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Outside Circle: A new breed of traders, ranch rodeos, ranch rodeo finals, Hope and Healing event

I took a trip last week down to the Minatare, Neb. area. The country from north of Hot Springs, S.D., to where I went all looked pretty good. Of course it’s all in it’s golden fall colors, so that just makes it prettier. I saw lots of hay clear down through Nebraska, all of which I coveted pretty bad, sad to say. The hay buying this year is a real nail biter. I did get some bought for a good price down there, thanks to a dear friend, so that will bring the average price of the hay down a little when I buy more. I’ll sure be glad when it decides to rain in the spring and early summer again. Ah, those were the days.

I get a lot of my news items from horse and livestock sites on social media, mostly Facebook. There are lots of things for sale on those sites, plus lots of upcoming events that are pertinent to those of us in the rodeo, ranching, and horse world. I have a bucket full of pet peeves, but one things on those sites really puts a burr under my blanket.

The ad will have a horse of any description, usually something less than beautiful and of unknown breeding and background. The post will have some line in it like “I rescued this beautiful/magnificent/amazing horse from a kill pen”. Really? Was it drowning in a tank in there? Were there wolves circling, just on the verge of dragging it down to eat it to death? No? Well then, you didn’t rescue it. You bought it at the salebarn. You may have bid against someone who buys weighup horses. But, those people also try to get the best money out of any horses they buy, so they see what the horse knows and if it is rideable and usable. If it’s not, it’s right where it belongs, in their truck going to slaughter. So, if I see an ad like that, I know that that is a social media horse trader. Nothing more or less. They bought a horse of questionable background and now want to poke someone in their soft heart to make a bunch of money on the horse when they “re-home” it for a fee of $2,500 or so. I’m to the point where rescue, re-home and protester used in anything raise the same response in me and it’s not soft hearted. Rant over.

The Black Hills Horse Expo is going to have a Ranch Rodeo on Oct. 21 at 7 p.m. at the Event Center in Rapid City, S.D. I wanted to make sure everyone knew about that going on along with all the other great events there. You can find out more about the whole deal at http://www.BlackHillsHorseExpo.com.

The WSRRA (Western States Ranch Rodeo Association) finals will be Nov. 2-5 at the Event Center in Winnemucca, Nevada. This will include teams from the northern plains and all the way to the west coast who ride and work in the more buckaroo style of things. You’ll see lots of flat hats, chinks, slick fork saddles, 80 foot ropes, bridled up horses, and beautiful gear in evidence. There will be open and ladies division ranch rodeo events, ranch broncs, goat roping, jackpot ropings, kids events the PWHRA Wild Horse Racing finals, and a fantastic trade show and gear show. For more info, go to http://www.wsrra.org.

If your tastes lean more toward the split reins, rancher creased hats, Will James tree saddles, and shorter ropes, sometimes tied hard and fast, then the WRCA’s 22nd annual Ranch Rodeo Finals on Nov. 9-12, will be the place for you in good old Amarillo, Texas. Besides the ranch rodeo, there’s also a ranch horse competition that is second to none, and a gear and trade show that will also make your heart pound. You can learn more about it by calling 806-374-9722 or at http://www.wrca.org.

The Hope and Healing Therapeutic Riding Center will host their 1st Annual Horsing Around Fall Event on Sunday, Nov. 12, 4-7 p.m., at the All Seasons Arena, Bowman, N.D. There will be lesson demonstrations with instructors and clients, parade of stick horses, games for young and old, plus a back seat driving contest and a bouncy horse race. To top it all off, there will also be a chili feed with a free will offering.

There will be a free rough stock Bible camp on Nov. 17-19 at Miles City Community College, Miles City, Mont. They’re taking 12 students per event, so six saddle bronc steer riders and six steer riders. There will be top of the line instructors, plus a meal provided. It’s open to ages 8 and up. They could sure use some more sponsors to keep this free school running. For more info, contact Sylvan Cross at home at 406-452-1003 or on the cell at 406-855-2184.

Well, that’s my circle for another week. Be sure and send me your upcoming events and news items so I can share them here! Have a great week.