Graduating AQHYA members get free upgrade |

Graduating AQHYA members get free upgrade

Special Offer for Graduating AQHYA Members

AQHA proudly invites AQHYA members who turned 19 on or before December 31, 2015, to upgrade their memberships today at a special price, including free gifts.

Graduating AQHYA members: Don’t miss out on this great offer to transition into your AQHA membership. Journal photo

American Quarter Horse Youth Association members who turned 19 on or before December 31, 2015, have officially graduated out of AQHYA. AQHA realizes that, while your AQHYA membership has ended, your love for the American Quarter Horse has not!

Graduating from AQHYA to AQHA is an exciting moment, and we want to recognize it.

Graduating members who upgrade to an AQHA membership today are eligible to receive a four-year membership for the price of three years. Members will also receive a goodie bag full of fun AQHA items to kick off their new AQHA membership.

This special membership offer for graduating AQHYA members is only valid until July 31, 2016.

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By joining the AQHA family, graduating AQHYA members will continue the passion for the breed they love with a family that is 270,000 members strong. This family takes pride in its horses and its AQHA memberships!

AQHA membership offers benefits with AQHA corporate partners, like savings on Ford vehicles, SmartPak products and John Deere equipment. You’ll also continue to have access to AQHA shows and events, and you’ll receive the members-only America’s Horse magazine, now also available through an app for smartphones and tablets, 10 times a year.

Don’t miss out on any AQHA member benefits! Upgrade your membership today by visiting or by calling 806-376-4811.


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