International Equine Business Association meets in Kansas City |

International Equine Business Association meets in Kansas City

Presentations made at the IEBA meeting in Kansas City, Dec., 2012:

Jennifer Woods – Humane Handling Guidelines and Assessment

Joey Astling – Horse Transportation Regulations and Compliance

Lantz McLaren, Anne Oscher – Equine Traceability and Testing

Kay Johnson Smith – Facility and Personnel Protection and Security, Employee Background Checks and Hiring, Media and Community

Sue Wallis, Rich Slater – Administrative Outsourcing Options, Payroll, Insurance, Employee Benefits Administration

A working group was set up to determine procedures and protocols for the equine traceability and testing system so that it is implemented in the most cost effective, efficient, and reliable way that does not put any undue burden on any segment of the industry, but provides the assurance and confidence that consumers require.

The International Equine Business Association is formed to serve the horse businesses and families of the World by protecting their economic, legislative, regulatory, judicial, environmental, custom and cultural interests.

The Association promotes the role of the horse industry in resource stewardship, animal care, and in the production of high-quality, safe, nutritious meat, and other products.

The purpose of the Association is to serve as a production agriculture association for the equine species, to mutually protect the international horse industry, and to promote the use of horses and equine products in
commercial enterprises. F


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