Cancer gets ‘no score’ from Kids N Cowboys |

Cancer gets ‘no score’ from Kids N Cowboys

Cancer gets a “No Score” from

Kids N Cowboys at the NILE

Billings, MT–Over 23 years ago, an organization called Kids ‘N’ Cowboys was founded. This organization has been rounding up kids with cancer from all around eastern Montana and northern Wyoming, and treating them and their families to a fun evening at the NILE ProRodeo. Not only are the families provided with dinner and rodeo tickets, but the organization also supplies them with travel expenses, lodging and meals.

“You’ve got these kids out there, especially from the surrounding towns, and they might feel like they are the only ones going through it. So we bring them together, and not concentrate cancer, because we all know that is why we are there, but we just have a good time,” states Founder, Tim Crowley. “Everyone gets treated the same. It’s very important to have the whole family there.”

The day includes everything from firefighters and a fire truck, to Shriner clowns, rodeo queens, NILE Rodeo cowboys and cowgirls and even some horseback-riding. The families enjoy dinner catered by Yellowstone Kelly’s, followed by the final evening performance of the NILE ProRodeo on Saturday, October 22.

Most of the children are patients of Dr. Kelker, a Billings Pediatric Oncologist, who attends the event almost every year.

“It’s cool for the new families to come and meet the families that have been there for a few years and to see the kids who have had cancer out and about and doing well…it gives them hope,” continued Crowley.

While Kids ‘N’ Cowboys is fully funded, donations can be sent to Kelker’s Kids Fund at the Billings Clinic Foundation, PO Box 31031, Billings, MT 59107.

The NILE is proud to host Kid ‘N’ Cowboys on Saturday, October 22 for the final night of the NILE PRCA Rodeo event that kicks off the 2016 Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) rodeo season.

Rodeo action starts at 7 p.m. Tickets for the NILE ProRodeo can be purchased by visiting the MetraPark box office, online at or by calling the Metra ticket office at (800) 366-8538.


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