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Jan Swan Wood: Brazile wins another one, King amendment, after the storm

I don’t know about you folks, but there has been a nip of fall in the area out here on Dry Creek. The coldest we’ve had was -28 one morning, so the -4 this morning was quite an improvement. The cold and snow has sure put the kabosh on the fall work around here.

The WNFR will be over by the time you read this, and there may be be another championship to add. Trevor Brazile won his 19th World Championship (cinching the All Around) in the sixth round when he and partner Patrick Smith won with a 4.8 run. Trevor also holds the record for go around wins (also open to increase) at 55. It will be interesting to see what the score is by the time the finals are over.

Once again, I am asking you to call your reps in D.C., to support the King Amendment (sec. 11312 or HR 2642) in the farm bill. The Amendment would prohibit interference by state or local government with producers or manufactures of products from other states. The whole deal of trying to tell someone else what to do was dreamed up in California, land of nuts and fruit, and would dramatically affect interstate commerce nation wide. It’s critical that it remain in the farm bill as presented. We don’t need rules made up by the Imperialists in Sacramento. They might not exactly apply to those of us out here in the real world. God help the poor ranchers and farmers that have to live with that out there. Anyway, make that call today.

It’s just amazing to me what can be done when good hearted people put their minds and wallets to a cause. The Rancher’s Relief Fund is up over the $2 million dollar mark now. Applications are still being taken for help and some of the salebarns (maybe all?) have them available, or you can call 211 or contact your S.D. Stockgrowers, S.D. Cattleman’s, or S.D. Sheepgrowers for one.

There will be a program called After The Storm being held in several communities around the region to help producers affected by the storm with informational meetings. The SDSU Extension is working with the livestock organizations and the S.D. Dept. of Ag, and local vets to bring educational programming to producers who were hard hit in the October storm. They will hold two hour meetings, meal included, with four main topics that cover dealing with finances, cow leasing, cattle health and nutrition, emotional well being, and community development business assistance. It will be in Faith at the Legion Hall on Dec. 17, 11:30 a.m., New Underwood Community Center at 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 17; Union Center Community Center at 11:30 on Dec. 18th and Newell at the school Multi Purpose room at 5:30 on Dec. 18th. You can call Adele Harty or Shannon Sand for more information at 605-394-1722.

I had someone ask me about the entry deadline for the Ranch Horse competition at the Event Center during the BHSS. I looked all over the website for a deadline and where to enter, but didn’t come up with that date. The competition will be held Feb. 2-3. Last year’s deadline was mid-January, so you can keep that in the back of your mind. I will let you know as soon as I know.

There’s still a sign of intelligent life in Washington, D.C. A U.S. District judge has ruled that the BLM should be able to limit the Pryor Mountain wild horses to what the land can support, which is 90-120 head. The Cloud Foundation of Colorado has been screeching and filing suits against the management of the Pryor horses since 2009 with suit after suit being tossed out by the court. It has been a fantastic fundraiser for the so-called not-for-profit foundation, so all is not lost for them. The Pryor horse range encompasses more than 39,000 acres in Carbon County, Montana and Big Horn County, Wyoming. It’s claimed by the wild horse advocates (that sounds better than “nuts”) that they are of “Colonial Spanish American” heritage. Old timers from that region always claimed that they were just remnants of the CCC horses or from folks who either starved out in the ‘30’s or switched to tractor and car when that became the trend.

Well, that’s my circle for the week. Please send me your upcoming events, items of note, and suchlike, and I’ll share it here. Have a wonderful week.

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