South Dakota: 2012 State 4-H Horse Show featured in educational DVD

Footage from the South Dakota State 4-H Horse Show will be part of an educational DVD on horse judging produced by The South Dakota State 4-H Horse Show will be hed July 24-26 in Huron, S.D.

“This is a great opportunity to commemorate 4-H members and their devotion to the 4-H project and Horse Show. Our contestants will be portrayed in a fair light and will serve as an example so that other students and horse judges elsewhere can learn from us,” said Rebecca Bott, SDSU Extension Equine Specialist.

Bott believes this DVD will bring positive excitement to the State 4-H Horse Show. “Character, sportsmanship and loyalty are all values that 4-H embraces, and that will be demonstrated by our youth. These participants will have quite an opportunity to leave a legacy behind from their 4-H Horse Show Days.”

The DVD that (HSP) is producing will include sample classes with seven to 10 exhibitors in each of several horse show events and an official critique of the class by a professional horse show judge.

“Way to go South Dakota 4-H for contributing to part of an educational opportunity that has the potential to serve so many from around the country,”
– Rebecca Bott

The DVD may be purchased from HSP this fall for $27.50, with discounts offered to active members of In addition to free access on the website, David Denniston, is offering the South Dakota State Horse Show participants a reduced rate for orders placed before the State Horse Show. Denniston is an associate professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University and founder and owner of

If interested, an order form can be found on the iGrow website,

“The fact that is going to be producing an educational video at our show is exciting, and a huge honor to be incorporated into one of these DVDs.” Bott said.

Bott is proud of the 4-H members who are learning how to fine-tune their horse showing skills. She is looking forward to seeing them in the spotlight. “Horsemanship skills and judging can improve even after a lifetime of working with horses.”

HSP is giving South Dakota free access to a special location on their site so contestants can see the patterns they will be asked to perform at the State Horse Show. “These patterns will be posted July 15 so that the participants can become comfortable with the patterns and enjoy showing what they have worked so hard for at the show,” said Bott. DVD’s provide tools for horse show exhibitors, judges, horse show managers, and for many others. The website is committed to providing educational tools and resources.

“ is proud to partner with the South Dakota State 4-H Horse Program to create the DVD during the 2012 State 4-H Horse Show,” Denniston said. “This project is very similar to a project we conducted as a county fair in Colorado a few years ago. Those DVDs are currently available for sale and more information about them can be found at”

“The contestants looked good and the entire DVD was professionally done,” said Bott, referring to the previous DVDs.

Previous DVDs have directions for use and scoring, view the pattern that is being used by the contestants in the video, video of several competitors at actual shows that the viewer can judge themselves, and provide official placing’s by an official judge.

If the viewer chooses, they can hear the official critique by the judge and the video will be played again as the judge shares his/her thoughts on the placing in the particular event. Score sheets can be found on the website.

“Way to go South Dakota 4-H for contributing to part of an educational opportunity that has the potential to serve so many from around the country,” Bott said.

– SDSU Extension