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Time to Ride Challenge returns May 30th

The Time to Ride Challenge returns in 2015 as a grassroots campaign to grow the horse industry by introducing new enthusiasts to horse activities. The Challenge, scheduled for May 30 through September 30, offers a unique opportunity for horse professionals to grow their businesses while competing for $100,000 in cash and prizes. In 2014, its inaugural year, the Challenge provided more than 25,000 people with first-time horse experiences through 702 beginner-friendly Time to Ride hosts in 49 states.

Registration for the Challenge begins March 1 at http://www.timetoridechallenge.com and is open to stables, clubs, veterinarians, feed stores, businesses and organizations dedicated to welcoming newcomers to horse activities. Hosts are organized into small, medium and large divisions and are encouraged to be creative in providing fun, safe and educational horse events that encourage attendees to become further involved in horse activities.

The hosts who provide the greatest number of newcomers an introductory horse experience, as calculated by contact information collected, will win awards. A post-Challenge survey in 2014 found that 92 percent of the 25,281 newcomers who attended a Time to Ride event said they wanted to participate in more horse activities.

Industry statistics show that current horse owners are an aging population and identified parents with children as a prime audience to help them discover horses. Many of the stables hosted events to introduce children to horses and to offer parents information on how to get their families involved with riding.

The 2014 medium division winner, Corvin Performance Horses of Canyon, Texas, partnered with homeschool groups, day cares, church groups and other youth activities to bring horses to a new sector of the community. Their most successful event was a partnership with “I Heart Canyon,” hosted by the city, where more than 400 enthusiasts met a horse for the first time. Owner Melissa Corvin reported that the biggest reward was “giving people a positive first experience with horses and building their confidence. Kids were thrilled to touch and ride real horses.” Within one week of the event, six people called to sign up for lessons. Corvin Performance Horses reached 876 newcomers in 100 days. As a result, the facility won $15,000 cash in the medium division.

Updates for 2015 include more cash prizes, with grand-prize winners receiving $10,000 and cash awards given through 10th place in each division. The Challenge will also feature a completely redesigned website and improved user experience launching March 1. Participating hosts will receive free marketing resources, including a toolkit, guide of event ideas, customizable ads and posters, media templates and more.

Registration for the Challenge is open March 1 to May 26. To learn more about the Challenge, please visit http://www.timetoridechallenge.com or email info@timetoride.com.

–American Horse Council