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Jan Swan Wood: Injunction stops Missouri plant, Dakota 50-50 sale, SDHSRA news, horse talent

I’m sure enjoying this nice weather. It would be nice to be able to get a lot more done while it’s so nice, but apparently it’s not going to happen. I did get my irrigation as done as it’s going to get this year. I’m glad that’s over with. Next we’ll be pre-conditioning calves. I have two more gates to get hung in the working alley and pens to be ready. I don’t understand why it takes me twice as long to get half as much done as I used to.

As predicted last week, the judge who hasn’t had time to do anything about action on the temporary injunction barring the New Mexico horse processing plant from processing horses has found time to add the Missouri processing plant to the existing injunction. Call me not surprised.

Meanwhile, another processing plant opened in Canada Sept. 23, at Westwold, B.C. There are now five plants operating in Canada.

Mark your calendar for the Dakota 50-50 Futurity and Sale in Fargo, N.D., on Oct. 31-Nov. 2. The sale itself is on the 2nd and will feature top weanlings of Quarter Horse, Paint and Appaloosa bloodlines and are everything from western pleasure to race and cowhorse breeding. All of the weanlings sold at the sale are eligible for the 50-50 Futurity which has a sweet payout. For a catalog, call Nikki Medalen at 701-537-5548 or Darrel Gustafson at 701-477-5434. You can visit the website at http://www.dakota50-50.com. The on-line catalog will be on the website early in October.

Golliher’s Indoor Fall Series barrel races #1 and #2 have kicked off this past weekend. The #3 will be on Oct. 6, #4 on Oct. 19, and #5 on Nov. 2. Call Sue Golliher at 605-642-5363 for more info. They run a very good series and have a nice set of bleachers for spectators to sit on and enjoy the runs. There are lots of cute little kids on up to the lovely ladies and some handsome men running, so it’s a good one to see.

The 2013-14 SD High School Rodeo Association memberships are due by Nov. 1. If you miss that deadline it will cost you more. You’ll need both the NHSRA and SDHSRA applications, current report card, and dues in money order form. You can get the forms at http://www.sdhsra.com. For more information, call state secretary Ann Sundermann at 605-529-5868.

The Fall SDHSR Showcase Extravaganza will be held at the Kjerstad Center, Rapid City, S.D., on Oct. 19, 1 p.m. It’s being held along with the SDRA Finals at the same location. High School rodeo athletes from the four regions in South Dakota will be competing. There’s also a Jr. High division competing. What fun to watch the top Jr. High and High School rodeo kids.

Congratulations to AQHA Region 2 All Around Winner Levi Grimes, Kadoka, S.D., and Duals Blue Peppy. The good roan stud is owned by Chuck and Mary Crago, Belle Fourche, S.D.

By the time you read this, the top 15 going to the WNFR in December should be decided. The 2013 season was over this past weekend. There was a lot of shifting of positions at those last rodeos with everyone gunning hard to get to Las Vegas. I’m sure some fingernails have been chewed to the nubbins frettin’ over that top 15.

A friend of ours had a weanling colt somehow get through a hot wire and then get under their nice windbreak fence made with that heavy guardrail. He sliced his loin all the way from hip bone to hip bone, right about where the skirt of the saddle would be on a horse. He’s healing up but it’s going to take a lot of doctoring on her part and will leave a wicked scar. So, this is just a heads up that perhaps it’s not ideal fencing for horses when they are so creative in their ability to injure themselves. Same with the steel panels that I see people putting up as windbreak. A Canadian friend lost his great son of Dash For Cash when he tried to look over their windbreak at some mares and cut his throat and bled to death. Cattle never seem to get hurt on anything, but leave it to a horse to have a wreck.

Well, I think that’s going to be my circle for this week. Be sure and send me any upcoming events, fundraisers and suchlike that you’d like for me to share here. Have a wonderful week.