Troupe of souped coupes makes Neb. Loup |

Troupe of souped coupes makes Neb. Loup

Racers return to these small Nebraska communities because they enjoy the friendly hospitality of the small towns. Photo courtesy Linda Teahon

Horsepower of a different kind roared into Purdum, Nebraska Thursday morning August 11th during the 5th annual Loup to Loup Open Road Race. Purdum with a population of 10 is more accustomed to the horsepower of tractors, semis and an occasional horse passing through town.

103 racing cars came to town and 100 left. Cars drove the 12 miles from Halsey, which sits on the north side of the Middle Loup River, to Purdum that is located near the North Loup River, with speeds up to 130 mph Cars race at intervals of 30 seconds for classes 80, 85 and 90 and one minute for 95, 100 and 110. Fourteen states and Ontario, Canada were represented.

This race was part of the Sandhills Open Road Challenge which is a three day event held in the communities of Arnold, Callaway, Dunning as well as Halsey and Purdum in central Nebraska. Around 40 rookies took part this year.

Some of the events included a One Mile Shootout Race, Car Parade and Show, Burnout Contest, Sandhills Open Road Challenge Race and ending with an awards banquet and street dance in Arnold.

Racers keep coming back because they enjoy the friendly hospitality of the small towns. Dozens of volunteers provide food, EMT services as well as racing timers and flaggers. Luckily no accidents were reported.

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