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Outside Circle by Jan Swan Wood: Denver qualifier, equine sports therapy schools, BHSS fellowship, my new life resolutions

It’s pretty quiet on the upcoming events front this week. Not much has been happening in the region except Christmas and New Year’s, which is as it should be.

The timed event only qualifying rounds for the National Western in Denver were December 27-28. The winners there go on to perform at the big rodeo the middle of the month. Winning the all around at the qualifier was Eli Lord, who is from Piedmont, S.D. I believe, with money won in steer wrestling and team roping. I’ll bet his Dad is just busting his buttons over that!

There will be two Equine Sports Therapy Certification schools this winter. The first will be either January 12-16 or 26-30, the date to be determined yet, and the second will be February 16-20. Both will be under the tutelage of Rhonda Evans who is a sports therapist for not only horses, but people and dogs as well. The schools will be held at Piedmont, S.D. For more information, contact Rhonda at 605-484-2288 or email at equinesportstherapy@yahoo.com.

Here’s something very worthwhile to take in while in Rapid City for the stock show! It’s the BHSS Reunion Fellowship which will be held on February 1 at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn. Speakers sharing at the event will include Jim and Joni Hunt, John and Sue Kaiser and the Reinhold family from Rainbow Bible Ranch.

That winds up the news, but not the possibilities. I’ve been considering some resolutions for 2015. Losing weight isn’t on the agenda as I think I lost plenty with the recent bout of the crud that went through the household. Nope, I’m thinking about some real, genuinely life changing stuff. For one, I’m going to make a concerted effort to finish the corral project I started four years ago. I think it would be good to do it before the “new” parts start falling down with old age. I’m afraid I’m aging at the same rate as the corrals, so had better hop to it.

I’m also planning on having my shoulder fixed the end of January. I originally tore it up the summer of 2008, so I’ve sure gotten the mileage out of scar tissue and bone spurs. I re-injured it back this past June. I’m sure a repaired shoulder might sure contribute to more rapid progress on the corral and general fence projects.

Once the shoulder is healed up, I don’t think it’s too soon to get back on the “colt” that I started way back in 2008. She’s had about 30 days riding crammed into her head over the past seven years, the most recent a one day ride last spring, but not by me. Review back to when I originally injured the shoulder…yes, it was when I started her, though it wasn’t what she did, but what I didn’t. I was having so much fun on my willing colt that I neglected to check my cinch, which is quite important. Especially on one as quick as she is. I’m not any quicker than I was then and I’m hoping that age has slowed her moves down a mite, but we’re going to see. She’s the slinkiest moving thing I’ve ever ridden, so am eager to get her to the stage of being considered broke.

Providing I live through that, which I plan to, I want to make a real effort at spending as much time with my grandsons as possible. Life is short and every moment with them is precious, seeing as how they’ll be starting school way sooner than seems possible. Getting them horseback, plus just having them here to learn how to do basic things, like fence and suchlike, is very important in making them into the young men I think they will become. Learning how to work at an early age sets them up for a lifetime of being able to get the job done, no matter what they pursue as a career. Of course, that work will be interspersed with ample fishing and other similar activities. All work and no play makes little boys boring like Grandma.

I’d like to go visit some family that is a long day’s drive away and actually spend the night. Might have to have the neighbors do chores, but I think it can be arranged. This business of never leaving the place for longer than it takes for the night horse to eat his morning hay is for the birds. We all drop everything to go to someone’s funeral, don’t we? Wouldn’t it be way better to go visit them while they can still enjoy or regret the visit? One thing about me coming to visit, you either look forward to me coming or me leaving, so there’s joy one way or the other.

I’m sure some other ideas will come to me as the year progresses. Things will happen that I haven’t foreseen, but living life more fully should always be our goal. Spending more time with those we love and miss should be a priority too.

So, think about what you want to do with your 2015. Live it to the fullest.

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