Get an expert coat color opinion from AQHA |

Get an expert coat color opinion from AQHA

Each Friday, join an AQHA equine color specialist on Facebook for a live coat-color chat.

AQHA Equine Color Specialist Lisa Covey answers questions every Friday on Facebook about the coloring of foals and Quarter Horse genetics.

American Quarter Horse foals are hitting the ground, and AQHA is excited to celebrate each and every one of them with you.

But what color are those foals?

The AQHA coat-color department understands that it’s hard to tell right off the bat. AQHA recommends waiting a month or two after birth before you determine your foal’s coat color. Go ahead and send in your foal’s registration papers as soon as possible (to avoid late fees), but leave the color choice blank. It’s free to update your foal’s color at a later date.

When you’re ready to determine your foal’s color, AQHA is here to help. We provide a free, live chat from 2 to 4 p.m. Central every Friday on Facebook. Simply post your photos and questions to the AQHA Facebook wall, and AQHA Equine Color Specialist Lisa Covey will provide speedy and friendly help.

Here are some tips for AQHA’s Friday Facebook Chats:

Post several photos of your horse along with your questions.

Include your horses’ names and registration numbers.

Provide the sire and dam’s colors, if you know them.

If one parent is gray, try to find out its base color before it turned gray.

Congratulations to all Quarter Horse owners welcoming foals this year. Share your good news with us by posting your foal photos on AQHA’s social networks using hashtag #AQHAFoals.