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Rancher’s name lives on through gift horse

Dawson Phillips bonds with his new colt, a descendant of Lloyd Rypkema's stallion Devil Cat Dancer, near his Winner, South Dakota home. Dawson was chosen from amont 25 other candidates to receive the colt. Photo courtesy Phillips family

Lloyd Rypkema, Pennington County Rancher and businessman, was a staunch supporter of his community. Born in 1918, Lloyd worked as a cowboy, served in WWII, came home and went into business with this brothers Eddie and Milo in Deadwood and Rapid City. Lloyd raised cattle and horses in Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. He was very community -oriented. He served as a Pennington County Commissioner, served on the Rapid City School Board, was involved in the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association, the Pennington County Fair Board and many other groups.

He also helped many young people and young ranchers get a start in agriculture, running cattle or horses on a share basis, giving a young person a good heifer or mare, encouraging, providing advice when asked. He strongy supported the Central States Fair and Black Hills Stock Show and actually donated part of the property for the Centra States Fairgrounds to the community.

Lloyd passed away in September 2010 and, like his brothers Milo and Eddie, has left a legacy of hard work, integrity, love of agriculture and service to his community. In his memory, a quality, registered Quarter Horse colt, carrying bloodlines from Lloyd’s horse program, will be awarded to a young person that is involved in agriculture in the Black Hills area. F

–Hunt Family