International Equine Business Association Meeting |

International Equine Business Association Meeting


Monday Dec. 3, 2012, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, Kansas City Area.

If you are or plan to be directly involved in the horse processing business as management, or employees, or in supplying plants with livestock, or transportation of livestock, you will want to attend this meeting.

The day will be packed with useful, practical information that will be essential as we restart an industry, ensure success and sustainability, and work together for the benefit of the entire horse industry. Topics that will be covered are:

• Humane Handling Guidelines and Assessment

• Horse Transportation Regulations and Compliance

• Plant Regulations, Inspections, and Compliance

• Equine Traceability and Testing

• Drug Residue Withdrawal Periods and Research

• Facility and Personnel Protection and Security

• Media and Community Relations

• Employee Background Checks and Hiring

• Administrative Outsourcing Options – Payroll, Insurance, Employee Benefits Administration

Since our first notice, we have received some questions about our request for references in regards to your membership applications. To clarify, the purpose of this is to ensure that IEBA members are legitimate horse industry business people, and not animal rights activists seeking to infiltrate our organization. We know that the horse world, especially the horse processing world, is a very small and close knit community of people who are generally known to each other. So, all we are asking for here is people we can call who are in the horse business, and who can vouch for the fact that you are, too.

We have also received questions about whether you qualify as a Regular Member or an Associate Member. The short answer is that if you are, or are going to be, directly participating in the commerce of horses and want to have the ability to contract to buy and sell horses for the U.S. plants, you are a Regular Member, which is a $250 membership annual fee, plus a $1 per head transaction fee. If you are going to be involved in any aspect of the business that does not entail buying and selling horses, such as transportation, veterinary services, or any other, then you would be an Associate Member with an annual fee of $500.

Each business attending needs to have a membership in good standing in order to attend the meeting, but you can designate several colleagues who would all be eligible to attend, so long as you list them on your registration, and each attendee has paid the $150 event fee. We highly encourage companies to bring key employees and colleagues.

For more information, contact Sue Wallis, International Equine Business Association, or 307-680-8515.

–International Equine Business Association