Thiels honored, 8 Second Chute Out Bull Riding, Barrel and Pole series at Sidney, Mont., Roper Rally Futurity |

Thiels honored, 8 Second Chute Out Bull Riding, Barrel and Pole series at Sidney, Mont., Roper Rally Futurity

It sure got hot, didn’t it? We spent two months in nice cool weather, then one day it was HOT. It might not be too soon to shed the long handles for the summer. I moved the cows a few days ago while it was in the cool of the morning and I swear I was melting. I thought it was about 90 but when I got back to the house it was 78 degrees but the humidity was up around 87 percent. They sure didn’t move very fast and I can’t blame them.

My husband took a trip last week to the northeastern part of Washington and he reported that it’s hot and dry there. It’s dry all the way from western Montana to there with no snow pack showing in the mountains. It’s sure sad to see country that close still suffering in a drought.

More nasty thunderstorms went through the region and I heard of several ranches losing their barns and pieces of their houses to the wind, besides all the hail damage to crops and pastureland. With all the abundant moisture come the ingredients for those storms.

We finally branded last week. Just a few days of hot weather and no nightly rain got the ground firmed up enough to do it and our crew was back for the 4th of July weekend, so it all worked out great. The calves are sure soggy and the cows are slick and fat. It’s always nice to see those two year olds that are nursing calves looking so good and cycling already. The bulls will go out the middle of July, much to their relief.

I was pleased as punch to see that another worthy couple was named Persons of the Year by the South Dakota High School Rodeo Association. Mark and Vicki Thiel, Belle Fourche, South Dakota, are not only wonderful people, but they have supported rodeo at every level for many years. They raised three great kids and now have grandkids rodeoing, so it’s sure fitting. Hats off, Mark and Vicki. You’re a pretty special pair!

The Blue Annis Memorial 8 Second Chute Out Bull Riding will be July 13 at Eagle Butte, South Dakota. There’s $5,000 added purse and a limit of 45 bull riders, plus there’s Jr. bulls for ages 8-14, limited to 10, with $300 added. Entries close July 10. Call Kyle Ward to enter at 605-200-1923 during the evening.

The Sidney (Montana) Saddle Club Barrel and Pole series has begun. They run at 5 p.m. and will be Aug. 12, Sept. 9, makeup date Oct. 7. The double header finals will be run at noon on Oct.11. The open barrels will be a 3D format, with youth and senior barrels and open poles straight times, paying through third place. You can call Carrie Smith at 406-580-0027 or Tanya Candee at 702-260-1847 for more info.

The Roper Rally Futurity will be Sept. 17-20 at Golliher Arena, Belle Fourche, S.D. There’s the futurity, plus an open 5D (NWBRA approved), slot race, and lots of money added in all of it. For more information, call Zeann at 605-641-2926 or email her at

The July 4th celebration is always a special time for folks to get together and commemorate our nation’s independence. I wonder how many really stop to think about what the day is really about, or if it’s just an excuse to kick back for the day, go fishing, hit 14 rodeos in one stretch, shoot fireworks, visit or whatever. I know the 4th has always meant getting together with friends and family over food and good visiting. It’s sure fun to see family that we only see once a year or so, and welcome any new members to the clan, whether by birth or marriage.

As always, while watching the wonderful parade at Belle Fourche, my eyes teared up and my heart swelled when the color guard rode by. It gets me every time. No matter how bad things are in the country or how big of a travesty our government is, I still stand with my nation and my flag. My flag is red, white and blue with stars and stripes. It’s the only one I’ll salute. Ever. I am an American and proud of it. I feel blessed to have been born an American and will never turn my back on my country. I hope it causes the same feeling in all of you, because our nation needs us more now than ever in its history.