Grass founder, Match of Champions, free youth roughstock school, clinics, ranch roping |

Grass founder, Match of Champions, free youth roughstock school, clinics, ranch roping

The country’s sure in its Sunday clothes in our area. I hear there’s still some awfully dry country not too far from us in Montana, though, so wish the excess rain some of the area’s been getting could be spread out a bit more. It seems like it’s always feast or famine though.

I really feel bad for all of that country south of us that is going through those awful storms and flooding. We never hear of the livestock losses and troubles on the news, but one has to know that it’s a mess for the ranchers too.

We’re done calving as of last night. The last two held off and did it within a couple hours of each other. Even with waiting for them, we were done in 36 days, so no complaints here! That’s why we’re so sold on our “green grass” calving.

A reminder about grass founder seems in order. I saw that a fellow I know had one of his ponies locked up in a little lot and asked him about it. He said the pony might founder if he didn’t lock him up. Well, the little lot was belly deep to the pony with lush, green grass, so I don’t think he grasps the idea of what actually causes founder. Enlightenment comes slowly. In a nutshell, ponies, draft breeds, BLM/feral bred horses are terribly prone to grass founder, but it can happen to any horse, burro or mule. If your horse if overly fat and has a cresty neck, you need to be watching very closely. One hour on lush grass in the cool of the morning can be enough to cripple a horse for life. Founder is easy to get, impossible to get rid of. Kind of like a tattoo.

The 22nd Annual Casey Tibbs Match of Champions Bronc Ride will be on June 6, 7 p.m. at Ft. Pierre, South Dakota. Thirty of the top cowboys are entered with 10 back in the short go to compete for the $15,000 purse. The short go round will feature WNFR broncs, so should be quite a show. Advance tickets are $15 and are available through June 4, or it’s $20 at the gate. You can call 605-494-1094 to get your tickets, or stop at the center and pick them up ahead of time.

You young rough stock riders have a great opportunity to work with some top instructors at the KC Longbrake Memorial Bares, Broncs, Bulls and Bibles Roughstock Rodeo Clinic on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 9-10. They are inviting cowboys 13-19 years old to a free school with instructors Cole Elshere, Casey Breuer, and Nathan Schaper, to be held at the Eagle Butte, South Dakota arena. Registration is at 9:45 a.m. with the practice 10-4 each day with a practice rodeo 4-7 p.m.. A meal is included, plus a time of sharing. Their mission statement is: God loves you, we’re here to help. For more info you can call Cole Elshere at 605-739-3631 (H) or 605-200-1320 (C). A waiver release can be found on Cole’s Facebook for parents to sign, or if they’re coming, they can do it there, as there will be a notary present.

There’s a Bryan Neubert horsemanship, colt starting and cow working clinic at Casper, Wyoming on June 19-21. Call T.K. Atkinson at 307-262-6669 for details. Bryan’s a really good hand and a nice guy, so this would be a good clinic to attend.

The Sheridan Vaquero Roping series ranch ropings will kick off on June 21 at Mefford’s Arena south of Sheridan, Wyoming. There is a ranch roping clinic the day before that is full, but you could probably go watch and learn quite a bit for a small fee. Call 307-751-3374 for info. Other ranch ropings in the series will be July 4-5, August 1-2, and September 6. Other ropings may be scheduled as they get set up.

You need to be getting your deposit in to hold your spot in the Buster and Sheryl McLaury clinic that is coming up July 30-August 2 at Red Owl, South Dakota. The four day clinic offers both colt starting and horsemanship two, with cattle handling. These are really excellent clinics and if you want to learn from a fine horseman and real cowboy plus have fun in the process, this is the place for you. Call Brad or Beca Andrews at 605-985-5493. You can learn more about Buster and Sheryl at

Well, that’s about my circle for this week. Please send me any events you have that you want talked up here as I’m always glad to do it for you!