NILE Gold Buckle Select Horse Futurities |

NILE Gold Buckle Select Horse Futurities

The Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE) Stock Show held the NILE Gold Buckle Select Horse Futurities Thursday, October 15. The judge for the futurities was Marilyn Randall of Bridger, MT.

Yearling Futurity:

1st-122 CM No Hitter, owned by Doug Torgenson

2nd-101 Masqued N Chrome owned by Becky Bateman

3rd-125 Smart Bar Chic owned by Clint & Megan Spencer

4th-104 Zipanic Bowtie owned by Ward & Alice Fenton

5th-127 Pending owned by LaVonne Mothershead

6th-124 Playboy Scotch owned by Clint & Megan Spencer

7th-113 CC Doc Blessing owned by Lance & Becky Bateman

8th-112 Zans Shotgun Gal owned by LaVonne Mothershead

9th-117 Nikki owned by Davis Quarter Horses

10th-116 TDM Bronsins Bandit owned by Deborah Gee

11th place 109 Guys Drifting Pie owned by Smoken Quarter Horses

12th-108 Skippa Rio Star owned by Kelly Rehm

13th-121 Zipanic Playboy owned by Ward & Alice Fenton

14th-110 LW Playguns Hotshot owned by Josey Uphaus

15th-130 Muchacho Little Lena owned by Kent Blough

16th-103 Ima Golden Gunner owned by Glenna Finkberner

17th-115 Pending owned by Lawryn Flatlip

Two Year Old Futurity

1st-218 Cindy Is Gold owned by Gordon & Doris Radke

2nd-204 Breez Gunsnhighbrow owned by L4 Quarter Horses

3rd-215 All Powered Up owned by Allen Skogen

4th-220 Genuine Masquerade Male owned by Lance & Becky Bateman

5th-205 Freckles Peppy Parr owned by Lyle Mitchell

6th-209 TTRI Fortune of Perks owned by CT Ripley

7th-208 Lectric N Smooth owned by Allen Munger

8th-214 JS Smarts A Glownin owned by Faith Stevenson

9th-224 JS Bradys Icing owned by Jesperson Strugar Performance Horses

10th-222 Dualin For Whiskey owned by Lance & Becky Bateman

11th-200 Zipanic Pilgram owned by Glen Simonsen

12th-219 True French Image owned by Gary & Deborah Mailloux

13th-221 Cowboys Gunna Shine owned by Lance & Becky Bateman

14th-202 Wee Quincys CD Boon owned by CT Ripley

15th-203 Miss Oakey Dokey owned by James Mankin

16th-217 Charming Smooth Cat owned by Josey Uphaus

17th-207 Playin For Haida owned by CT Ripley

Three Year Old Futurity

1st-308 Que Lena Playgun owned by Julia Mantei

2nd-309 Muchachos Chickadee owned by Kent Blough

3rd-306 Irish Wizard owned by Valley Sian

4th-303 Sixes Plastic Angel owned by Allen Munger

5th-301 Spark N Gunfire owned by Jay Blankenship

6th-307 Diamonds Miss 049 owned by Randi Jo Klind

7th-302 Colonels Stylish Jet owned by Josey Uphaus

8th-305 Bucks Smart Mate owned by Sara Tharp

9th-304 Sparkin Hot Male owned by Lance & Becky Bateman

Four Year Old Futurity

1st-407 Sparkin Hot Chic owned by Brenda Flottmeyer

2nd-401 Lucky Poco Pepto owned by Benjamin Noyes

3rd-403 Shiney Guns owned by Jay Blankenship

4th-413 Lectric Ray Boon owned by Stacey Ogren

5th-406 Inwhizable Sparkin owned by Benjamin Noyes

6th-411 CC My Frenchman Guy owned by Lance & Becky Bateman

7th-409 Tally Me Smart owned by Mark Gatrell

8th-405 Catty Jay owned by Allen Munger

9th-412 PV Sandhills Blossom owned by William He Does It

10th-408 Zipanic Bow owned by Mark Gatrell

Five Year Old Futurity

1st-54 Smart Smokin Dually owned by Kent Blough

2nd-58 Soothies Snip Cat owned by Allen Munger

3rd-57 Smoother Than His Pa owned by Robby Moore

4th-55 M Two B My Lil Kit owned by Cherie Burton

5th-56 Hotshot N Playgun owned by Josey Uphaus

Barrel Futurity

1st-Firen Three Rounds owned by Raelynn Roesler

2nd-M Two B My Lil Kit owned by Cherie Burton

3rd-XX Royalty Diamond owned by XR Quarter Horses.

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