The Outside Circle: College Alumni info, The American Rodeo, barrel races, clinics, and final nail in coffin of N.M. horse processing |

The Outside Circle: College Alumni info, The American Rodeo, barrel races, clinics, and final nail in coffin of N.M. horse processing

It’s sure been a windy sonofagun lately! If we lose any more shingles off the house we will have a skylight in several rooms! At least it hasn’t been bitter cold or accompanied by a foot of snow, so it could be much worse.

The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association Alumni is an organization dedicated to preserving the history of college rodeo, honoring past NIRA champions and contestants, and awarding deserving college rodeo athletes with scholarships. They give scholarships to both the Man and Woman Rookie of the Year winners, plus the fourth place men’s and women’s teams. Starting last year, they also gave a new scholarship to the high point rookie in each event. For those interested in joining the alumni association, you should know that the donations are tax deductible and donors can designate whether they are supporting a particular event. Joining the NIRAA is all positive, as you will also get a subscription to the Rodeo News, which is published 18 times a year, with a page dedicated to the doings of the alumni. If you are interested in joining the NIRAA, you can contact Butch Bratsky at 406-855-1542 or Sharon Adams at 602-268-5874.

Also on the subject of college rodeo, the NIRA reunion dates have been set and are Friday, June 17 and Saturday, June 18 during the college national finals at Casper, Wyo. There are lots of activities planned for the alumni besides getting to watch a great rodeo. For more information, call one of the above numbers, or go to

RFD’s The American rodeo will be on February 28 at the AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas. It will be airing on RFD-TV live, and I already have a great date lined up to watch it with. Dad and I sure enjoyed it last year and expect to do so again!

The 2nd Annual Cloverleaf Classic barrel race will be at the Horse Palace, Laurel, Mont. on March 4-5. Pre-entries are due February 25. It will have NWBRA, NBHA, and UBRC side pots along with the other added moneys. For more information call Valee Cooley at 406-672-3265.

The Bowman Spring Fling Barrel Race will be April 16 at the All Seasons Arena in Bowman, N.D. The $500 added, double header will feature an open 4D and youth 3D. Call Bailee at 605-381-0390 for more info.

The Rebel Run Barrel Series will be held at the brand new arena in Crosby, N.D. All are double headers except for the finals. The dates are May 22, June 11, July 16, Aug. 20, finals on Sept. 10. You can enter the day of the events or you can pre-enter by calling or texting Tabitha at 701-641-0521. You can get more info on the times and suchlike from her too.

There will be a Paul Humphrey barrel horse clinic on May 28-30 at Stanley, N.D. Paul will help clinic attendees with consistency, how to perfect the turns and numerous exercises to keep your horse calm. He focuses on a solid foundation and horsemanship. The clinic will cost $475 with $250 deposit to hold your place. You can call or message for more information at 701-641-0521. You can learn more about Paul at

I’m pleased to read of the efforts by the Deadwood (S.D.) City Commission to approve a $48,400 grandstand log replacement project at the beautiful, historic Days of 76 arena. Those wonderful log grandstands are huge and have stood the test of time, but as with all things, need some repairs. The project should take about five weeks and will begin right away.

A District Court judge has granted an order that will permanently prohibit plans for developing a horse processing plant anywhere in New Mexico. The February 4 ruling states that the companies and anyone affiliated with them are permanently enjoined from slaughtering horses for human consumption, and for the manufacturing, selling or distribution of horse meat for human consumption in New Mexico. Several American companies have tried to start up horse slaughter plants in recent years but have been unsuccessful in getting the permits to do so due to the anti-everything groups’ control over the political processes. Horse slaughter plants closed for good in 2007 in the U.S. and the horse population has done nothing but suffer in the ensuing years. Horses are still shipped to Mexico and Canada for processing but the antis have the ending of that on their agenda next. After that, will it be beef, pork, lamb or poultry that goes the way of the horse processing? Don’t think for a minute that isn’t on their agenda too.

Well, now that I have my blood pressure up, I’d better get off of here and call this circle made for the week. Send me your upcoming events and I’ll share them here!

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