Int’l horse group raising funds to fight HSUS in courts |

Int’l horse group raising funds to fight HSUS in courts

Last week the International Equine Business Associaiton (IEBA) kicked off a multi-pronged fundraising campaign to obtain the resources needed to continue their fight against HSUS in the courts, and communicate effectively with Congress and the American people, IEBA U.S. Chairman Sue Wallis said.

She said that the organization will “roll out our IEBA Voluntary Equine Check-off at the Billings Livestock Horse Sale this weekend. Sale barns in Nebraska and Kansas will have them at their next sales. Make sure your local horse auctions know about it and encourage them to offer it at their sales,” she said.

The organization is aleady hearing from horsemen and women around the country with comments like this one from Sharon W.: “‘I am going to suggest in our next event email (it will reach over 600 people) that whoever sells a horse in the loose pen for pennies a pound donate the entire proceeds to IEBA. I will begin by sending IEBA the amount we received for a perfectly healthy 1,100 lb arthritic gelding. $183.00.’”

Wallis, a rancher and Wyoming State Representative, suggests that those interested in participating download IEBA check-off slips from their website.

“But the funnest thing of all is starting to plan these Rope ‘em, Choke ‘em, and Poke ‘em events,” she said. These will be super fun competitions with two people teams team roping, or golfing, or skeet shooting, and playing pool or any configuration thereof, with an evening Calcutta the night before. Let me know if you want to get one going in your area. E-mail if you want to get a hold of one of these folks who are already planning events. So far we’ve got point people in Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska starting to pull together to coordinate one. We are all going to need plenty of help from promotion to donating stock to volunteering at the events themselves.”

There are lots of ways to contribute at whatever level of dollars, time and talent, that you can afford,” said Wallis. Contact her for more information. Sue Wallis, PO Box 71, Recluse, WY 82725.

–adapted from an IEBA member report.

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