faith, Rhyden and Hope, who are also actively involved in working with the horses on a day-to-day basis.

“Travis works at Kjerstads Feedlot in Quinn, and he rides our sale horses every day,” said Frink. “The kids play with them, too, and since we use them ourselves, we expect them to perform and be kid-friendly. We have people call and request our broke horses because they are in such good shape after we’ve had them for awhile.”

Videos of the Frink kids working around the horses can be viewed on the business’ Facebook Page — Frink Quarter Horses.

“The kids want to be part of the training, and that makes my husband and I proud as peacocks,” said Frink. “We breed our horses to have good conformation, strong bloodlines and great dispositions. We would never have anything around that would compromise the safety of our four kids, and so to me, disposition means a lot. We use these horses in our daily lives, and we want horses that will perform for us and our customers, too. We love posting videos and photographs to show people what we have and how great our horses’ dispositions are.”

Frink Quarter Horses is always growing and changing, and in addition to broke two-year olds, they have colts and weanlings for sale. When Travis isn’t working at the feedlot, he focuses on training, breeding and the behind-the-scenes work. Meanwhile, Amanda recently quit her full-time job to focus on the day-to-day management, as well as the marketing and promotion of the horses.

“We’re focused on breeding cutting horses that make good ranch horses, too,” she said. “We’re taking this business one step at a time to what we can afford; we’ve worked hard for everything we’ve accomplished so far. We’re slowly taking little steps to improve our program, and it’s a fun and challenging business for us.”

Two years ago, the Frinks put up a house on 40 acres of land they purchased, and they have plans to build a larger riding barn to help advance their breeding program.

“Travis has a real knack for training horses, and I think a riding barn would really help us expand our program and what we could offer our customers,” Frink said. “We also strive to choose the best bloodlines we can, and we spend a lot of time researching the best crosses for our program.”

With the 2017 BHSS just around the corner, the Frinks are already looking forward to another year of networking and promoting their program.

“We are tightening up the number of studs we put on Stallion Row this year,” said Hall. “We want to make Stallion Row for the elite horses that are performing well, making money and moving the industry forward. Although we haven’t selected who will be featured on Stallion Row this upcoming year yet, it’s pretty safe to say Frink Quarter Horses will be among those elite.”

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