NILE Weanling/Yearling Halter Jackpot Show |

NILE Weanling/Yearling Halter Jackpot Show

The Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE) Stock Show held the Weanling/Yearling Halter Jackpot Friday, October 16. The judge for the show was Lesli Glen of Billings, MT.

Weanling Halter Class

1st -692 Xanthia owned by Doug Torgenson

2nd -645 Shesa Hot Redhed owned bt Doug Torgenson

3rd -673 Masqued Mercedes owned by Brenda & Mel Flottmeyer

4th -665 Paddys Peppy De Rosa owned by Valley Sian

5th -703 JS Dipped In Butter owned by Swenson Martin Horse & Cattle Co.

6th -635 CC Bar Quincy owned by Clint Casterline

Yearling Halter Class

1st -602 Zans Feature Playgun owned by Ashley Quarter Horses

2nd -604 CM No Hitter owned by Doug Torgenson

3rd -609 Zipanic Bow Tie owned by Laurie Marcotte

4th -632 Mighty High Bodee owned by Michael and Fran Dooley

5th -621 Smart Bar Chic owned by Clint & Megan Spencer

6th -696 Mate An Early Bird owned by Micheal and Fran Dooley

7th -664 Montana Salty Whiskey owned by Tim & Roben Jensen

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