Lighting it Up: CS Arc Light creates a new business for Brad & Beca Andrews |

Lighting it Up: CS Arc Light creates a new business for Brad & Beca Andrews

by Jan Swan Wood
for Tri-State Livestock News

Brad and Beca Andrews are a busy young ranch couple, with a full-time business of starting outside colts. They weren’t looking for more to do when an opportunity came up. But they couldn’t turn it down, and now CS Arc Light is part of their busy lives.

Brad had seen the horse while doing a clinic out of state. “I thought he was really nice-looking but didn’t realize what he was. When watching him move I thought he was a cutter or something due to how he moved and handled himself,” says Brad. “I also didn’t realize just how big he is since he was across the fence from some draft horses! When I found out he was a blood brother to CS Flashlight of Fulton’s, I was pretty impressed.”

Little did Brad know that in a short time they would get a call asking if they wanted the stallion. “We decided we should get him, though we weren’t planning on having a stallion at the time. He just kind of fell into our laps and I’m sure glad that he did.”

Brad and Beca start colts for the public, plus have a young family, so adding another job wasn’t easy, but with the stallion’s attitude and disposition, he made it easier than it could have been. Beca says “He’s got the sweetest disposition and just loves people. He’s very easy-going, which is wonderful.” Brad adds, “He’s super nice to have around other horses, not like a lot of studs. We have horses moving around, horses in pens all over, and he just doesn’t worry about it. He’s also nice for the kids to be around since he’s so gentle.”

The 2008 bay stallion is a stakes winner with a s.i. of 91 and earnings of $37,073 running on the northern tracks. He’s a son of A Regal Choice, s.i. 101, grade 1 stakes winner with $735,507 in earnings. A Regal Choice is a full brother to Royal Quick Dash, and they are of the magic cross of First Down Dash and the Beduino daughter Harem’s Choice, who had 18 foals, 17 to race with 15 Register of Merit runners. CS Arc Light is out of Easonon who is by Marthas Six Moons, s.i. 99, $218,225 and is a leading barrel horse sire. Easonon is out of Folsanon by Fols Native (TB).

Brad says “I wish I had him riding better. I just haven’t had the time to put in on him with all the outside horses to ride. I’ve ridden him some though, and when you get on him, he’s a lot of horse. He’s fun to just ride out and is very smooth traveling. He really wants to stop hard and I think he’ll be fun to do some cow work on and work on the cutting. He’s sure handy enough.” Beca adds, “It would be nice to have another broke horse to take to brandings and do ranch work on too. I think he’ll do well at anything we decide to do on him.”

The stallion made his regional debut at the 2016 Black Hills Stock Show Stallion Row and the feedback on him was all good. “The exposure from having him on Stallion Row is very worthwhile. Plus, being in the horse sale catalog gets him in front of a lot of people, then they can come and see him in person during the horse sales,” says Beca. “When people see him in person they are usually really impressed because of his conformation, size and substance. It’s sure easier for people to look at him at the Stock Show than it is for them to drive all the way out to the ranch to see him.”

Meeting the people at the Stock Show and talking to them one on one has been a benefit for the Andrews. “Standing a stallion to the public has been a really new experience for us. Marketing him and promoting him are way different than just training for the public, too. Thankfully my time working for Benny Guitron gave me the knowledge of how to fit a horse and to be able to present him to the public,” says Beca. “He looks good anyway, but having him in show worthy condition for the Black Hills Stock Show is critical.”

A free breeding drawing was offered at the 2016 Stallion Row and Beca says “Denise Sabo, Reva, South Dakota won that last year and then brought two mares to get bred. Folks will just have to look us up at this year’s stallion alley to see if we’re doing it again!”

CS Arc Light is the full package with a successful race record, soundness, good looks, and a great disposition. He’s nominated to the 5 State Breeders Futurity and will be nominated to more as his foals become old enough to be eligible to compete. His breeding fee is $750 if booked before January 1, 2017, and will be $1000 thereafter. A Black Hills Stock Show special booking fee will be in place though, for $750.

Visitors are always welcome to see CS Arc Light at the ranch near Red Owl, South Dakota. Brad can be contacted at 605-515-0088 and Beca at 605-515-0027. Their home phone is 605-985-5493. You can also view CS Arc Light’s Facebook page under CS Arc Light.

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